They have confirmed… These are the countries that will be in Copenhagen!

So, the deadline for confirmation is about to come to an end. What a shocker! It seems we’ll have around thirty-eight countries that will compete in the next edition of the Contest in Copenhagen. There have bee some shock withdrawals this year, but we will go through all the countries and tell you what you need to know about the upcoming Contest!

So the countries have been confirmed.. What's in store?
So the countries have been confirmed.. What’s in store now?

With the 2014 Contest starting in no more than 164 days, it was almost about time that we found out how many countries were taking part in the competition before the year was out. Luckily, we have an full list of competing countries…almost. Obviously, the deadline will have passed at midnight tonight, so the countries that have yet to confirm have a few hours left to make their minds up (Bucks Fizz quote there!), but the list below comprises of those countries that are most definitely in at this moment in time, along with their respective broadcasters that will televise the Contest:

Albania (RTSH)                           Armenia (AMPTV)                Austria (ORF)

Azerbaijan (İTV)                        Belarus (BTRC)                         Belgium (VRT)

 Denmark (DR)                                                                                    Estonia (ETV)

Finland (YLE)                             France (France 3)                          Georgia (GPB)

Germany (NDR)                       Greece (HPRT)                          Hungary (MTV)

Iceland (RÚV)                          Ireland (RTÉ)                            Israel (IBA)

Italy (RAI)                             Latvia (LTV)                            Lithuania (LRT)

Macedonia (MRT)                 Malta (PBS)                              Moldova (TRM)

Montenegro (RTCG)            Netherlands (AVRO/TROS)          Norway (NRK)

Poland (TVP)*                       Portugal (RTP)                        Romania (TVR)

Russia (RTR)                         San Marino (SMTV)                Slovenia (RTVSLO)**

Spain (TVE)                          Sweden (SVT)             Switzerland (SRG SSR)

Ukraine (NTU)                  and             United Kingdom (BBC)

* – Poland hasn’t officially confirmed participation, but there are many people are who are claiming they have said they will take part, so we are including it on the list in the meantime.

** – Slovenia has applied to take part in the Contest. A final decision as regards to the actual participation is yet to be made, but it is highly likely they will participate.

So, with these countries definitely saying yes to to Eurovision 2014, we are still having to say goodbye to some countries. Sadly, this year, CyprusCroatiaSerbia and Bulgaria have all decided to withdraw from the Contest this year, citing financial reasons as why they did so. Bulgaria was going to participate, but they decided to pull out at the last minute due to such budget cuts and lack of money (I know a few people who are devastated with the news).
Although this is the situation with most countries and broadcasters, possibly putting the country in jeopardy of missing the Contest (we did go into detail with Greece), it’s great to see that these countries actually decide to spend a bit of their money on taking part in one of the best TV shows in the world, if I say so myself. Of course, we are having a smaller Contest than we have had in other years, but it’s still the Eurovision Song Contest, so we should keep going with it and see what will happen in Copenhagen in five months time!

As most of you know, four artists have already been selected for Eurovision: Tijana Dapcević for Macedonia, Conchita Wurst for Austria, Valentina Monetta for San Marino and Sergej Ćetković for Montenegro. But with all the other countries, there’s still time to decide (March, to be precise) on who should represent them and here at ESC Views, we think we should help the broadcasters pick the lucky artist and we’ve done several Possible Artists articles with over twenty countries, so don’t hesitate to give them a read! Well, that was a mammoth of a day in the Eurovision world, so what do you think of all this?

Your views:

What do you think of all the countries that are taking part next year?

Are all the countries you wanted here?
Are all the countries you wanted here?

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: I’m really sad my country won’t be taking part next year, but I’m still going to watch and support the best song!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I’m looking forward to next year in Denmark, I expect a great show from them. It’s sad to hear that Serbia and Bulgaria are withdrawing, but it’s great to have Bosnia back! Roll on Copenhagen!

Samantha Ross from the United States: Well, times are financially tough for a number of countries, so it’s understandable (albeit not pleasant) that belts are being tightened. For the last few years, the ESC has been held in countries that are often less than budget-friendly, and when you’re trying to find hotel space for a fortnight for a large delegation, that can often be a lot to swallow.

So from what the fans are saying, they’re also pretty sad that those four countries won’t be joining us this year in Denmark, but we still have around thirty-seven or thirty-eight countries to see in Denmark and hopefully we’ll be able to see them back in the Contest for the 60th anniversary in 2015. So what do you think of the countries taking part? Do you wish a country was withdrawing or returning to the Contest? Feel free to tell us what you think below!!

UPDATE: Poland officially confirmed participation for Eurovision 2014 on the 5th of December, nearly three weeks after the preliminary deadline. This now means we’re waiting for the official confirmation of Slovenia and then we’ll have all thirty-eight mentioned countries, and the official deadline is now sometime in January, giving some leeway for the withdrawn countries to reverse their decision and participate in Copenhagen in May next year.

On the 18th of December, Bosnia & Herzegovina officially withdrew from the participation list, citing the lack of a sponsor as the reason they were backing out of their decision to take part. This now leaves 35 confirmed countries.

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