Possible Artists: Spain

Hola everyone and bienvenido to another edition of the ‘Possible Artists’ series! I think you can already tell which country we’re dealing with today – the land of “¿Quién maneja mi barca?” – Spain! After having been represented by real fan favourites such as Pastora Soler and El Sueño de Morfeo (or ESDM, just to shorten things down), who would be the most fitting choice for España to send to Copenhagen? Well keep reading to find out!

Could Pablo Alborán do justice for Spain?
Could Pablo Alborán do justice for Spain?

So by now, you probably would have heard all the stuff about Ruth Lorenzo wanting to represent Spain at Eurovision, but until the artist has been revealed, our recommendations are still worth considering, so if anyone wants to tell RTVE about this article, feel free to do it! Right, let’s get started! The first artist that we’d love to see in Copenhagen on behalf of Spain is Pablo Alborán, who is an absolute beauty of a man, as you can see from the picture He’s been a major pop star in Spain since 2010 and has been nominated for three Latin Grammys (they have those?). In 2011, he released this song, ‘Miedo’, or ‘Fear’ in English.

Okay, let me just tell you now that Pablo is absolutely obsessed with ballads; like seriously obsessed. Most of the singles he’s released have been ballads and to be honest, it’s probably why he was nominated for all those Latin Grammys. ‘Miedo’ was released on the 13th of May 2011, so it’d be too late to send to Düsseldorf and too early to send to Baku, but it would have been a really difficult song to predict a placing because it was so different to all the other songs in both 2011 and 2012, so I’d have a hard time figuring out how well it would do. Either way, though, it has the whole “Mediterranean passion” feel to it and with this next song, ‘Éxtasis’ or ‘Ecstasy’, he’s incorporated that passion into a pretty uptempo song, that was released in August of this year.

This would be an absolutely perfect song for Copenhagen; why was it released six days before September 1st?! I don’t know about you, but if something like this was sent next year and it was sung by him, I would be ecstatic (see what I did there?), a song like ‘Éxtastis’ would be a real crowd-pleaser and if he performs like he did in the video, then he would be guaranteed a good place. May I also just point out that he scrunched his T-shirt a bit? Just had to let you know there.. like.. erm.. just, wow. Should RTVE pick Pablo represent Spain, let him send something like ‘Éxtasis’.. just without the sexually suggestive lyrics, but anyway he has the voice, he has the looks, he has the fans.. what can go wrong?

If you are a regular reader of ESC Views, you’ll know that I wondered if it would work if Spain sang in English and I talked a certain half-Spaniard, and that woman is our second recommendation; Ana Criado. Ana is a 25-year-old, half-British, half-Spanish artist who lives in the Netherlands, but she would be eligible to represent Spain, thankfully. She was one of the finalists in Holland’s biggest music contest, ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland,’ in 2007 and nowadays, she’s now to be found on the trance music scene, as seen with this song, ‘The Quest of A Dream’ (which I also included in the article above).

The song, that was released in collaboration with Dark Matters, was released in June of 2011, so it’s once again too early for Baku, but it would definitely be one of a kind if it was to go to Azerbaijan for the Contest. I can’t really understand why the music video was shot in Iceland, but I guess it’s what they wanted. Ana has a very interesting voice and when put to the track, it really suits the song well. I wouldn’t mind her going to Eurovision and if either Ana or Pablo want to go to Eurovision, I’d tell Spain to start planning the performances, because they would perfect for the Contest. Anyone wanna get RTVE on the phone?

As well as those lovely artists, we’d also recommend:
Maria Villalón – “Todo Arde”

Your views:

So what would you think if Pablo or Ana represented Spain at Eurovision next year?

Do you think Pablo or Ana would be good choices for Spain?
Do you think Pablo or Ana would be good choices for Spain?

Eduard Atanasescu from Sweden: No me gusta! He’s suffering. Poor little baby.

Joshua Cohen from Spain: No, Enrique Iglesias please!

Adrián Osorio Álvarez from Spain: He [Pablo] will never represent Spain at Eurovision. Famous Spanish artists don’t like Eurovision; they think that it will underrate their careers.  So, forget to watch famous Spanish artists in ESC.

Claus Michael Fasting from Norway: We need an artist which is in family with an artist which had performed in ESC for Spain!

It seems that from the fans’ point of view, Pablo may not be the best person to represent Spain at Eurovision. Joshua is saying that Enrique Iglesias should go for Spain.. it’d be interesting, because he’s really famous and Adrián’s view contradicts that exactly, even though Enrique’s father did represent Spain at Eurovision back in 1970; a point that is being made by Claus. So it would be really interesting to see who Spain chooses for Copenhagen and if they have a great song, I’m sure the fans will fall in love with Spain once again. So what do you think of our choices? Should Pablo or Ana go to Eurovision for Spain, or would you pick another artist? Siéntase libre de comentar lo que piensa de abajo! Or in English, feel free to comment what you think below!

3 thoughts on “Possible Artists: Spain”

    1. Thanks for your comment Juan!

      Yeah it was suggested to me that Innocence and Mónica should also go for Spain, and after hearing a few of their songs, they’d also do well I think. Any of these artists should represent them; we have to get RTVE on the phone! 😀

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