Top 30: Music videos of ESC songs [Part 3 – The Top 10]

As you guys know, I’m taking you through the thirty best music videos that accompany Eurovision songs to the Contest. Yesterday, we found out which songs just missed out on the top 10 in the second part of the countdown and today, we’ll find out which music videos have which video have managed to get a place in the top 10. So which video is our #1? Well, keep reading to find out!

'Taken By A Stranger' has an amazing music video, but is it our #1?
‘Taken By A Stranger’ has an amazing music video, but is it our #1?

Over the course of fifty-nine years, Eurovision has seen nearly 1,200+ songs, each of which have had their own music video. Obviously, as time has gone on and technology has improved, the music videos have become more and more – how shall I put it – extravagant. So in this countdown, most of the music videos featured are from the past few years, but we do love the golden oldie videos, so we’ve included some of the videos from the earlier days of Eurovision. Got it? Great, let’s get started!

10 – Remedios Amaya – “¿Quién Maneja Mi Barca?” (Spain 1983)

It’s fair to say that here at ESC Views, we do love the singing-goat sound-a-like that is Remedios Amaya and her *amayzin* song . The music video for “¿Quién Maneja Mi Barca?” is a lesser form of the three previous tourist videos we’ve already featured on the countdown. The reason why the video is so high on this top is because she basically gave us the jist of what she was going to do/wear on stage in Munich.. as well as the fact that the beach she was standing on was also pretty cute. When it came to the actual Contest, she had to ditch the drum machines that were used in the studio version, but the orchestra compensated for with all the woodwind instruments. I just love this video and it really is a fun one to watch.. whether anyone agrees with me has yet to be seen.

9 – Luminița Anghel – “Let Me Try” (Romania 2010)

‘Let Me Try’ has a video that is just fantastic. First of all, it’s nice that Sistem decided to be in the music video and not just be in the instrumental.. and on stage too (we also got to see some of the tricks they would see on stage in Kyiv). The video is set in some desert with Luminița laying down, sitting up and singing the song with the drummers behind her. It’s nothing spectacular, but it does raise a couple of questions. For example, when the sky is passing very quickly while she’s singing (around 0:18 in the video), does that mean that it was partly recorded on a greenscreen? Well, either way the video is really good and that third place is obviously deserved, and the song had the video to match.

8 – Hannah Mancini – “Straight Into Love” (Slovenia 2013)

This video was request by James to be featured in the top 30 and to be honest, I can’t blame him! It is a really modern music video to accompany the underrated track ‘Straight Into Love’. The video does look a little bit like the music video for Andra’s song “Something New”, a video I go into detail about in our Possible Artists article for Romania. Hannah stands in front of multiple backgrounds and just looks cute while she sings the song; sometimes wearing a decent outfit and sometimes not. But technically, she’s not the only thing worth watching in the video. Oh no,  the video has another trait should make you sit up and watch! The video is packed with particularly appealing men (sometimes with a shirt, sometimes without) and I think it’s fair to say we all have our favourite one: my one’s the guy under the shower and James’ is the man in the bath – if that’s the same guy, AWKWARD! Which is yours? Tell us when you ‘ve finished reading!

7 – Krista Siegfrids – “Marry Me” (Finland 2013)

Never in all my life have I laughed at a man being taken hostage and being forced to get a tattoo; Krista Siegfrids is the best bride at Eurovision ever! The video basically shows Krista going to a spa with her girlfriends to get her fiancé and basically drag him up the aisle, if necessary, and at least the video ends with everyone doing the ‘ding dong’ dance – who doesn’t?!. Can I just point out a few funny moments in the video? At 2:08, the grooms face is just priceless – he’s like: “OMG, WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE WEARING?! WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!” and at 2:16, the priest behind Krista makes a facial expression saying: “Yeah buddy, this is what you’ve signed up for!” Man, I just love this video and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at music video. Krista, you babe, you are fantabulous!

6 – Alyosha – “Sweet People” (Ukraine 2010)

The music video for “Sweet People” was released a matter of weeks before the Contest in Oslo and boy, didn’t they make an amazing video! The video features Alyosha going around the ruined city of Pripyat and seeing how it’s changed since 1986 when the city was evacuated because of the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl. She also stands in front of a screen where distressing images of the environment being damaged are shown (such as dolphins swimming from a net, trees being cut down etc). She also picks up a little child who’s been left on a pile of rubble,  but that part was shot in Kyiv, as Alyosha thought that if the kid saw Pripyat, it wouldn’t be safe. It does get the message across that we have to stop the stuff we’re doing in order to save the world – a message that’s echoed in the lyrics of the song. It’s a fantastic, eye-opening video for an eye-opening song.

