Top 10: Hottest guys in ESC history

Hey everyone and welcome back to another top 10, where we count down the best or worst things that Eurovision has ever seen! Today, we’re going to complete the steaminess and count down the 10 most beautiful men in the entire history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Hold onto your hats ladies (and a few men too!), it’s gonna get pretty hot!

Who's the hottest guy in Eurovision's history?
Who’s going to take the title of the Hottest Guy in Eurovision History?

So just like the previous top 10 with the girls, there’s one or two in the countdown which could be counted as stupid, but they’re put in here purely for the way they handled the media or the way they acted during their performance, like #7 and #5 in our previous countdown! So don’t be surprised when the artist comes up, we did warn you. Right, I’d say we’re ready to take off! Here we go!!!

10 – Boaz Mauda – The Fire In Your Eyes (Israel 2008)

We’re only at the beginning of the countdown and we’re already immersed in finely trained arms. Boaz is no doubt a very good-looking man, and his sense of style with the things (or more precisely, the things he wasn’t) wearing was later copied by a certain Simon Webbe from Blue a mere 3 years later. But let’s face it though, Boaz wears it better. Also, Boaz was joined on stage by five rather good-looking men providing backing vocals. All in all, it really was a performance of good-looking-ness, and Europe liked it, voting the six into 9th place with 124 points. The arms of Boaz must have contributed to some of those points though!

9 – Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam (Finland 2011)

The vocals weren’t particularly that great, but boy, all I can say is “I have arrived at my Paradise”. Axel, or Paradise, is just quite a cute boy that you’d just wanna squeeze his cheeks.. or is that just me? Anyway, the song itself is quite a nice one with a good, strong message and the background obviously a great choice (although the Babushki did steal it for the first part of the performance! It’s good that he was on his own when he was singing, as we got to admire that cute little face of his. His sense of style may need tweaking (even though I know the shirt was made of recycled material), but he’s just a really cute boy. If only Europe voted as good, as he finished in 21st place with 57 points.

8 – Sarbel – Yassou Maria (Greece 2007)

Ah I love it when a guy can pull off a dance move, especially a bellydance! The song is a little cheesy, but his vocals are pretty good, and of course his appearance too! It does look like he hasn’t really made an effort to ‘dress to impress’, but his back-up dancers definitely have! The song was great and Europe thought the same, and he finished in a very respectable 7th place with 139 points. One thing I should mention, however, is the fact that Sarbel kept touching his…. private area at the “Uh oh, Yassou Maria!” part of the chorus. Is it weird that he does that? I don’t know…

7 – Mr. Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah  (Finland 2006) – As part of the group Lordi

Yeah yeah, he’s a monster, we get it. BUT, do you remember what we said at the top of the article? Lordi’s in here for the way he performed the eventual winning song ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’. Of course he’s a monster, and that could be a turn on for some people (I don’t know these things, but I guess if that’s you, than good for you!), but for me, it’s the rock vocals that got him to #7. The performance was pretty good, although it did need a bit of tweaking. The song was good too, but it was the outfits and those vocals that I love. Lordi himself is… “cute” I guess, but I guess it depends on your opinion.

6 – Sakis Rouvas – Shake It/This Is Our Night (Greece 2004/2009)

Okay, he is probably the most cheesy Greek artist in the entire history of the Contest, but he is one sexy man! In 2004, he was wearing a very tight t-shirt and was doing a bit of belly-dancing and came in third, along with two backing dancers. Fast forward five years, a Eurovision he hosted and more preparation, we saw him back in the Contest as a participant, with a better song, better vocals and of course, a better body! Those pecs… just… woah. Well done Sakis, you’ve definitey improved in the physical body department, but I think the teeth whitening should be cut down!

5 – Jessy Matador – Allez, Ola, Olé (France 2010)

Let’s get some French-ness in! Jessy wouldn’t normally be the type of person one would notice in a crowd, but if it wasn’t for that huge ass of his, he wouldn’t even be in the top 10! Who doesn’t love that booty shake of his in that tribal part of the summer hit? Also, that backing singer taking off his shirt… I’m not complaining! That ass of his, as well as the song and the performance, was probably the reason people voted for it so much; 12th place with 82 points to be precise! Summer hit + hot man with big ass = a really good French entry. Merci for that performance, Jessy!

