Possible Artists: Poland

Welcome back to the ‘Possible Artists’ series, where we take a look at the artists we want to see represent their respective countries! Today sees the ninth installment and in this edition, I’m having a peek at the artists that I would LOVE to see represent Poland at Eurovision so get ready, as we shall delve into the rather unknown Polish music scene and pick the best two artists I can find!

Poland: when you come back, do pick Margaret!
Poland: when you come back, do pick Margaret!

First of all, as a Eurovision fan, you should know that Poland hasn’t been in Eurovision for the past two years, so if the country does decide to return for next year’s Contest (which could be possible, as they’re going to make a decision in the autumn), these are the artists I would like to see at Eurovision, so do bear that in mind. Got it? Great! Let’s go then…

So, the first artist I have specifically chosen to hopefully represent Poland at Eurovision is Małgorzata Jamroży, or even better; Margaret Ashton (she doesn’t perform with her second name, so it’s just easier to call her Margaret)! This 22-year-old burst onto the scene in February of this year with her summer smash hit ‘Thank You Very Much’. This, her début single, became internationally known however, not just because of the song, but also because of the controversial video, which shows Margaret at a party full of naked men and women (not all as flattering as each other). Nonetheless, the song is freaking catchy! Watch… IF YOU DARE!

Did you watch it? I told you it was freaking catchy! This song has major pop characteristics: a catchy tune, an easy-to-sing-along chorus and a fantastic singer to bring the best out of the song. The video was controversial; so much so, that it was even reported on by the British media (it’s how I came across this *amayzin* singer!) and now, she is internationally known as ‘the teen with the nudist family’…. probably! Either way, maybe this song could have done well at the Contest this year in Malmö, maybe not! It was legitimate to enter had Poland returned for this year’s Contest, but Poland decided not to… much to our dismay! After some demand, Margaret released this as her follow-up to ‘Thank You Very Much’, back in early July.

I most definitely am great after this song, Margaret! Thank you very much for asking! This track is a brilliant follow-up to ‘Thank You Very Much’, and even though it’s a lyric video that was supplied by Margaret instead of an actual video, it’s still a great song! Margaret is most definitely sealed as a recording artist and were this track to be released after September 1st, I would definitely recommend her to go to Eurovision for Poland if they come back to participate in Denmark next year.

As I mentioned before, Poland isn’t very well known in the international scene for its music, and so, it was very hard to find a suitable second artist that I could recommend. But with a little help from James, we found the perfect second artist for Poland. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Ewa Farna:

Yes, I know right?! Even if it’s in Polish, the song is really punk and heavy metal, the latter being a genre that’s been mostly covered by the Finnish since they won with Lordi and then Hanna and then with Teräsbetoni, and to an extent; Waldo’s People (Jeez, get out of that rut, Finland! Have you not heard of pop?!). Ewa is actually from the Czech Republic, although she is Polish by ethnicity, and tends to sing her songs in both languages. This one, released in 2010, is the kind of song I think she would prefer to sing at Eurovision. Like Margaret, she is also a very talented singer, who could possibly represent Poland someday, though I would like to see her maybe try to sing a ballad or a pop song as I think her voice is very flexible.

Here is another Polish artist that we both think would do well at Eurovision, listen if you have the time!

Sylwia Grzeszczak – “Karuzela”

Your views:

So what would you think if Margaret or Ewa represented Poland if they ever came back to Eurovision? Or would you pick another artist?

Would you think Margaret or Ewa would do well if they represented Poland at Eurovision?
Would you think Margaret or Ewa would do well if they represented Poland at Eurovision?

Marco Muntean from Romania: I don’t know if she is good live,if it’s good than would be a GREAT choice for Poland!

Martin Matošević from Croatia: Oh yes! I love her!

Adrien Dussel(dorf) from France: Yeah, why not? But for Poland, I’d send something Polish.

Monika Trzebińska (an editor for escdaily) from Poland: She released her debut EP few days ago. When it comes to the video concerning live session..I think it went really good ’cause it’s just the beginning of her career. Also, she’s studying English philology so her English sounds nice at least. Moreover, she won 2nd price during Festival in Karlshamn, Sweden.

Svetlana Andriyenko from Ukraine: She does not sound very Polish, but maybe this is a good thing, because her music has a very Western sound and this may make her more popular in Europe

So the fans would love to see Margaret at Eurovision, but maybe their opinions of her will change if they hear her live and she stinks. Luckily, there’s a video on Youtube (it’s below this paragraph, but do finish reading this first!) of her performing ‘Thank You Very Much’ with nothing more than a guitar. But what we’d like to know is what YOU think! Are you a fan of Margaret or do you despise her and wish she didn’t even go to Eurovision? Let us know by commenting below!!!

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