Focus 2014: Herning

So far, I’ve delved into the cities of Fredericia and Horsens to show you what the city has to offer and how you would feel if they hosted the Eurovision 2014 in Denmark. Today, we shall take a look at the city of Herning, who – if selected – will host the show where it launched a Eurostar’s career . What does the city have to offer when it comes to the Contest and what do the fans think about the show? All will be revealed in here!


Herning is situated on the western side of the Jutland peninsula; Denmark’s mainland. As with Fredericia, Denmark’s second city, Aarhus, has said that it would help Herning with accommodation problems if the city is chosen to host Eurovision and doesn’t have enough hotel rooms, despite the fact that Aarhus is over an hour away from the city. The map below shows the location of Herning.

This is where Herning is located
This is where Herning is located

Herning was already considered to be one of two favourites that would be the host of the 2014 Contest by fans once Denmark had won the 2013 edition; the other being Copenhagen. If Herning is given the green light and host next year’s Eurovision, it will be held in the Jyskle Bank Boxen, the arena where Emmelie de Forest triumphed in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and was the start of the road to winning the Eurovision Song Contest. The Boxen can hold up to 15,000 people, much like the Malmö Arena. The city itself is the eleventh most populous city in Denmark, with a population of 47,000 people. Herning has no airport of its own, but the nearest airport, Karup Airport, is 43 kilometres away and only deals with flight departing to and arriving from Copenhagen.

Herning is the culture capital of Denmark and most of the things to see and do in the city are based around the culture. The largest sculpture in Northern Europe, Elia, is situated near the Herning Kunstmuseum. The Herning Museum of Contemporary Art is also a big tourist attraction in the vicinity of Elia. There are also many exhibitions running throughout the year in Herning. If you aren’t that much into culture though, there are other things to do in the city. Baboon City is a gaming arcade that children of all ages will enjoy. There is also a bar called Fermaten, where people can come up to the stage to sing or do stand-up comedy.

Your views:

So what would you think if Herning was to host Eurovision next year?

What do you think of the city?
What do you think of the city?

Nick van Lith from the Netherlands: My idea would be that they thought of putting up the best TV show and audience show instead of a show with comfort for press and audience after the show. Parken (one of the possible venues put forward by Copenhagen) would be a drama with TV and acoustics, Herning would be dramatic with accommodation.

Konstantin Kirilov from Bulgaria: Herning is in the middle of nowhere….. I won’t be pleased with this result.

Gijsbert Groenveld from the Netherlands: I wouldn’t be considering going and attending in 2014.

Michael Romano from Australia (wow!): It would show me that they had no interest in making it the best experience possible for the fans who are actually spending a lot of money to travel, stay, and attend the event itself by hosting it in a town in the middle of nowhere that is 1 hr away from the closest major city and caring only about creating a good TV show.

Ewan Spence from the United Kingdom (also a reporter for!): Practical points are issues – if you hut all the tech and TV crew in Herning accommodation, you don’t have enough room for all the delegations. Even if delegations get all the Herning beds, you want to give your techies a 90 minute trip in and out each day? Or set them up in a tented camp? Logistically I think Herning would be a risky choice.

So all in all, fans are now not liking the idea of Herning hosting Eurovision! But if it was hosted there, what would you think? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!

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