NF Review: Switzerland’s Hunting Stars

So, Super Saturday has concluded and now we know who’s going to represent Finland and Switzerland at Eurovision! As James covered the Finnish NF, I was covering Die Große Entscheidungsshow and right now, we know that SEBalter is going to fly the Swiss flag in Copenhagen! So what did I think of the show and indeed the song and how it’ll do in Denmark? Keep reading to find out!

It's SEBalter for he worth it?
It’s SEBalter for Switzerland.. but is he worth it?

With Switzerland having a string of non-qualification since 2012, Switzerland had to pick something that would stand out from the crowd and, like it always does, SRF – one of Switzerland’s three broadcasters – turned to the people to send in their personal efforts (which one of our good friends did, sending this song – ‘Shadow‘ – to have a go, but sadly he didn’t make it to the next stage) and the other two; RSI and RTS decided to select their artists internally. After all the songs were given the ‘Expert Check’ seal of approval, they went to the main show, where SEBalter emerged victorious with ‘Hunter of Stars’, a song we both didn’t mind – as you can see in our preview article. Here is his performance at DGES:

The song:

One thing is definitely sure when you’re listening to ‘Hunter of Stars’ for the first time – Switzerland definitely achieved its objective of finding something that stands out of the crowd! The song is very much like a Mumford & Sons’ song, but with a bit more ethnicity, and an utterly fabulous violin solo. When you hear the song, the first thing that springs out is SEBalter’s really strange accent and the whole whistle routine. Like seriously, that shit is addictive! Plus, his voice is so adorable; it just works!

The song was definitely one of the more favoured songs in the NF, with the audience constantly shouting “SE-BA! SE-BA!”, so it was inevitable that people would like the song. If you watched the video, you’ll see that although the performance wasn’t that great, the song actually makes up for that, because it’s ridiculously catchy and his charisma actually is really infectious, so I think that staging the song may need tweaking, but other than that, I think Switzerland has hit the nail on the head!

The show:

Die Große Entscheidungsshow was actually not held in 2013 this season (I know, SHOCK HORROR!) and it was still the same stage as every year, but this year, with different artists. As with James, I was running a commentary on Twitter over the course of the show revealing my opinion on what was being shown. If you didn’t watch the show, here’s a pretty brief summary of what happened:

  • The main competition was split into two rounds: the first round was each act performing their potential Eurovision entry – some were better than others (in other words, acts such as Yasmina Hunzinger, SEBalter and Nino had a lot more support than those like Christian Tschanz and 3 For All, which was probably the cheesiest thing ever). The second half was dedicated to cover songs, for some reason. The one thing I’d like to point out of here, was the fact that SEBalter did probably the most alternative version of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ ever. Also in the introduction postcard, the competitors were looking at previous ESC entries and then they didn’t sing any Eurovision song at all..emm, where is the logic there?
  • During the break, no ads were shown on the livestream, so while the Swiss were watching adverts for Toblerone and the Matterhorn (probably), we were treated to rather awkward scenes of the audience playing games. I swear at one point, the back row of the audience were told to make a conga line!
  • Emmelie de Forest performed yet another rendition of ‘Only Teardrops’ avec an apparent lack of enthusiasm on her face as the interval act. While she was being quite bored, we saw a remarkable return of Jakob – the flute player – and he definitely made the performance worth it. Oh and also, is it just me or did her vocal sound suspiciously like the vocals she performed in Malmö?
  • As the build-up to the results, the Swiss decided to put on a montage of the funniest moments in Eurovision history made by the spokespersons..whether it was meant as a way to lighten the tension, I don’t know, but it was nice to walk down memory lane and piss myself laughing.
  • Just to cap it all off, when SEBalter was singing his reprise at the end of the show, he almost did a Loreen (he almost choked on the confetti).

At Eurovision:

As ‘Hunter of Stars’ is in its own genre, it will definitely be one to look out for in the semi-final due to its individuality and its ability to come across as being a stand-alone song. And while I’m on the subject of the semi-finals, because Switzerland is in the 15-strong second semi-final, it means that the chances of Switzerland qualifying are greater than if he was to be in the first semi. To me, I think it would qualify and then in the final, it would maybe finish on the bottom of the left hand side or maybe the top of the right-hand side of the scoreboard. But what do you think of ‘Hunter of Stars’?

Your views:

Do you think SEBalter will win for Switzerland?
Do you think SEBalter will win for Switzerland?

Nadine Glöck from Germany: Good choice. Preferred other songs but this one is really good. 10/10 from me.

Orestis Moschonas from Greece:  For me it’s awesome!

Thomas Mayer from Germay: Yasmina would be better… A lot..

Sevastien Lelarge from France: ‘Hunter of Stars’ is a great song .. A little bit folk, charismatic guys, it’s just.. yeah, great!

So it seems that ‘Hunter of Stars’ is indeed going to split opinions in the lead up to the Contest, but from what I’ve seen, it seems that we’re for SEBalter! But what do you think? Did you think another song should have won or was SEBalter the best choice? Feel free to let us know by commenting below!

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