4 -Eric Saade – Popular (Sweden 2011)

Eric Saade.. easily the most overrated hot man in the entire history of the Eurovision Song Contest… and I see where everyone is coming from! His face is very cute and let’s face it, so is his body, even if it was shrouded in clothes for the performance of ‘Popular’. Plus, all those screaming girls would have definitely got the point across to people that he really is hot. All his backing dancers in Dusseldorf also weren’t that bad, but Eric was the hottest guy in 2011 and that probably attributed to the fact he finished third! He probably still is, in many people’s minds, the hottest man in ESC history. Well, you could also include Farid Mammadov in that last statement…. have a tie maybe?

3 – Marco Mengoni – L’essenziale (Italy 2013)

It’s blatantly obvious that James loves Marco and “L’essenziale” as much as I love Björk (which is a lot), and if there weren’t the final two people, Marco would be our #1! Marco is pretty hot, moustache or no moustache, but I think this Italian Stallion was copying Paradise Oskar, our #9, by being alone on stage. But, like Paradise, we’d get to, and in the end we got to, admire that very beautiful face of his. The song is beautiful, he’s beautiful, it was the perfect combination! Too bad he finished in 7th place and not higher than that… Damn that Emmelie de Forest!

2 – Dmitry Karyakin – We Are The Heroes (Belarus 2012) – As part of the group Litesound

Which one out of the group is Dmitry Karyakin, I hear you ask? Dmitry is the lead singer of the band and the one keeps throwing his fist up in the air. He’s one of the lesser known hot men, he’s really hot/ The song obviously wan’t that great, as Europe didn’t really want it in the final, but I would say that if they had seen more of this, we would be seeing them in the final Baku. Like I said a little bit up, Dmitry is insanely hot and I could safely say that many people wouldn’t mind him being their hero! For his body, most definitely! For his vocals, however, eh….. I don’t think so!

So you’ve seen what we believe to be the 9 hottest men in Eurovision history, but for the #1, he would nearly be the God of the male Eurovision world…

1  – Alexey Vorobyov – Get You (Russia 2011)

Where do I start with Alexey Vorobyov? He’s easily one of Russia’s best looking contestants of all time, and I’d nearly that some women (and some men too!) would throw themselves at him! Would you believe that as soon as I’ve fixed the sexy-ometer after Ani Lorak “smashed it to pieces”, Alexey’s gone and done the exact same thing! Have you seen him?! Well done to Alexey’s parents I guess for giving him what he has now! The performance itself was reasonably good and the vocals were OK, but the visuals were just stunning (and I’m not talking about the background and the props!). Alexey’s backing singers/dancers were also quite cute, but not as hot as the man himself! Europe, however, didn’t see the side that we saw and by the end of the voting, he had finished in 16th place with 77 points. It’s not great, but at least he didn’t finish last! Now, he’s our winner of the Hottest Guy in Eurovision History! Congratulations Alexey!

Your views:

So Alexey is the hottest man in the history of Eurovision, but who is your winner?

Do you like the top 10?
Do you like the top 10?

Marius Ioan from Romania: Alexander Rybak. He’s just so hot!

Rafael Vivas from Venezuela: Sakis Rouvas, without a doubt! Even though there are so many others.

Julia Walin from Sweden: I’d say Greece 2011!

Dave Töper from the United States: Germany 2007.

Bessa Halimi from Kosovo: Marco Mengoni, no question. The BEST looking man EVER in Eurovision! 

So we have many suggestions from all over the place! Julia Walin has a soft spot for Loucas Yiorkas and Stereo Mike, whereas Dave Töper would pick Roger Cicero. But what we’d like to know is what you think! Do you like the top 10? Who would you add to/remove from the top 10? Feel free by commenting below!

11 thoughts on “Top 10: Hottest guys in ESC history”

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Ric!

      Yeah, D’NASH were also pretty hot, but we couldn’t get them all in, sadly! But thanks for the contribution!

  1. Dima Bilan of course…and i can’t understand why he is not in this must be kidding..

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Elina!

      Dima is cute, I agree, but if you compare him to the likes of others in the list, say.. Eric Saade, he’s not as hot as Eric. He was close to being in the top, he was a ‘reserve’. But that’s just our opinion.

    1. Thanks for your comment Seth!

      Haha well there are many other hot guys, but we just couldn’t put them all in! Sorry!

  2. eh,want to update this and add mans zelmerlow 😛 or Sebalter, the El Volo guys (Gianluca Ginoble), the rapper from Greece entry in esc 2014, Roman Lobb. ^^ Though i really agree that you put Marco and Eric in your list, they’re my fav. esp. Marco.

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