Valentina Monetta to represent San Marino again!

In the last couple of hours, it has been officially announced that Valentina Monetta will be San Marino’s entrant in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Denmark next May. It will be her third consecutive entry following 2012’s “The Social Network Song (Uh Oh Uh Oh Oh)” and 2013’s “Crisalide (Vola)”.

Valentina and Ralph Siegel in Malmö
Valentina and Ralph Siegel in Malmö

In what is possibly the earliest artist announcement in the history of the contest (beaten only perhaps by the provisional announcement of Lena defending her title at her 2010 winner’s press conference), SMTV have decided to stick with the same artist and songwriter to have delivered their two best results to date.

… okay, neither of those two entries managed to reach the grand final, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of optimism, eh?

When the ESC fan community was first introduced to the name of Valentina Monetta, it was the final week before the deadline for submissions to the 2012 contest. A somewhat rushed announcement was followed by the unveiling of the controversial “Facebook (Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh)”, which was both cringeworthy and fabulous in equal measure. Its eventual replacement – free from *commercial messages* – made it to the Baku stage where it reached 14th place in its semi-final with 31 points. Not brilliant by any means, but at the time a PB for San Marino. And regardless of the dubious nature of her song, it couldn’t be denied that the girl could certainly sing!

By the time January 2013 rolled around and we found out Valentina would be returning to the contest in Malmö, her antics had earned her an endearment among fans; to the extent that we were glad of the opportunity to give her a second chance, with hopes high for a much improved challenge on the title. This feeling was heightened yet further after “Crisalide (Vola)” was released in mid-March. Indeed, Valentina found herself riding high in the vast majority of pre-contest fan polls, and was predicted to achieve a fantastic result in the 2013 final.

We all know what happened there of course…

Despite a competent performance, Valentina again failed to reach the grand final; this time being only a single place away from qualification. The fans were in uproar – “biggest shock since Kate Ryan”!? Personally, I always liked the song, but never saw it as a real challenger, and certainly never rated it as highly as the majority of ESC fans. It was certainly an experimental idea, which in the end just wasn’t universally appealing enough. Nevertheless, the continued improvement in results seems to have convinced SMTV that Valentina could be the one to finally get them to the final.

So what should they do with her? I’m not convinced this is a great decision if I’m honest. I don’t think she’s the problem necessarily; indeed, had she been singing “What If?” or “I Feed You My Love”, she would have achieved similar results to their respective placings. She’s proved she’s a decent enough singer, in my opinion she has never been given the right song. I will leave the discussion of what “the right song” might sound like for another post, but suffice it to say that I see the continued association with Ralph Siegel as the major stumbling block for a Sammarinese qualification.

But that’s just me, what do you guys think!?

Your views:

What do you think?
What do you think?

Jack Cuffe from the UK: I have nothing against Ralph but isn’t it time they tried another songwriter? :/

Mirjeta Asani from Kosovo: OH COME ON !!!! Dont they have another singer in SM who can sing for them ? Nothing against Valentina, she is a great singer but third time in a row ???  I think its too much 🙂 I need new faces 😀

Hans Leenders from the Netherlands: Poor San Marino.. But do not say next year that i didn’t warn you! I don’t want angry or sad faces after the semi in Denmark. 😛

Wim Vermeulen from the Netherlands: The televoter was already Valentina tired. So NO finale place again next year for San Marino. Very sad. Do they have no other singers, who will participate?

Taking these views into account, it looks like a lot of us share the same concerns about San Marino’s announcement. Will the Monetta/Siegel combination strike third time lucky? Or are we REALLY heading for this…

Surely not?
Surely not?

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