Possible Artists: Germany

Hey guys and welcome back to the ‘Possible Artists’ series! Today, I’ll take a look at the two artists I wouldn’t mind seeing in Denmark on behalf of Germany. Ever since Lena won in 2010, Germany has done extremely well in terms of placing (well, that is if you dismiss Cascada), so who should continue this great(ish) track record? Well the suggestions are below!

Do you think Nena is a good choice for Germany?
Do you think Nena is a good choice for Germany?

So the first artist I’d recommend to NDR/ARD is the internationally acclaimed artist Nena. Nena is one of the most successful singers in Germany, being most popular in the late 90s/early 00s. In recent times, she’s now a coach on the German version of The Voice, like Lena being a coach on the kids version of the TV show. In the early 80s, she formed a band of the same name and in 1983, the band the song that Nena herself is now most associated with; “99 Luftballons” or “99 Red Balloons” in English. This song is now known worldwide and at the time of release, it didn’t just topped the chart in Germany. Oh no, it also charted at #1 in Australia, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, the UK and Canada, as well as charting in other places in the US, Spain, Norway and South Africa.

The song did so well that the song was also released in English, leading to the charting of the song in Ireland, the UK, Canada and South Africa. The German version of the song charted in the rest of the countries mentioned above.  The song doesn’t have a specific release date, however, and this would make it hard to decide whether it would have been eligible to represent Germany in Eurovision. When one reads the lyrics, they see that the song is quite controversial, as the song is an anti-nuclear protest song, so whether the song make it to Eurovision or not would be debatable. One of Nena’s more recent hits was when she collaborated with fellow German duo Die Atzen and created this anthem back in 2011.

This song is one that catapulted Nena into the new age of music. Now, I’ve never been a fan of dubstep or club music, but to be fair, it’s a good song. But Nena… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING!?!  This song only charted in German speaking countries, reaching it’s peak position of #10 in Austria. This anthem, sadly, wouldn’t have gone to Eurovision in 2011, as the song was released in March of that year. Besides, Lena would have done a better job than Nena (I’ve only just realised, Germans like to have their names ended with -ena!) in Düsseldorf and this song wouldn’t have done so well and the fact she would representing the home country might have not word in their favour.

Germany has many great artists that could go to Eurovision and do quite well and from the huge, ever-growing wave of artists, I’ve picked the 23-year-old Carlo Waibel or Cro. Even if he’s a rapper, the genre that this, his debut single, falls into would probably be “modern-pop”, not the stereotypical rap with all the swearing etc. Cro’s trademark is his hat/mask of a panda with the Christian Cross in between the eyes. The song below helped him get nominated for an ECHO (the German version of the BRIT award), only to be beaten by Lena (yes, Meyer-Landrut, who else could there be people! Lena, go home and stop dominating this article!!).

Don’t get confused, Cro is a man, but this lovely lady is doing the rapping for him, so no need to worry! If you speak and/or understand German, I won’t have to explain the lyrics to you, but if you don’t, there are certain lyrics in the song that I’d rather not explain, but in a nutshell, he compares himself to Jay-Z and talks about the things that would lead him to break up with a girl, such as marrying her and getting pregnant. This song wouldn’t have gone to Eurovision 2012, as the song would have passed the deadline for songs to be entered. But rap doesn’t really do well in Eurovision; ask 75 Cents and every other rapper that ever graced the Eurovision stage. So when it would come to Eurovision, the song would probably flop big time, and then that beautiful statement at the top wouldn’t be that true. So Roman was definitely the best choice for Germany.

As well as Nena and Cro, we’d also recommend the great:
Silbermond – “Ja”
Jan Delay – “Oh Johnny”
YTITTY – “Der Letzte Sommer”
Frida Gold – “Liebe Ist Meine Rebellion”

Your views:

Do you think Nena would do well at Eurovision if she represented Germany? Or would you pick a different artist to represent them?

Would Nena do Germany proud at Eurovision?
Would Nena do Germany proud at Eurovision?

Nick van Lith from the Netherlands: I love Nena to bits (do listen to her song Das Ist Nicht Alles, it’s brilliant), but she wouldn’t go down well in Eurovision I guess. I’d MUCH prefer to see the upcoming duo Glasperlenspiel in Germany!

Hans Leenders from the Netherlands: It would be nice if Nena would represent Deutschland, but I think she will not be interested. I already follow her all my life. She is really amazing.

Christian Schaffrath from Germany: Noooo, dont send Nena! Her times are over and it would be same as Engelbert or Bonnie at the end. If Germany would send Nena, it should be in her high times with “99 Luftballons” or so and not today anymore.

Svetlana Andriyenko from Ukraine: Nena would be an interesting choice, she might get a similar result to Bonnie Tyler or Engelbert Humperdinck because she was more famous in the 80s than now. I’m not sure.

It seems that to the fans, if Germany sent Nena, they would be falling into the ‘has-been’ rut that the UK is in. However, there are a few people who would like to see her do Eurovision (a la Nick van Lith and Hans Leenders), but it would be likely that she wouldn’t be interested. But what do you think? Would Nena or Cro do well if they represented Germany? Or would you pick a different artist? Be sure to leave a comment bel-


Oh god, she’s back… Feel free to leave a comment below here AND Lena (Jeez Lena, you just never know when to go away!!!)

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