Possible Artists: Moldova

Hey guys and welcome back to another ‘Possible Artists’ article and in this installment of the series, we shall journey to one of the least musically known countries in Europe – Moldova! Who do you think would be the best choice for Moldova to send to Copenhagen? Well keep reading to find out!

What do you think of our Moldovan selections?
What do you think of our Moldovan selections?

Many of the countries we have covered in this series have had several noticeable artists to their name; Giorgia from Italy, Björk from Iceland and even Ylvis from Norway, but Moldova is one of the few countries with the most obscure music scene, but there are some artists that are making a name for themselves and the first of these, as well as our first recommendation, is El Radu. The 26-year-old is an upcoming star in the country and he speaks five languages, although he only sings in two of those languages. As well as singing, he’s also the presenter of a morning TV show in Moldova. In 2012, he tried to represent Moldova when he took part in the online voting of the National Final with his song ‘I’m With You Now‘. This year, he released this gem; ‘Despre Ea’, which means ‘About It’ in English.

This music video was released in early May of this year, so it wouldn’t have been eligible for either Malmö or Copenhagen, but this is a great introduction into the sort of music he puts out. The song is like a rhythmic, symphonic ballad and even though I can’t tell what the lyrics are talking about (because it’s in Romanian), I can feel the emotion he puts into what he’s singing. This would have been a song that would had people with their hands in the air and if this was to go to Eurovision, I think it would do very well; maybe it would have been an underdog if it was Moldova’s song, like ‘Kedvesem’? More recently, he released this song in early August and this is the second language he sings in; English!

This track was almost eligible to be sent to Eurovision and be Moldova’s next song, but it was released a mere eleven days before September 1st and therefore, that dream will remain a distant hope, but this would also be a strong contender for a very high placing. The music video is pretty emotion-filled and also a little controversial, but the song is very good, no matter what the video contains. Were this song to go to Copenhagen, it might not have the same effect as ‘Despre Ea’, but it might be one to look out for if it gained a large fan following. El would be a really good artist for Moldova to send, but I would say that he would be better off singing in Romanian, as it suits him better.

For our second recommendation, we’ve completely turned the choices on their head and picked someone who’s the complete opposite of El; our second recommendation is Alina Șleahtițkaia, also known as Kaiia. She is one of Moldova’s most contemporary artists and continues to churn out really modern pop music.. she’s the Andra of Moldova! In May of this year, she released ‘Uhodi’, a really clubby song sung in Ukrainian.

This song, being released four days after Eurovision 2013, is illegible for Moldova to send next year to Denmark, but it would be a very good choice to send, because ‘Uhodi’ is a really catchy, modern dance track and this can help, or hinder, the performance. The music video is rather odd (in fact, it does remind me of the game Minecraft!), but I can’t see how this would affect people’s liking of the song.  If either El or Kaiia represented Moldova, I’d be really happy and if they send the right song, a good placing is definitely within their sights. But what are your views on the artists?

Your views:

What would you think if El Radu or Kaiia represented Moldova at Eurovision next year?

Would El or Kaiia bring a win home, in your opinion?
Would El or Kaiia bring a win home, in your opinion?

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: El Radu would be a great choice for Moldova! He has the voice; he has the looks, what can go wrong?

Patrick Herrington from the United Kingdom: El would be an interesting choice for Moldova.. I’d prefer a previous artist like Aliona Moon or Nelly Ciobanu to re-represent them.

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: Let Kaiia go for Moldova! I absolutely love her and she’d be amazing if she went to Copenhagen. Can we just send her now?

So the fans have positive reactions to our choices for Moldova, although Patrick would be more suited towards previous singers like Aliona or Nelly. As much as we’d love them to return, the chances for a returning artist to do well again go down considerably.. at least in modern times (although Valentina Monetta may be the one to change this, as she’s been getting San Marino’s best placings ever since she’s started to take part). But what we’d like to know is what do you think about the choices? Would El or Kaiia be the best possible choice for Moldova? Or who would you suggest? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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