What if… Krista didn’t have the lesbian kiss?

Welcome to this latest installment of the ‘What if…’ series! In this article we shall journey to Finland, where we’ll contemplate whether Krista would have done better had she not kissed her backing singer at the end of her performances of ‘Marry Me’, or did Europe just not get the idea of a woman giving a not so subtle hint to her boyfriend to propose to her?

Could Finland have done better?
Could Finland have done better minus lesbian kiss?

I think it’s fair to say that when Krista was picked to represent Finland in Malmö, we were looking at a possible dark horse of the Contest. The song was a strong favourite with the fans but luckily, it avoided the pre-Eurovision ‘fanwank’ fiasco that was faced by San Marino and Montenegro, with ‘Marry Me’ coming around the top to middle of the fan rankings. So when it came to her performance at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, we were looking forward to seeing what the bride had up her sleeve performance-wise. I bet nobody was expecting what was going to happen at the end!

So she kissed her backing singer and proceeded to shout ‘Love and Tolerance, Equality!’. Certainly something that’s never been seen at Eurovision before (she’s setting so many records, Krista! First, the first bride to ever go to Eurovision and now, the first lesbian kiss in Eurovision history!) and this really sparked some debate among fans. Some popular questions debated were: “Would she be doing this in Sweden?” ,”Is it just a once off?” and “What if the people at the EBU don’t let her do it on the night?” to name but a few! Krista was now one of the most controversial singers of the competition, but personally, I don’t think it bothered her as she was standing up for a cause she believed in. So it’s no wonder that by the time May 16th came around, she had amassed a huge gay following. So what did she do? Well she did it again! Now we’re not sure if they voted for her because of the song or because of the kiss, but either way, she qualified for the final and on the 18th, she gave her strongest performance of the song (well, in Malmö anyway!).

She performed the song as best as she could and she was rewarded with the crowd going absolutely wild for her, a possible aid to her chances of doing fairly well. But sadly, but the time Lithuania had finished voting, she had finished in a dismal 24th place, only beating Spain and Ireland and only managing to gather a measly 13 points, and she became the latest victim of the “Anggun/Kate Ryan Effect”. But on the bright side, she’s now known around Europe and she even performed the song in the UK on a spin-off show of the reality show Big Brother.

So would the lesbian kiss have hindered the placing of the song? Well, there are countries that aren’t that loose when it comes to LGBT rights, so when the song’s performance included the kiss, countries such as Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Ukraine may have become quite awkward with the subject and therefore, refused to vote for it, which may have been a reason why she didn’t get any points from Eastern Europe. So if the kiss wasn’t there, she may have fared better at Eurovision… maybe? For other fans, they may argue that her vocals weren’t strong enough, or the song was modern, which normally, isn’t a good sign as James already explained. The kiss, however, would be the most memorable bit of the song most fans would remember from the performance, so if it wasn’t there, there wouldn’t be any major tricks that would help the fans remember the song. Personally, I think that had the kiss not been there, the song would have been quite forgettable and lost among the 25 other contestants and it would probably have come last or possibly, it may not have even qualified! But at least it did qualify and now she’s a European superstar (DON’T start singing Turkey 2006 now!)!

Your views:

Do you think Krista would have placed better had the controversial lesbian kiss not been included in the performance?

Do you think she would have done any better without the kiss?
Do you think she would have done any better without the kiss?

Honza Sak from the Czech Republic: Nope. Possibly even worse!

Seth Wezendonk from the Netherlands:  Not really. In fact, it would have placed even lower, so I’m glad she did it, it was her choice.

Gavin A-Rainey from Australia: I do think she would have fared better from the Eastern European countries.

Michael Romano from Australia:  I think it might have improved chances from Eastern Europe, but it would also have made the performance less memorable, and when you’re drawn so early in the show its important to have something that makes the televoters remember your song so I think it would’ve placed even lower and they got a lot of media exposure out of it which opened up a lot of opportunities for Krista internationally so I think they benefited more in the long run from including the kiss.

Like me, the fans believe that had the kiss been excluded from the performance, the song would become lost in the show and would have probably come last. So it was a good choice that she did kiss her backing singer as not only would it be a memorable performance, it added a little juice to the competition and it also was a way to stand up for LGBT rights, so it really was a win-win situation, no matter what the outcome would have been. But what would you think? Should Krista have left out the kiss or would the song been fairly boring without it? Let us know what you think and comment below!

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