Top 30: Music videos of ESC songs [Part 2]

As you guys know, I’m taking you through the thirty best music videos that accompany Eurovision songs to the Contest. Yesterday, in the first part of the countdown I took you through places 30 – 21 and today, we’ll find out which music videos have just missed out a place in the top 10. So which videos are making it on this part of the countdown? Well, keep reading to find out!

Margaret Berger's new video has just been released - but where on our top has it been placed?
Margaret Berger’s new video has just been released – but where on our top has it been placed?

Over the course of fifty-nine years, Eurovision has seen nearly 1,200+ songs, each of which have had their own music video. Obviously, as time has gone on and technology has improved, the music videos have become more and more – how shall I put it – extravagant. So in this countdown, most of the music videos featured are from the past few years, but we do love the golden oldie videos, so we’ve included some of the videos from the earlier days of Eurovision. Got it? Great, let’s get started!

20 – Jessy Matador – “Allez Ola Olé” (France 2010)

The summer anthem that is ‘Allez Ola Olé’ had two videos produced, but for the purpose of this top and the fact that this version is better than the first one, we’re using the second version. This is basically what one imagines when they hear ‘beach party’ – sunbathing, dancing with a huge boombox, women in bikinis; it’s basically a straightman’s fantasy. There’s also a chance that in this video, you can see the prototype of twerking.. do you get what I’m saying? The song does get you moving and the video is appealing in many ways, so the combination is actually a great one. And may I say, that butt of his? I shall say no more..

19 – Hera Björk – “Je Ne Sais Quoi” (Iceland 2010)

The undisputed ‘fanwank’ of 2010, Hera Björk’s video for the CHOON that is “Je Ne Sais Quoi” is both so cute and yet a little bit weird at the same time. It seems that she’s brought the wrong outfit to the swimming pool! In all seriousness, it does seem she’s met the love of her life , the receptionist/cleaner/lifeguard. She does plunge herself into the pool from a high diving board just to get the man’s attention, but if that’s she’s got to do to get her man, then I’m not gonna complain. Those extra shots of her singing with her hair and make up also give the song a really euphoric atmosphere, and the song/video are a great combination and because of these, she’s made the top. Well done Hera!

18 – Kleopatra – “Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida” (Greece 1992)

This music video for ‘Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida’ is – once again – like the video for ‘Lejla’; a tourist video for the country. The video is shot in a stereotypical village associated with Greece, with all the houses on the hill looking over the sea.. am I describing Crete here? Anyway, Kleopatra is singing through random little alleyways in the town, all the while, a man is playing the electric guitar at random places in the village.. is that really needed in a traditional song? When one looks at the lyrics, they see that the song talks about the uncertainty of the modern world and that the song will point the way to the world’s hope.. Maybe the video could be a metaphor to keep yourself in touch with your roots? Everyone has their own interpretation of it, but either way, the video is a cute one and that’s why it’s on our top 30.

17 – Helena Paparizou – “My Number One” (Greece 2005)

“My Number One”s video is probably what marked the bridge between how the quality of music videos over the course of the noughties has improved. First of all, the dance troupe; very well needed! They appear everywhere in the video: when she’s actually dancing along with the troupe, when she’s leaning sexily on a sports car, when she does a bit of dancing with her ass. As well as them, those random guys and girls who are just watching her sing through that weird screen; emm.. weird much? Those points being said, Helena’s outfits are stunning. I mean, I’m no fashionista but I know when someone looks good in an outfit! Plus, that dancing she does on her own was pretty good too. It’s a great music video, all in all, but they could have improved on that green screen in certain parts.

16 – Margaret Berger – “I Feed You My Love” (Norway 2013)

So yeah, the picture did trick you a little bit, but Margaret Berger’s official video for “I Feed You My Love” is finally out! Of course, being the latest music video to be released, we don’t have as much time to analyse why the video deserves to go on the countdown, but I’ve watched the video enough times to tell you why. The video, like ‘Suus’, is very much an artistic video where Margaret’s been swishing her hair around (not as sexily as Elitsa, as I discussed yesterday), jumping and doing some interesting hand movements.. maybe she took some inspiration from Glennis Grace? Compared to the first video, this is more or less what the song doesn’t get across, and because it’s so dramatic and the song gives the video more of an atmosphere, she deserves this spot. Well done Margaret!

