Possible Artists: Romania

So to continue on with the ‘Possible Artists’ series, we’ll journey over to Romania and see who would be the best choice to represent the country in Denmark next year! Romania is becoming one of Europe’s fastest countries when it comes to releasing really good modern music, but who would be the best candidate to lead the Eurovision to Bucharest?

Would Andra be a good choice for Romania?
Would Andra be a good choice for Romania?

First of all, thank you very much to Petryk Lefter for helping us find a few of these artists! This article may not have even existed if it wasn’t for him, so “mulţumesc Petryk!” Anyway, the first artist we’d recommend to TVR would be Andra Irina Măruţă, but she performs under her first name. Andra is a big name in the Romanian music scene and her music is easily distinguishable. As well as that, she definitely has the looks and the voice to represent the country (is it just me or does anyone think she looks a little bit like Helena Paparizou?). In 2011, she released this track that shows that she can sing in English really well.

This song was released back in April of 2011, so ‘Something New’ wouldn’t be eligible to represent Romania in Düsseldorf, but given that Romania was in a fairly stong semi-final, she would have a bit of competition, but I think she’d qualify and do just as good as Mandinga (which I know was in 2012) as both ‘Zaleilah’ and ‘Something New’ sound quite similar. The style of music she offers in the song very current and it would be what most young people would be listening to, she’d be almost guaranteed some form of votes. This year, she released this song, which is sung in Romanian (so I have no proper idea of what she’s singing).

So, once again, the song was released in April, so she wouldn’t have been allowed to sing this song in Malmö if she wanted to go into Romania’s national final, but I’m gonna stick my neck out on the line and say that she would have been better than Cezar (although I think most people would be better than him!). Anyway, this track sounds like a summer hit, and the title speaks for itself; ‘Inevitably, it will be good’. For me, Andra would be a great choice and she would bring something fresh to the table and we could have a contender for the title.. if she sends the right song of course!

Like I said at the start of the article, Romania is one of the biggest producers of modern music at this time and this is reflected in our choices, so for our second recommendation, we’d like you guys to meet Antonia. She’s only 24, but she’s one of Romania’s rising stars. Antonia actually spent most of her childhood in the United States, returning to Romania when she was 18 and collaborating with many DJs and other artists. In 2012, she released this track, ‘Jameia’, that fuses Romanian and English into this very good mix.

This song actually would have been eligible to go to Eurovision this year as it passed the September 1st rule, but only slightly (it was released only 18 days after the deadline). Had ‘Jameia’ have gone to Eurovision, it would have brought some liveliness to the competition and if Romania had the same positions, the song would have been the best track to end the second semi-final with. Should Antonia or Andra, or indeed any other artist, actually be selected to represent their home country, they would be better off to be singing a track like ‘Jameia’, a catchy dance track that fuses both Romanian and English into one heck of a dance track!

As well as those artists, we’d also love to see these singers on stage!

Alexandra Stan – “Mr. Saxobeat”
Inna – “Fly”
Alb Negru – “Mi-e sete de tine”

Your views:

So what would you think if Andra or Antonia represented Romania? Or would you pick a different artist for the country?

Would Andra or Antonia work for Romania next year?
Would Andra or Antonia work for Romania next year?

Marco Muntean from Romania: NOOOOOOO!!

Eduard Antanasescu from Sweden: Nope 😦

Antonina Podnebesova from Russia: Maybe Romania could send Alb Negru or K.I.M?

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I’d love Andra to represent Romania! I’m normally picky as to who I listen to and Andra is definitely on the list. I’d also love Alexandra Stan to sing too.

So when you look at the views from all over Europe, not many people would like Andra or Antonia to represent to Romania. Antonina suggested that Alb Negru or K.I.M should represent Romania; how did she know we had put Alb into the list?! They are really good artists too and they’d also do well for Romania too if they were selected. What do you think of the choices though? Would you like to see Andra or Antonia representing Romania or would you select a different artist? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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