Would it work… if Ukraine was prop-free?

Hey guys and welcome back to another ‘Would It Work’ article! Today we’re having, almost, a continuation of our prop top, but here, we will go into detail about the queen of props – Ukraine. The country is known for its show at the Contest, but would Ukraine do as well as they normally do if they didn’t have a prop on the stage?

Anastasiya Petryk won Junior Eurovision without props.. what can Ukraine take from this?
Anastasiya Petryk won Junior Eurovision without props.. what can Ukraine take from this?

Like I said, Ukraine is the queen of props on stage, with Russia quickly following behind. Ever since Ukraine debuted in the Eurovision in 2003, there has never been a year where some form of prop hasn’t been used.. unless you don’t count the wind machine Alyosha used or the handcuffs that featured in GreenJolly’s performance, then Ukraine have used props in nine of their performances. Either way, they always put on a show for us in the Contest, as the video below shows – Ukraine is indeed the best for props and that’s probably why they do so well – apart from the actual song, of course!

So now that you’ve watched the video, you can tell that Ukraine has become the one to look out for when it comes to the performance, and Russia is quickly becoming another of the ones to watch for the staging, but all the props and big extravagant lighting and dancers can be a little too much, so it’s nice to have a bit of simplicity on the stage. This, luckily, came from Ukraine in 2012.. in the Junior Eurovision. Ten year old Anastasiya Petryk won the Junior Contest in Amsterdam with ‘Nebo’ and she performed with no props; just dry ice and a wind machine, but nothing like the Babushki’s rotating oven.

Anastasiya’s performance, although being prop-free, was still very captivating and her vocals on the night were definitely what helped her win the Contest. But this was in the Junior Eurovision, so would it work if Ukraine tried repeating what Anastasiya did in Amsterdam and send a performance without a prop? Well, the song has to be the right genre not to have a prop. ‘Nebo’ could have easily been piled on with props, but the song wouldn’t be suited to any of them as the song is so simple and it doesn’t need to have everything on stage; just the singer singing the song. If this was to be tried by Ukraine, or indeed Russia, next year in the adult Eurovision in Copenhagen, the song would have to have the same aura as ‘Nebo’ – a song that moves you so much that props aren’t necessary.. a little like Yohanna’s ‘Is It True?‘. It would be interesting to see how it would work out for them because it’s something that they’ve never tried properly before and if Europe had the same reaction to it as they did to ‘Nebo’, Ukraine would have another tactic to use in the future! I would recommend that they try it in the adult edition and see how well they do.. there’s always a first time for everything!

Your views:

Do you think it would work if Ukraine or Russia didn’t have a prop on stage with them?

Should the Ukrainians at least try not having a prop?
Should the Ukrainians at least try not having a prop?

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I would love to see Ukraine trying it without a prop. They always send uptempo songs and I think it would be nice if they sent a ballad with no distractions.

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: Ukraine are known for their staging and I think if they didn’t do a staging spectacular, they wouldn’t do very well. They should stick to what they know!

Frederick Ulriksson from Sweden: Shouldn’t we all try something once? They could get so used to what they’re doing that they won’t want to ever change it.. Let them at least try it, see what happens.

So it’s an almost unified plea for Ukraine to try having no props and seeing how well they do. It doesn’t surprise me that much, as some fans are starting to get impatient waiting for that ballad that we’re all supposed to love – although I guess you could say ‘Gravity‘ is a ballad.. kind of. Anyway, what do you think? Should Ukraine try performing without a prop or should they keep to what they know? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

2 thoughts on “Would it work… if Ukraine was prop-free?”

  1. I think Ukraine (AND Moldova) have the WORST stage performances of ALL ESC-countries. Actually – I think such silly gimnicks…sandpaintings or whtever, should be BANNED! Well, why not? It’s a MUSIC CONTEST. Not some gimnick show. Such OTT glamouracts are just what makes people laugh at ESC…cheesy and tasteless!

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