Possible Artists: United Kingdom

Hi everyone and welcome back to the ‘Possible Artists’ series! Today sees the tenth edition of the series and in this article, we’ll look at the artists that could be considered to be a possibility to represent the United Kingdom! Recently, the UK have been sending artists that have been more famous in the past than they are now, so who would be the best possible choice to break that spell? Well that’s what we’re going to find out right now!

Maybe if the UK sent Emeli Sandé, they could get a better position?
Maybe if the UK sent Emeli Sandé, they could get a better position?

The first artist I’d recommend to the BBC is the *amayzin* singer that is Emeli Sandé. Emeli, who’s only 26, is a major chart topper in the UK and since she shot onto the music scene there in 2011, she’s become one of the most successful British singers in recent history, with 8 of her songs in the top 10 in the UK charts, both as a lead artist and as a featured singer. She even sang at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics (like how Björk did in 2004) in London! In 2011, this song scored Emeli her first major chart hit, which has also turned out to be her best chart placing to date, #2:

Not only did this song chart in the UK, it also charted worldwide! It reached #9 in Japan, #3 in Denmark, #8 in Australia, #2 in Belgium and charted in even more countries in the top 100. When it comes to Eurovision, however, the song wouldn’t have been eligible to take part in Baku, as it was released after the 2011 Contest and before September 1st, so either way, that song would not have gone to Eurovision. That being said, this song eventually sealed her career as an international recording artist and she released other songs that charted well in the UK and other countries. But last year, she released a beautiful duet with fellow Brit Labyrinth and the song got to the top of the charts, well, nearly everywhere!

This song charted well all over the world like ‘Heaven’, shooting to #1 in five countries, and charting in the top 10 in several others. The song would have passed the September 1st rule and it would have been allowed to represent the UK in Malmö this year, but true to their character, the BBC once again picked a ‘past-their-prime’ artist to try and make a comeback; in the shape of Bonnie Tyler. Maybe had Labyrinth and Emeli gone to Eurovision and not Bonnie, they may have scored a better placing than just 19th.

The UK is one of the biggest producers of modern pop music and with that comes so many new artists that try to break into the charts, so it’s quite difficult to pick the perfect second recommendation, but I found one for you! Pixie Lott is a very modern singer and she’s had several hits in the UK charts, even though she’s only 22 years of age! In 2009, her second single, ‘Boys and Girls’, became one of her biggest songs to date, reaching the top of the charts within the first two weeks of its release.

That song is really catchy and Pixie’s voice suits the song really well. Given that the song is very current and modern, it would probably have the fans on her side. Just about scraping past the September 1st rule, this song would have been eligible to go to Oslo in 2010, but as that year was particularly full of pop songs, I’d be worried it would have flopped and ended up towards the bottom of the scoreboard (look at Je Ne Sais Quoi, people!).

Here are a few other British artists that we both think would do well at Eurovision:

Mausi – “Move”
Fenech-Soler – “Magnetic”
The 1975 – “Chocolate”
Lucy Rose – “Night Bus”
Laura Mvula – “That’s Alright”
Lily Allen – “The Fear”
Sam and the Womp – “Bom Bom”

Your views:

So what would you think if Emeli or Pixie represented the UK at Eurovision? Or would you pick another artist to represent the country?

Do you think Emeli would do the UK proud?
Do you think Emeli would do the UK proud?

Petryk Lefter from Romania: Emeli would win if she was at Eurovision.

Erdi Tarkan Tejeci from Kosovo: I don’t think she’ll represent the UK in Eurovision!

Anthony Ko from Slovenia: I’m not too sure about Emeli; considering ballads don’t often do well with the televoting public though. I’d be happy if the BBC accepted Little Boots for the UK next year.

Daniel Cobbett from the United Kingdom: Emeli sandé would be an awesome choice for Eurovision, and would hopefully show to the rest of Europe that we are taking the contest seriously!

Grétar Freyr Lindberg from Iceland: Yeah, she’s really good!

From the fans point of view, Emeli would be received with mixed views if she represented the UK, but other artists such as Little Boots (thank you to Anthony Ko for the suggestion!) would please the fans too. But what would you think? Do you like the suggestions we’ve made or would you recommend another artist? Feel free to comment below!

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