Rumour has it… Sarah Dawn Finer will represent the UK?

Rumour has it! Rumour has it! If you have no clue of what I’m going on about, I’m trying to sing ‘Rumour Has It’ by the amazing Adele, which this new series is named after! This series will focus on the ever growing mountain of rumours that surround each and every Eurovision. To start the series off, we’ll have a look at the rumour that Sarah Dawn Finer COULD (yes, I capitalised ‘could’ and put it in bold to emphasise the word) represent the UK at Eurovision.

Why would Sarah Dawn Finer represent the UK?
Why would Sarah Dawn Finer represent the UK?

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or you just watch the show and don’t care about it until the following year, you all should know that Sarah Dawn Finer was in the 2013 Contest for two reasons. The first reason is that she performed ‘The Winner Takes It All’ as one of the interval acts for the final (and may I say it was an amazing performance!). And the second reason… well, do I even need to tell you? Let me give you a clue: she went to Jukkas-jurvi, got lost and went to Copenhagen instead of Malmö thanks to Bonnie Tyler and loves the country of Azerjaban..Ajer.. the city of Baku. Of course, she’s Lynda Woodruff! If you’re a Eurovision fan and you don’t know who Lynda Woodruff is, where were you this year?! But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and show you a montage of her videos to the world:

Sarah has also tried to represent Sweden twice before; in 2007 and in 2009, with both songs becoming hits in Sweden. In 2012, she got the honour of hosting Melodifestivalen, along with Helena Bergström and Gina Dirawi. So she has tried to represent Sweden twice and failed, so now she’s wanting to represent the UK? According to an interview given by her with the Gay Times, she said that she would jump at the chance to sing for the country, assuring that another Meldoifestivalen participation isn’t expected in the foreseeable future. So that means there’ll be no more Sarah Dawn Finer being lifted up on a platform with a wind machine being blown in her face.

But why the United Kingdom? Some may not know this, but Sarah is actually half-British (SHOCK HORROR!!!) and half-American (DOUBLE SHOCK HORROR!!!!), but she was born and raised in Sweden (phew!). She also said in the interview mentioned above that the UK can and will win, but only if they have the right combination and not send a really famous singer. If Sarah Dawn Finer is picked to represent the UK, it would be the fourth time in the history of the country’s participation record that they would look to an international artist to fill that spot. However, this wouldn’t be the first time a Swede has shown interest in representing the country; the first being in 2001, when Nanne Grönvall tried to represent the UK, but came in fourth place in the national final.

Sadly though, when it comes to weighing up the benefits and disadvantages, the disadvantages weigh out the benefits. Sarah isn’t really heard of in the United Kingdom, only as Lynda Woodruff and for singing ‘The Winner Takes It All’ in Malmö and she hasn’t released a single in the country, which only strengthens the next reason. Having a singer that has released no singles in your country represent it at Eurovision could be controversial, seeming as you’ve never really heard any of their music beforehand. Some non-ESC-fans may take offense to the fact that a Swedish singer is representing the UK, considering her to be a ‘foreigner’ (oh, if only they knew!). But you can’t send an artist to Eurovision without letting the national broadcaster know! Oh yes, if Sarah is chosen to represent the UK, she will have to be chosen by the BBC. The likelihood of that happening is actually quite small, because the BBC just LOVE ‘has beens’ like Engelbert Humperdick, Blue and Bonnie Tyler since Josh Dudovie, who was picked with the national final, came last in 2010.

Your views:

What do you think about the rumour about Sarah Dawn Finer representing the UK?

Do you think Sarah Dawn Finer would represent the UK?
Do you think Sarah Dawn Finer would represent the UK?

Clayton Portelli from Malta: Oh it would be great!!

Perry Jon Robins from the United Kingdom: No thanks! Sweden can keep her!

Svetlana Andriyenko from Ukraine: I’m a big fan of Sarah Dawn Finer and I’d love to see her singing a Eurovision entry but I don’t think the UK is the right country for her. It would be like Spain randomly sending Jamala or something. No connection whatsoever!

Bart Ensie from the Netherlands: Would be great, but I don’t believe the rumour.

So the fans’ echo the main problems I mentioned above. Sarah isn’t really known in the UK, but there isn’t really a connection between the two, so it would probably be best if she just stuck with trying to represent her home country of Sweden. But what do you think about the rumour? Would you let Sarah represent the UK or are you like the majority of the fans and you don’t think it’s the best idea? Feel free to let us know by commenting!

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