5 – Lena – “Satellite” (Germany 2010)

There wouldn’t be a countdown if Lena wasn’t part of it! ‘Satellite’ is indeed the Eurovision Song Contest’s most viewed music video, with the video clocking up nearly 41 million views on Youtube over the past three years. The video is a very simple one, with Lena singing the song with a simple spotlight and her dancing around the Unser Star für Oslo studio. What makes the video so great is that Lena is completely herself in the video and that she didn’t need to follow the whole concept that Eurovision brings; thousands of dancers, a large dance routine or any of that. Maybe one of the reasons why everybody loves the song is because of the video; I know I do! It’s a decent, radio-friendly song with a simple video that captures our attention. Need I say more about it?

4 – Paula Seiling & Ovi – “Playing With Fire” (Romania 2010)

The music video for ‘Playing With Fire’ has the best animated graphics of any Eurovision video. In the video, we get to see Paula and Ovi really having the fight they talk about in the lyrics to ‘Playing With Fire’.. kind of. The fight is basically a virtual one where they’re trying to kill each other in RPGs (Role Playing Games) and in the end they become two dancers who dance around a town with some futuristic robots. The video is one of the best of recent times (of course it’s not our #1, but it’s the best from 2010) and the fact that it was released a mere month before the Contest in Norway gave them a little bit of an advantage, as it would make them more memorable. Well done guys!

3 – Loreen – “Euphoria” (Sweden 2012)

The obvious winner of Eurovision in Azerjibban Azerbaijan, the music video for ‘Euphoria’ was released two months after her triumph in Baku. In the video, Loreen is in control of nature somehow and she uses the elements to her advantage as she can start and stop a thunderstorm (after a few seconds of awkwardness, as the storm had not ended by the time she had her hands in the air) and make it snow, even though it’s not cold at all or anything.. nobody let her near a weather report please! The video gained immediate attention in the Eurovision world and this year, it was partly imitated by our own Emmelie de Forest in the video for “Only Teardrops” as of the 30th of November 2013, the video had accumulated nearly 17.8 million views on Youtube. I bet Loreen’s very EUPHOOOOOORIC about that!

2 – Zlata Ognevich – “Gravity” (Ukraine 2013)

Only just missing out on our #1 spot, the Queen that is Zlata Ognevich has the best music video of the Contest this year. Even if the video was made avec greenscreen, Zlata still looks like a queen in the video! Although, I’m intrigued to know how that magical island manages to float in the sky.. is it lighter than the bubble that surrounds it? Anyway, Zlata is adoring every sort of animal that one can name – butterflies, dragonflies, birds and even a unicorn! And when she’s floating that bubble with the diamonds, I would be grabbing them all and selling them, not adoring them! In all seriousness though, the video is amazing graphically and to tell you, she looks cute all the time in that video; at around 1:23, she pulls a pose that reminds me of a swan.. maybe she IS a swan? Just don’t let Björk get her hands on her, or this will happen!

So, after three days, we’ve gone through 29 of the best Eurovision music videos, and now the time has come to reveal the top video. And the #1 is….

1 – Lena – “Taken By A Stranger” (Germany 2011)

Lena?! Being featured twice in one countdown?! This is, so far, only the second time she’s been mentioned twice in one article (well, in our article about Germany, she featured quite heavily) and well, there’s a reason why ‘Taken By A Stranger’ is our number 1. First of all, how sexy is Lena in the video?! It’s like what an interviewer said to Lena when she was having a press conference in Düsseldorf: “From a peppy new-girl-on-block to mysterious, something more of an enigma.” Next, the dancing sperm dancers. Like the ‘Shady Lady’ dance routine, I know this routine off by heart too and when there are multiple dancers, you just wanna jump in and do it, like a flashmob! Then, we come to the girl herself. Lena sings the song with such a dark atmosphere and when she’s sat with the dog on her lap, that makes her look like she’s the titular “stranger”. As well as that, the trick photography used in the video such as the false reflections like at the beginning of the first chorus are also what makes the video so amazing! All these factors added up give us “Taken By A Stranger” and now, it’s the number 1 music video in ESC Views’ Top 30! So what do you think of our top then?

Your views:

What’s your favourite music video?

With our countdown completed, what did you think of the countdown?
With our countdown completed, what did you think of the top?

Greta Nürmburg from Germany: I love the video for “Glorious”, I think it’s the best music video ever! I also like “Satellite” too.

Jón Haukrsson from Iceland: “L’enfer et moi” has a great music video! I also love Anggun’s video “Echo(You and I)”, for a few reasons too 😉

Matthew Hilton from the United Kingdom: Songs like “Zjarr e ftothë” have good music videos! I also like the video for Hanna in 2007, her song was rocking!

So, like the other people mentioned in the countdown, everyone has their favourite music video. But what’s yours? And what do you think of our top 10? Who would you have added or taken away from the countdown? Be sure to tell us what you think by commenting below and enjoy the Junior Eurovision tonight!!

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