It’s Aram Mp3 for Armenia!

A mere three days after we found out who’ll be representing Albania at Eurovision next year, we’ve just found out who will be representing Armenia in Copenhagen in five months time. Armenia will be represented by Aram Mp3, a twenty-nine year old singer and comedian who was revealed to be the Armenian representative during a TV show to celebrate the New Year, so what do we think about the choice? Well keep reading to find out!

Aram Mp3 will be flying the flag for Armenia!
Aram Mp3 will be flying the flag for Armenia!

Armenia’s national broadcaster, AMPTV, decided to select their artist internally, a process they’ve done for the past few years, and reveal the artist in a show they were dedicating to ring in the new year in the country. With a surprise appearance from Sirusho confirmed quite close to the time, speculation was rife that it was her who would be re-representing Armenia in Denmark, but just now it’s been revealed that Aram Sargsyan would be singing on behalf of the country in Copenhagen! Aram is both a singer and comedian, whose stage name is Aram Mp3. He’s only come into the spotlight recently, as he’s only released two singles; this song, ‘Shine’, being one of them, which was released in June.

His rather Michele Perniola-esque singing accent aside, ‘Shine’ is a good introduction to Aram’s music, as it’s very much a club track, but not “in your face” club music that’s normally in said clubs. The beat is quite entrancing and rhythmic and you’re caught up in the song straight away. It’s definitely something we haven’t heard in a long time, that’s for sure! The song would probably do well in Copenhagen if the autotune was taken off, but I guess it depends on his vocals live on the night. The following month, July of this/last year, he released this song:

‘If I Tried’ is probably the better song in Aram’s repertoire, as it’s a modern pop/rock song that’s sung in English (If you read our Possible Artists article on Armenia, you’d know that most of the artists we recommended sang in Armenian, ditching English altogether) that is many times better than what Dorians sent to Malmö back in May. Were the song possible to go to Eurovision on behalf of Armenia, I would say it would go down pretty positively, as it’s different to the schlager-style song that gets sent to Eurovision. The fact that he is singing in English also helps him branch out to a wider audience, so it’s definitely the right choice to sing in English.

So in our Possible Artists article, we recommended that Lilit Hovhannisyan and Sofi Mkheyan should go to Eurovision for Armenia, but sadly, none of our wishes were honoured, but hopefully Aram will get Armenia back into the top 10 in Denmark. We won’t know his Eurovision song until February, but in the meantime we can wonder what he’ll bring to the table. Who knows, maybe he’ll win for Armenia and we’ll all be going to Yerevan in 2015! It’s anyone’s guess, but until we find that, all we can say is Հաջողությու՛ն Արամ, or Good luck Aram! What do the fans think though?

Your views:

What do you think about Aram Mp3 representing Armenia?

Have Armenia made the right decision?
Have Armenia made the right decision?

Haris Karas from Greece: I approve!

Gokce Incekara from Azerbaijan: He sounds promising…Good Luck neighbour!

Ani Akyol from the United Kingdom:  It seems Armenia wants to win ESC finally. I hope he won’t disappoint us.

Ewa Pukszto from Poland: Interesting choice, I must say I didn’t expect it. Curious about the song though. Good luck!

So it seems the fans approve of Aram representing Armenia and they’re looking forward to February, when the song will be revealed to the public. Let’s hope it lives up to people’s expectations! But what do you think of the choice? Should someone else have gone for Armenia or is this the best artist they could get? Feel free to tell us what you think below and have a fantastic New Year from both James and I here at ESC Views and hopefully, 2014 will be an awesome year for Eurovision!

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