Emmelie de Forest releases “Only Teardrops” video!

Almost a month after her victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, Danish singer Emmelie De Forest today released the long-awaited video to her winning song “Only Teardrops”. It can be watched on the official website of Danish broadcaster DR: http://www.dr.dk/melodigrandprix/Artikler/2013/only-teardrops-video.htm

What's the video like then?
What’s the video like then?

Well, I shall endeavour to review this video without a single reference to the “Euphoria” video… but… nope, impossible. Let’s be fair, there are plenty of similarities here – okay, maybe she’s in a different forest to Loreen but still, the concept of the windswept waif writhing around in a misty forest has been done to death.

That said, the two winning songs are almost polar oppositions from a musical point of view, and it can’t be denied that this video emphasises the artistry of the song. We see Emmelie, dressed in her usual stage outfit complete with lucky bracelet, miming the song both in a forest and on a beach; locations which work well with the ethereal nature of the music. These new shots are interspersed with footage taken from Emmelie’s time in Malmö – notably from her press conferences – and this link to the contest will doubtless help to re-establish the connection in the minds of viewers; something which Loreen perhaps failed to do.

Wherever “Only Teardrops” is concerned, the song’s instant and captivating nature cannot be underestimated: yes, this video has been released when the majority of us have lived with the song for six months, and are perhaps starting to fall out of love with it, but for any prospective new listeners, the music video released today will stand to highlight and emphasise that initial wow factor, and hopefully win the song legions of new fans in the future.

Your Views:

What do you think?
What do you think?

Höskuldur Ketilsson from Iceland:  This video IMHO only detracts from the song. The live video was filled with life and charm. I don’t think the “dead like Kylie in the Where the Wild Roses Grow”/borderline Heroin Chic fits this song at all… 😦 

Ebu Peca from Germany: Love it!

Ron Friedmann from Israel: Really nice 🙂

Nathan Stella from the Netherlands: Sweet, love the feeling it gives 😀

Ruth Etienne Micallef from Malta: OK… nothing outstanding, just OK

Janne Bruzelius from Sweden: I’ve found that Emmelie’s lisp, both when she sings and talks is cute

Jon Ruiz Cisneros from Spain: Pure shit, just like the song

All in all, the video has received mixed reactions from the Eurovision fan circle, with some enjoying it and others finding it unremarkable. What do you think of it? Feel free to comment below!

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