Would it work…if Lorde went to Eurovision?

Right, so I know the chances of this happening are like so slim, you could compare it to the chances of Cyprus giving Greece no points, but because of the reasons below, it’s very possible that Lorde could represent either Croatia or Ireland at Eurovision in the future. But if either country asked her to represent them, how well would they do?

Would Ireland or Croatia win if Lorde represented them at Eurovision?
Would Ireland or Croatia win if Lorde represented them at Eurovision?

So, Croatia and Ireland have started to slip in their placings recently: Ireland managing to finish on the right hand side of the scoreboard (with the exception of 2011) and also managing to come in last place last year. Croatia? Well we haven’t seen them in the final since 2009 and this year, they’ll be missing Eurovision in Copenhagen because they’ve decided to withdraw.*cry*. So it seems that Ireland and Croatia may need a saviour to rescue them from abandoning Eurovision altogether, like how Anouk proved to be the Netherlands’ saviour and managed to get over 3 million Dutch people to watch the final. Well, ladies and gentlemen, behold the answer: Lorde.

Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, is, as the name suggests, of Croatian and Irish descent. However, she is a New Zealander, so she’s not exactly a European citizen. Her debut single ‘Royals’ – which you’ll have had to have heard by now – went to number one…well, everywhere. Of course, because of ‘Royals’ fame, Lorde was shot into the limelight and the 17-year-old has been one of the world’s biggest stars ever since. Because the song wasn’t released properly until late December of 2012, ‘Royals’ would be eligible for Eurovision if she ever considered doing Eurovision, but she was only known in New Zealand by that point, so it would be useless – *sob again*. Maybe a better choice of song would be her follow-up song to ‘Royals’; ‘Tennis Court’.

‘Tennis Court’ was released in June of last year, so once again *sob*, but it was used in the coverage of Wimbledon (how very fitting!) and even though it has no mention of tennis other than the court, the song would be very non-conventional for Eurovision. I suppose that Eurovision is quite influenced by the modern pop industry and with a song like ‘Tennis Court’, it would probably be passed off as a song that doesn’t go anywhere.. like ‘Tsvetok‘. But maybe because she’s famous, she’d do well? Who knows.

So now to the actual question, would it work if she went to Eurovision, for either Ireland or Croatia? Well, there are different rules for each country on the topic of having a singer from another country represent them. For example, Madonna could technically represent Albania, but she wouldn’t be able to, because to be able to take part in FiK, you need to be an Albanian citizen. When it comes to Croatia, I can see this rule being enforced and so, that may rule Ella/Lorde out from representing Croatia. However, with Ireland, there is a possibility that RTÉ could accept Lorde to take her onto Eurosong. If that were to happen and Lorde wins the NF, I can see her doing extremely well, as her live performances always fail to disappoint, such as this performance of her song ‘Ribs‘. If she was to qualify, I’d say she’d be in the top 10 with a song like ‘Royals’ or ‘Tennis Court’, although that’s just my opinion..what’s yours?

Your views:

Do you think it’d work if Lorde went to Eurovision?

Do you think Lorde would do well if she represented Ireland or Croatia?
Do you think Lorde would do well if she represented Ireland or Croatia?

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I really love Lorde and if she did go to Eurovision, I think I’d die of EUPHOOOORIA!

Julie Ann Stenled from Europe: She is awesome but has an awful attitude, sadly.

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: Please Lorde, go to Eurovision! You are what this Contest needs!

Frederick Ulriksson from Sweden: She’d be interesting for Eurovision.. like the convential Uli Rud. I think she should go!

So it seems that most of the fans would love to see Lorde go to Eurovision, but some people like Julie Ann think she needs to change her attitude first. But what do you think? Would Ireland or Croatia win if they had Lorde representing them or would they just flop? Feel free to let us know by commenting below!

Oh, and if Lorde reads this, you’re really cool 😉

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