Possible Artists: The Netherlands

Well after James’ absolutely fantastic article (that you guys are absolutely loving apparently!), I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring and bring you the artists we think would be great to represent the Netherlands! In James’ top 10, the Netherlands were destroyed and now it’s my job to make them look good again (whether I succeed or not remains to be seen). So who would be the best artist to represent them? Well, keep reading to find out!

Could Within Temptation be a great artist for the Netherlands?
Could Within Temptation be a great artist for the Netherlands?

After Anouk finally managed to qualify for the Netherlands in Sweden this year (although things could have been a lot different had she not represented the Netherlands), it seems that you need a big name and a great song for them to reach the final. So that’s why our first recommendation to AVRO/TROS would be the group Within Temptation. The group, who released their debut album back in 1997, is a symphonic metal band, which means that their music is a crossover of both classical music and rock. The band have released several albums and have charted all over Europe with their brand of classical rock. In 2011, they released this track which is a favourite of mine.

This song is just a perfect mix of both elements and for me, this song would just be the best thing that could happen if they went to Eurovision. Sadly, because the song was released on the 15th of July, the song wouldn’t pass the September 1st rule and therefore, it would be ineligible to go to Eurovision for the Netherlands in Baku, but to be fair, Joan Franka would have probably been the better choice. Anyway, the best thing about following a musician you like is that you know when singles are released and yesterday (yes I did say yesterday!), the band released a song with Finnish singer Tarja Turunen.

This song, obviously being released yesterday, could represent the Netherlands in Eurovision next year in Copenhagen, if they send the song into TROS or AVRO. The track is definitely a conflict of both genres, but they work with each other to produce this. Also, you can tell that both Tarja and Sharon, the band’s lead singer, have very powerful voices than can apparently go up to operatic tones! If this went to Copenhagen next year, I’d be interested as to how you, the fans, would react, because in the views I’ve collected for this particular article, it seems that the band is splitting opinions! But we’ll know if the band will go when the artist is revealed, so stay tuned!

There are so many artists that could represent the Netherlands and it was hard to get through all of them to find the perfect second recommendation, but we’ve found the best one we could think of and that is the 39-year-old Eurodance singer Loona. The singer, who actually is Dutch (and also has ValMon gums too), has released most of her songs in Spanish (even though two of her songs actually charted in Spain, messed up or what?) and in 2011, she released this song, in which the title, when translated, means “The Shark”.

This track is definitely a summer hit and I’m surprised that this song only charted in Germany at #43. Also, the music video for the song was released on September 7th 2011, so the song just passed the September 1st rule and could have represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision in 2012, but like I said above, Joan Franka was definitely the best choice for the country. If only her vocals were as strong as they were in the studio version! It would be interesting choice if Loona would represent the Netherlands, as it would probably be the first time a Dutch entrant would be singing in Spanish, but it’s all up to the broadcaster to pick the artist.

As well as those two, we’d also recommend the fantastic:

Lisa Lois – “Silhouette”
Caro Emerald – “Stuck”

*crosses fingers in the hope that AVRO/TROS spots this article and somehow decides to select any of the artists we’ve mentioned*

Your views:

What would you think if Within Temptation or Loona represented the Netherlands next year? Or would you pick a different artist?

Do you think Within Temptation or Loona would keep the qualifying going?
Do you think Within Temptation or Loona would keep the qualifying going?

Michael Romano from Australia: They would be great, Netherlands has never sent something like this and it would be something different. But it’s probably unlikely they’d accept, which is sad because they’d do really well!

Haris Karas from Greece: This is my kind of music. WT for the Netherlands and Nightwish for Finland hopefully.

Eirik Finbak from Norway: I  love Within Temptation, been a fan for years. Would love to see them in the Eurovision but somehow I don’t see that happening I’m afraid. Would be amazing!

Gijsbert Groenveld from the Netherlands: No chance whatsoever they will…

So for the fans it seems like it wouldn’t be likely for Within Temptation to say “Let’s do Eurovision!” and represent their country. In a few of the views, I’ve read that they have refused to take part in Eurovision and sadly that could defeat the entire point of this article, but maybe as time goes on, the band will change their minds and do it. Anyway, what do you think of the choices? Who would you like to see represent the Netherlands in the future? Let us know by commenting below!

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