15 – Cascada – “Glorious” (Germany 2013)

Music videos usually catch our attention in one extravagant form or another, and Cascada definitely delivered on that front when they released the video for ‘Glorious’. The video features Natalie, in a very swank dress with a large train (that’s the long bit at the end of a dress, not the form of transportation), walking … and walking.. and singing, sometimes with confetti raining down on her! The video also shows a few ballet dancers  doing their thing in the video too; I’m not exactly sure why they’re in the video, but they’re probably used as a visual metaphor to live life while you still have the chance. So when it comes to the reason why it’s on the video.. it’s an amazing video for an amazing song, and if Europe didn’t make it become a well-known fanwank, we could have been heading for Germany next year and not Denmark.. Oh well, I guess the best song wins! Well, not all of them

14 – Anastasiya Prikhodko – “Mamo” (Russia 2009)

Ruslana lookalike Anastasiya Prikhodko really has to stop messing with voodoo. The video for “Mamo” definitely tells a story as it progresses. Four sets were used in the video; each set representing one of the four seasons. In the video, she also manages to defy some form of physics by rolling multiple stones into one. She also ends up tearing the wedding dress she was wearing through most of the video in the final scene.. is that not a waste of money? You get the idea though that they song is about love and how it can turn so suddenly. I don’t know why she tied her hair up though when she performed on home soil in Moscow, she’s got really luscious hair! C’est la vie I guess.. OH, speaking of French..

13 – Amina – “C’est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison” (France 1991)

It’s fair to say that it’s no wonder that France came joint first with Sweden back in 1991 and if the Eurovision rules that are enforced now were being used back then, we would have been heading for France in 1992 instead of Sweden. “C’est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison” – frequently shortened down to “Le dernier qui a parlé” – is easily distinguishable, as it has that African influence from the word go (That’s understandable, as Amina herself is from Tunisia) and in the music video for it, it seems that the video was indeed shot in Africa, with some of the shots including fishing the old-fashioned way and the odd eagle even popping up! It’s no wonder why it did so well, the song is just really catchy and it has that “everything-will-be-okay” feel to it. Great video indeed! And may I say those ‘eeoh, eeoh’ bits are just so amazing to hear. I just love the song!

12 – Anouk – “Birds” (Netherlands 2013)

“Birds” was very much a love/hate song and even here at ESC Views, it’s split opinions – I’m more of a fan of the song and James hates it with a passion. But as much as we either love or hate it and Anouk herself, there’s no denying the video was very memorable! As part of a mega release of her music videos for Sad Singalong Songs (which I did a review for, if you wanna read it), she had to do a music video for ‘Birds’ and in the video, she portrays a ballet teacher who isn’t exactly impressed with the lead dancer (who is actually Igone de Jongh, the lead ballerina of the Dutch National Ballet) and in the end.. well, let’s just say that she does something terrible. The music video does bring you along with the storyline and when you reach the climax of the video, it’s perfectly timed with the key change. It really is a good music video and I think it deserves this spot.. I don’t know about you though!

11 – Ani Lorak – “Shady Lady” (Ukraine 2008)

First of all, before I get even started, I think there was some subtle decision to make that frame of the video the thumbnail; I mean, COME ON! Anyway, for Ani Lorak, sex definitely sells. There are countless shots of her chest throughout the video – some with a bra, some without. She obviously knows how to make a man want her; it’s a good trait to use in the future, I can tell you now. She also knows her way around a dance routine as well! *I’ll let you in on a secret* I think I’m the only one who knows that entire dance routine inside out (If you know it, tell me below, so then I know I won’t be alone!) and whenever I watch that video I can’t help but dance along! She is definitely one of the sexiest Ukrainians I know (although Svetlana Loboda is a worthy contender too) and she completes this part of our top 30, but what’s your favourite music video?

Your views:

What’s your favourite music video from a Eurovision song?

What do you think of our top 30 so far?
What do you think of our top 30 so far?

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: I adore the video for “L’enfer et moi” and “Be My Guest”. They are absolutely amazing and I can never not watch them!

Frederick Ulriksson from Sweden: There are some videos like “J’aime la vie” that I think should be every music video. Videos like that are what actually tell us stories. I love them!

Patrick Herrington from the United Kingdom: “Believe In Me” by Bonnie Tyler has a great music video and I also like Witloof Bay’s video too. They are what I enjoy watching.

So, once again, I see that the fans have loads of favourite music videos; all personal to them. Frederick should really look back to the first part of the countdown, and maybe some of the videos mentioned by the fans could feature in our top 10! But what’s your favourite music video? And what do you think of our countdown so far? Be sure to tell us your opinion below and make sure to tune into ESC Views tomorrow, when we’ll be finding out the best music video from a Eurovision song!

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