Conchita Wurst will represent Austria in Denmark next year!

Hey guys! Sorry, we’re a little late in delivering this, as both of us are really busy, but we have another artist for Copenhagen! Austria will send Conchita Wurst to Eurovision next year in Denmark. A runner-up in the 2012 Austrian national final, Conchita is no stranger to Eurovision, but what can we expect from him for the 2014 Contest?

Next year, we'll be seeing  Conchita Wurst representing Austria!
Next year, we’ll be seeing Conchita Wurst representing Austria!

So, to those who have question marks over their heads whether Conchita is a man or a woman, Conchita is a guy! His real name is Thomas Neuwirth and he’s 25 years of age. As you can probably now guess, Thomas is a transvestite, which means he’s a man who dresses as a woman. I mean, no offence to anyone who was confused (and there were quite a few of you), but there are no women that grow beards! However the character of Conchita will represent the country, and not Thomas. To give you a background on him, Thomas first found fame in 2006 when he took part in the show “Starmania” under the alias of Tom, but he didn’t win and finished behind Nadine Beiler, who, as we all know, represented Austria in Dusseldorf in 2011.

(May I say he looks VERY different to what he does now!) We didn’t hear much from Thomas until 2011, when he took part in the show Die große Chance (The Big Chance) as our favourite Austrian drag queen, Conchita Wurst. Now we’re not sure how well she did, but what we do know next is that the next time we’d hear something major from her is the following year when she took part in “Österreich rockt den Song Contest” in 2012 with that ballad of awesome ‘That’s What I Am’.  Some say that she was the joke song of the Austrian NF, buck I think that’s simply not the case. (*ahem* Trackshittaz *ahem*) Anyway, Conchita finished in a very respectable second place, but Trackshittaz eventually won the NF and we enjoyed a lot of emm… ass apparently!

Now, I don’t know if anyone would say Conchita would have done way better than Trackshittaz, but now that we know she’ll be representing Austria in Copenhagen next May, I wonder what she’ll bring to the table. ‘That’s What I Am’ was very Eurovision-esque with the cheesy lyrics, upbeat tune and fantastic singer that can definitely do better (I think I can hear Valentina Monetta in 2012 shouting “STOP DESCRIBING ME!”), but possibly we could see a great ballad being entered into the competition, so we could be looking at an underdog here! Conchita is now the third artist that’s been confirmed for the B & W Hallerne and now joins Tijana and Valentina as the official singers for the three countries, so they can put their feet up for a little bit, before they see what their competition is… let’s hope their songs are just as well received as they were themselves!

Your views:

So Conchita Wurst… a good choice for Austria or not?

Do you think Conchita will do well in Denmark?
Do you think Conchita will do well in Denmark?

Jacob Mouritz Olsen from Denmark: This could be the winner! (If it becomes a Youtube hit prior to the contest – but they have to play clever to do well) Song/vocals/visuals are needed. If not, then this will probably be a big flop, but only time will tell. Good luck Austria!

Daniel Cobbett from the United Kingdom: OK, it’s still a SONG contest last I checked so let’s wait and see what the song is – if you’d have shown me a picture of Lordi or the Finnish rockers from 2008 I never would have thought that I would love their songs, and I do!!

Pat Conway from Ireland: This has to be the ‘wurst’ decision ever. (Nice play on words there!)

Robbert Landegent from the Netherlands:  I think they don’t want to qualify. At least 7 years too late!

It seems that Conchita is receiving mixed views for her confirmation. It’s good what Daniel said; we still haven’t heard her song yet, so we can’t probably judge her yet, but once the song is released, we’ll be able to make our own minds up! But what do you think of the announcement? Is Conchita the one you wanted to represent Austria? Be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below!


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