Friday News: 31st January 2014

So another week has passed in the Eurovision world, but what has exactly happened in the past week? Well luckily, we’re here to help you guys find out how to cram an entire week’s happenings into one short article! So what’s happened, keep reading to find out!

So what's happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?
So what’s happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?

As we’ll be doing for the foreseeable future, this little series – as the name suggests – will compress one week of Eurovision happenings into one article a week. Of course, if a country picks a singer and/or a song, they’ve got to be released as quickly as possible, but for the less major stories, this is where they end up and in the end, you get to catch up on a whole week of Eurovision if you’ve missed anything. And as always, be sure to check our *amayzin* friends on websites such as EUROVISIONJACK3, escXtra, ESCDaily and so many more for absolute breaking news. We’re here for the highlights!

Right, let’s get to it then!

1: “La Mia Città” is the confirmed song for Italy

We’ve already discussed our views on ‘La Mia Città’ on the announcement article James published, but as the rumour was officially confirmed on Saturday, it fell into this current week, so – sorry! Well, it’s definitely a song that will be in the final, but maybe it’ll do well, I have no clue…good luck to Emma anyway!

2: Moldova’s 40 songs released

TRM, Moldova’s national broadcaster, released the 40 shortlisted songs on Tuesday, which you can have a listen to right here. Of course, not all of the songs will make the cut, with only 24 of the entries making the televised NF on the 15th of March. This will happen tomorrow, when the artists will do a “live audition”, where a jury will fish out the best 24 from the group. For some reason, a good few of the artists have submitted two songs to the final and from the amount of Facebook ‘likes’, some have received, it looks like we have a few favourites already; ‘Dragostea divină’ being one of the biggest. I like ‘Your Recovery’ and ‘Hallelujah’, but whether they go through to the main show, that’s for others to decide.

Oh, and the English accents need a lot more work!! And ‘My Lesbian Girl’? Go on, let’s send it. I’d be so excited to see what Putin would think..WE DON’T WANNA PUT IN!

3: France – Full songs released

As James reported on the previous Friday News article, France released little extracts of the three songs that will be in “Les Chansons d’Abord” and in the special presentation show held on Sunday, we finally got to hear the entire versions of the songs in the NF,. You can see their performances here and now that we finally heard the songs, here’s what I think:

Destan: Not a huge fan of it, sorry. It’s the stereotypical pop ballad and even though the song’s in two languages, plus the blonde guy is pretty cute, it just doesn’t work for me.

Joanna: I was expecting better. She has an incredible vocal range, that isn’t getting its worth. If she was to go to Eurovision, which I can see happening, she’d need to have a fantastic background and camera work to make sure the viewers don’t fall asleep… and dayum girl, what the fuck is wrong with your hair?! You look like Marie N’diaye!

Twin Twin: Undoubtedly my favourite of the lot. I know. What is wrong with me. Maybe it’s because it’s the only uptempo song in the whole thing, but it’s so addictive! I think this should actually go to would definitely split opinions, but still, it’s catchy! And is it just me or does the lead singer look like Ted Mosby off of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ avec Mohawk?!

4: DMPG line-up revealed

The host nation has apparently revealed the line-up for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Some familiar faces are making appearances amongst the competitors, such as Bryan Rice and Danni Elmo who both had a go at representing Denmark. Here’s the list of artists taking part in the final on the 8th of March.

  • Sonny – Feeling The You
  • Anna David – It Hurts
  • Basim Cliche – Love Song
  • Rebekah Thornbech – Your Lies
  • GlamboyP – Right By Your Side
  • Bryan Rice – I Choose You
  • Nadia Malm – Before You Forget Me 
  • Michael Rune feat Natascha Bessez – Wanna be Loved
  •  Danni Elmo – She’s The One
  •  Emilie Moldow – We find home

Looking at the line-up, it looks like we’ll have another Emmelie – an artist that no-ones heard of, but may do incredibly well if the song is really good. But until the songs are released, we have no idea what they’re gonna sound like..although Sonny and Emilie might need to work on their English grammar!


5: Melodi Grand Prix artists and songs unveiled

So, we’re not on about Danish Melodi Grand Prix, this is Norway’s NF we’re talking about! Here you can hear little snippets of the songs before a little introduction of the artist by the artist themselves. Judging from what we can hear in the snippets, we’re to expect a really interesting selection, with many of the songs being really, really good. I’m especially looking forward to Mo, as he is probably one of the most remarkable singers, as The Guardian even mentioned! Plus his song is actually good too.. Good luck to the competitors all the same!

6: Icelandic artists and songs unveiled

Obviously because Björk isn’t part of the line-up, I’m not really euphoric *see what I did there?*, but from the songs that are there, which you can have a listen to here, I think that Söngvakeppnin 2014 will be a very good contest! Plus the fact that Vignir Snær from Sjónni’s Friends, who represented Iceland back in 2011 (Vignir is the guy who got a big kiss from Matthias Matthiasson on stage), shows that artists can’t get enough of Eurovision! Definitely looking forward to it!

7: A Friend In London are no more!

On Wednesday, we all heard the sad news that A Friend in London (DK 2011) have decided to call it day and split up. In a statement, the group said:

To all press, FRIENDS and supporters all over the world. After 10 years of amazing experiences and huge memories, A FRIEND IN LONDON has come to an end. We have gone through so many changes the past few years..

Now, whether this means there were tensions in the groups or they just decided to call it a day because they felt it was right, we don’t know, but all we know is that AFIL are going their separate ways. So we’ll leave you with a very flattering image of Tim Schou and the performance of ‘New Tomorrow’ in Düsseldorf. Have a fantastic Friday people!

Is there a story we missed that happened this week? Be sure to let us know if we have by commenting below!

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