Possible Artists: Armenia

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Possible Artists article and today, we’ll dive back in the series with the artists we’d love to see represent the land of Sirusho – Armenia! In recent years, Armenia hasn’t been faring as well as it used to when it was a newbie to the competition, so who do we think would bring them back into the top 10? Keep reading to find out!

Could Lilit Hovhannisyan bring Eurovision to Armenia if she was picked?
Could Lilit Hovhannisyan bring Eurovision to Armenia if she was picked?

Along with Moldova and neighbour Georgia, Armenia’s music scene is pretty obscure, but luckily we’ve managed to fish out the perfect candidates for the job of representing the country and the first is Lilit Hovhannisyan. An alumnus of the Armenian version of Pop Idol, she was thrown into the spotlight in 2006, but didn’t release any new material for five years when her début album was finally released in 2011. The following year, she released the dance-ish track ‘Too Too Too’, which has so far managed to accumulate over two and a half million views (2,500,000) on Youtube and you can’t blame them! The song is great!

‘Too Too Too’s music video was released in April of 2012, which means the song wouldn’t have been able to go to the Eurovision in Baku – probably best, because Armenia weren’t participating in Azerbaijan 2012, for all the obvious reasons. If it was to have gone to Eurovision, however, I can see it doing pretty well, definitely getting into the final. Obviously, because it’s in Armenian, we have no idea what she’s singing about, but it’s still a great song – let’s just pretend it’s like Sanomi and O Julissi. Anyway, this year, or more precisely – in June, she released this song, ‘Gnchu’, which is proving to be one of her biggest songs of her career!

Who knew that Armenian could sound so good in a song?! This track, along with the video, is very gypsy-like and it shows that Lilit can still incorporate those traditional sounds into her songs. Sadly, because the video was released in June, it would be illegible to go to Copenhagen next year, should Armenia decide to send Lilit, but to me, it would be the best thing to do, as she’s acquired quite the fan base in Eastern European countries such as Greece and Albania, so that would guarantee some points if she was picked.

Of course, a Possible Artists article wouldn’t be complete without our second recommendation and in the case of Armenia, this job will fall on Sofi Mkheyan and her song “Hayastani Erge” – “Armenian Song” in English. The song, released in 2012, is very much an ode to Armenia and the video definitely shows that, with all the shots of the army and the Armenian flag.. you get the idea.

For once, this song could have been eligible to represent Armenia in Malmö this year, so this would be an interesting choice had they decided to send Sofi and her patriotic song. If it came to Eurovision, however, I don’t think it would have done that well; being placed in a relatively strong final, where drums are particularly featured, it would probably get forgotten, sadly. But hopefully, if Sofi is picked for 2014, she’ll offer another fantabulous song like “Hayastani Erge”. That key change in that song is just simply fabulous. Can someone get AMPTV on the phone?!

As well as these artists, we’d also recommend the fantastic:

Erik Karapetyan – “Yerani Imanam”
Hasmik Karapetyan & DerHova – “Anhnare”
Luara – “Story”
Lilu – “Gna Gna”

Your views:

So what would you think if any of our recommendations were selected to represent Armenia?

What do you think of our suggestions?
What do you think of our suggestions?

Erdi Tejeci from Kosovo: Lilit Hovhannisyan will be great!!

Nick van Lith from the Netherlands: She’d [Lilit would] also be my pick for Armenia. But give her a ballad please, something like Requiem.

Angelos Noutsos from Sweden: I love Lilit! Something like “Requiem” or “Yes yem horinel” would be awesome for her!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: Lilit.. Armenia, please send Lilit Hovhannisyan! She is a fantastic singer and “Gnchu” is the perfect song to go to Eurovision. I’m begging Armenia to send her, she’s PERFECT!!

Well it seems that Lilit has got all the support from the fans to represent Armenia, but they seem to say a ballad such as “Requiem” could be the best choice for her. For me, personally, that would be a great decision but as well as her, I’d personally send Monica Avanesyan, once she’s turned 16 – and when she goes, something more mature than “Das Chem Anelu” or her Junior Eurovision effort, but she’d still be a great choice too.. or is that just me? Anyway, what do you think? Who would you like to see for Armenia? Feel free to let us know by commenting below!

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