What if… Denmark drew first half?

Welcome back to the ‘What if…’ series! A while ago, James asked what would have happened if Germany was drawn into the second half, and this got me thinking. As James mentioned, the first half is a no-go area if you want to win, but I’m going to pose the question; what would have happened if SVT decided to put Denmark to perform in the first half? Would they have failed to win, or wouldn’t it have mattered and we’d have our first ‘first-half winner’ in quite some time?

Could part of Emmelie's success be attributed to her placing?
Could part of Emmelie’s success be attributed to her placing?

As we all know, Denmark was the obvious favourite going into this year’s Eurovision and as soon as Denmark qualified from the semi-finals, we knew that Emmelie meant business and she was going to do very well in the final; but as SVT was doing the running order, we were curious as to where the future winner would perform. And sure enough, she was drawn into the second half; the winner’s half. TYPICAL! She was picked in startng position #18, one place after the position Loreen performed and eventually won. Judging by the reaction she got after she performed (though most of it was because of her home supporters who literally only had to take the train across the Baltic Sea to get there), it could have helped the public make up their minds and vote for her, or it actually could have been the performance itself! Either way, she won, hence next year it’ll be held somewhere in Denmark! (I mean, DUH!)

Right, so Emmelie was the winner, who performed in the winner’s half. If you don’t know what this “winner’s half” is; every (yes, I said EVERY!) year since 2005, the winning song has been performed in the second half of the show, and this year was no exception. But, the first half of the show was also quite strong! For example, we had amazing performances from France, Moldova, Finland the Netherlands, Germany etc. that could have been contenders for the title! But then, we had THIS:

Lithuania was in the first half, and Andrius is living proof that being drawn into the first half is the worst possible thing to happen to you. And having to perform second piled on the bad luck as no artist has ever won the Contest in slot #2! I’ve never been a fan of the song (and I probably never will), but maybe if he was in the second half, maybe somewhere near Ryan’s position, he could have fared just a little better (although that video of him asking: ‘what’s the fucking number 20th?!‘ afterwards is absolutely hilarious!).

So, would the first half have affected Emmelie’s placing? Well, considering it was the favourite going into the weeks Eurovision was on, SVT may have possibly placed Denmark quite close to the second half, like they did with the Netherlands and regardless of the staring position, the first half does produce a few top 10s! For me, the fact that Anouk, Gianluca and Dina all got top 10 placings, even though they performed in the first half, proves that if your performance goes well, you’ll do well, regardless of your half. If Emmelie were to perform in the first half, I wouldn’t think it would have affected her placing and we’d have our first ‘first-half-winner’ since Ruslana back in 2004. But, keeping that in mind, opening the show or performing second will definitely not help you at all. Ask Amandine and Andrius; they’ll tell you!!

Your views:

Do you think Emmelie could have won had she performed in the first half of the show?

Would Emmelie's final placing have been affected had she been placed in the first half?
Would Emmelie’s final placing have been affected had she been placed in the first half?

Peo Sternberg from Sweden: No, I don’t think so.

Thom Dutch from the Netherlands: She would have won it anyways. SVT would have placed her around spot 13 then and the margin was big enough anyways.Had she sung 2nd for instance, then I do believe Azerbaijan could’ve walked over it, but SVT had the power to make sure that wouldn’t happen.

Magnus Dandanell Jensen from Denmark: Yes, but then it would be a close up like in 2003.

Seth Wezendonk from the Netherlands: I think there would have been a 50/50 chance then.

Like me, the fans believe that Emmelie would have won anyway, even if she was to perform in the first half of the final. It just goes to show that if you have a great song, you’ll do well regardless of the position you start in. But it’s possible that SVT had the power to put Emmelie in a strategic position, according to Thom Dutch. It’s possible, but we’ll never know! But what do you think? Would she have won if she was in the first half or would she have flopped and become the victim of the ‘Anggun Effect’? Feel free to comment below and tell us what you think!

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