Possible Artists: Georgia

Hey everyone and welcome back to the ‘Possible Artists’ series! Today, we’ll take a look at the eastern country of Georgia and see which artists I’d like to see represent the country. Georgia isn’t very known internationally for its music and its musicians, but I’ve picked the two best artists that Georgia has to offer! Who are they? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out!

Lela Tsurtsumia: a good choice for Georgia?
Lela Tsurtsumia: a good choice for Georgia?

Georgia has very few musicians that have cracked international charts; they’ve either been in Eurovision or they have had to emigrate from the country. Katie Melua, who’s actually from Georgia, has done this and she’s now a British citizen, so therefore, I can’t recommend her. My primary recommendation to GBP, however, would be Lela Tsurtsumia. Tsurtsumia is considered to be Georgia’s most popular singer, with her style being more towards pop and soul, although she has released some traditional songs throughout her career. Her song “Idumali Ghame” (“Mysterious Night”) is one of her most recognisable songs of her discography.

This jazz-ballad song was released in 2002 and it became a hit in the Georgian charts. The date of release, however, isn’t specified, so we’re not sure if the song would have passed the September 1st rule (which is tomorrow, people! Be excited!) and would have been allowed to go to Eurovision either in Tallinn or in Riga, if Georgia was in the contest around that time. but they didn’t join the Eurovision family for another five years, when Sopho Khalvashi dropped the ethnic bombshell that was ‘Visionary Dream’.  Anyway, Lela isn’t just about the Georgian songs either! Oh no, she’s even been partial to covering some English songs too! The clip below is her cover of the 1998 song, ‘Strong Enough,’ by Cher.

Obviously, because this song is a cover, the song wouldn’t be able to go to Eurovision, but this song, and indeed this genre, would probably be best suited to her voice. If she re-wrote the lyrics into her native Georgian, maybe the song would have sounded better and there may have also been less or even no computer-enhanced notes that were dropped here and there during her performance. It’s good, though, to hear singers from countries that aren’t the best at English release singles that are in English! Well done Mrs. Tsurtsumia, you’ve outdone yourself!

As I said at the beginning of the article, Georgia wouldn’t be the first country that would pop into your head when you’re asked to think of a country that has a great music scene. So for my second recommendation would be Mariam Kakhelishvili. Kakhelishvili should be ringing bells for you if you’re a Eurovision fan! Mariam, now 17 years old, took part in Junior Eurovision three years ago in Minsk and came in a fantastic 4th place! She’s been labelled as “Baby Gaga” for her eccentric sense of style in fashion and in the video for her Junior Eurovision song ‘Mari Dari’, you’ll see this sense come to life!

Had she been old enough, this song would have probably been sent to Eurovision in Düsseldorf, as she released the song after September 1st. Because the song would have been more aimed towards Junior Eurovision, however, I wouldn’t see it qualifying and doing very well in Germany. But she is a fantastic singer and were she to go to Eurovision, she would probably do well, provided she has a great to fit her voice.

If you have some time, also take a look at these artists!
Nina Sublati – “Hunter” (Even though this is a cover, the potential that Nina has is just so great!)

Your views:

What would you think if Lela or Mariam represented Georgia at Eurovision? Or would you pick another artist to represent the country?

Would you like it if Lela or Mariam represented Georgia?
Would you like it if Lela or Mariam represented Georgia?

Petryk Lefter from Romania: I wouldn’t like to see either artist. I’d rather see Sofia Nizharadze sing again for Georgia.

Daniel Cobbett from the United Kingdom: Lela has a nice tone to her voice so I’d love to hear more of her! It would be great to hear some Georgian language at Eurovision too!

Shotiko Khurtsidze from Georgia: I’d prefer Lela to represent us at Eurovision. I don’t really like Mariam, ‘Mari Dari’ is the worst song we ever had!

Lela, according to fans, would seem like the best choice for Georgia, whereas Mariam isn’t favoured as much by the fans. Petryk would like to have Sofia Nizharadze back singing for the country; Sofia was fantastic in Oslo, but I’m not sure she would consider coming back for the minute, but who knows? What WE’D like know is what do you think of the choices? Would you like Lela or Mariam to represent Georgia next year, or would you pick a different artist to represent the country? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think!

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