Tijana Dapčević will represent F.Y.R. Macedonia in Denmark!

Hi guys! Well this is quite a shock! We’re not even past September 1st, the date where the national broadcasters, and indeed the EBU, can now accept new music to be considered for Eurovision, and we’ve already two confirmed artists that will represent their respective countries at Eurovision; Valentina Monetta for San Marino and now, we have received news that Tijana Dapčević will represent F.Y.R. Macedonia in Denmark next year. According to Popularno.mk, MRT officially decided that Dapčević would be the singer for Macedonia and now it’s officially confirmed. Well done Tijana!

It's official: Tijana will fly the Macedonian flag in Denmark next year!
It’s official: Tijana will fly the Macedonian flag in Denmark next year!

Apart from announcing the singer today, it seems that FYR Macedonia has officially confirmed participation for next year by announcing that Tijana Todevska-Dapčević would represent the country. Dapčević, who’s 37, is very popular in the ex-Yugoslav countries such and is now the second official artist to be selected for Eurovision. Tijana is no stranger to Eurovision, as she performed in the national final for Serbia and Montenegro in 2006, even though the winner of the national final never went to Eurovision, as the country had dissolved into the land of Molitva (Serbia) and the land of Igranka (Montenegro). Dapčević performed her song “Greh” (“Sin”) in the national final and finished in a very respectable 8th place.

The fact that she was allowed to perform in the national final is that she is half-Serbian, and she now lives in Belgrade. This song actually isn’t that bad, as it shares a few different influences in the song; Indian and Balkan to name a couple. But she’s also half-Macedonian, which is why she’s allowed to perform for both countries and why she will represent FYR Macedonia in Denmark in May of 2014. Also, do you remember I said that Tijana wasn’t a stranger to Eurovision? Well, her family isn’t a stranger to the Eurovision stage either! Her sister, Tamara Todevska, was one of the three singers that performed on behalf of FYR Macedonia in the 2008 Contest in Belgrade with Vrčak and Adrian with “Let Me Love You” (which was a song that was horribly robbed of a place in the final, if I must say so myself!).  Anyway, Tijana has had a string of hits across her career, some of which have become quite popular among the Balkan countries. Her most significant song, “Sve je isto, samo njega nema” (“All Is the Same, Only He is Not Here”), is quite controversial as the man who’s mentioned, the ‘he’, is former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito. As well as that, in the song, she sings in all the national languages from the Yugoslav countries; Slovene, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and Macedonian! She’ll give Todomondo a run for their money!

This song is quite ‘Balkan -rock’ and is quite… alternative in a way! I don’t know whether this song would do very well at Eurovision, or whether it would even go to the Contest. Either way, her style of music is quite fitting to her location. When it comes to Eurovision 2014, if she’s drawn into the semi-final with a few of the fellow Balkan countries, she will easily get points from them. But whether she’ll qualify or not… well, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Your views:

So does Tijana seem like a good choice for FYR Macedonia?

Do you think Tijana will do a good job for FYR Macedonia?
Do you think Tijana will do a good job for FYR Macedonia?

Robbert Landegent from the Netherlands: They are quite early! I hope they bring up something good like Kaliopi!

Nikola Stojanović from Serbia: She is such a great artist and can sing in every music genre. I don’t know what will the song will sound like, but I can’t wait to hear it.

Thanssis Nakos from Greece: Well I like her vocal style, I’m sure that she’ll rock! Good luck FYROM!

So expectations are high for Tijana to kick it up a gear for FYR Macedonia in Denmark, but as we don’t know when she’ll reveal the song she’ll sing at Eurovision, we’ll have to wait and see if she steps up to the mark. What do you think of the choice? Does she seem like the best choice for the country? Or are there better singers that could have sung on behalf of the nation? Let us know what you think about the choice below!

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