Focus 2014: Copenhagen

In the final edition of the series where we take you to the potential cities that could host Eurovision next year, I’ll take you to the hot favourite to host the Contest; the capital, Copenhagen! What makes it different to HerningHorsens and Fredericia? What areas are being considered? What’s there to do there? All the juice is ready to be squeezed below!

Copenhagen is just 14km from Malmö
Copenhagen is just 14km from Malmö

Copenhagen is the only bidding city that isn’t on the Jutland peninsula. Instead, the city is situated on the island of Sjælland, Denmark’s largest island (if you don’t count Greenland). Luckily, if the city gets to host Eurovision, they won’t have any problem regarding the task of accommodating the fans, as Copenhagen housed most of the Eurovision when Malmö hosted the Contest this year. Sweden is easily reachable from Copenhagen via the Øresund Bridge (which was featured in the Contest this year). Below shows the location of Copenhagen.

This is where Copenhagen is located.
This is where Copenhagen is located.

As soon as Emmelie de Forest won the Eurovision in Malmö, a truck pulled up to the arena saying: “See you all at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014″ with a large arrow pointing in the direction of Copenhagen with 14km written inside the arrow, suggesting the Eurovision would be held in the city. Copenhagen is also the only city that is bidding with more than one venue. If Copenhagen hosts Eurovision, it will be held in either the Parken Stadium, the B&W Grand Ballroom or a large tent outside the headquarters of DR, with a capacity of 50,000, 3,600 and an unknown capacity respectively. As it’s the capital city of Denmark, it is the most populous city in the country, with a population of 1.2 million people living in the city and its surrounding neighbourhoods! Copenhagen has its own airport that serves most the islands around Sjælland and most of Denmark itself, as it’s one of the few international airports in the country.

Copenhagen is the main hub in Denmark when it comes to sightseeing. There are many canal tours that run throughout the city, so it’s possible to see much of main sights on the tours. Other famous monuments for sightseeing are The Little Mermaid, the Tivoli Gardens (the most famous amusement park in Copenhagen), and the Copenhagen Zoo, where you can see every variety of animal! Other places to see is the Danish Royal Palace, where the Danish Royal Family lives, as well as the self-governing area of Christiania, famous for its tolerance of soft drugs like cannabis. The new Opera House is also located in Christiania.

Your views:

So how would you feel if any of the areas of Copenhagen were chosen to host Eurovision 2014?

What do you think of the city?
What do you think of the city?

Seth Wezendonk from the Netherlands: I’d feel very happy if they got it!

Sheila Fitzpatrick & Mike Shinnors from Ireland: Very happy!

Luke Malam from the United Kingdom: If it was in Parken I’d be happy, but in the other two I just wouldn’t understand the logic of it and think that this Eurovision is probably going to be a complete flop, especially if they choose to have it in a tent.

Samantha Ross (who writes for escinsight and runs the blog escinsider) from the United States: I’m personally Pro-Parken. The stadium wasn’t used effectively in 2001, true, but with a different layout, it can definitely work.

In summary, fans think that the Eurovision should be held in Copenhagen and that they’ll put on a really great show! But what would YOU (Yes, I’m talking to you!) think if Copenhagen got the Eurovision? Feel free to leave a comment below!

UPDATE: On the 28th of June, the Parken Stadium officially withdrew its bid to host Eurovision 2014, which means there are only two venues in Copenhagen that are bidding to host Eurovision, along with Herning and Horsens.

On the 2nd September, Copenhagen was officially chosen as the host city for the Eurovision next year in the B & W Hallerne. You can find more information about the selection here.

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