Friday News: 7th February 2014

Once again, another week in the Eurovision world has passed, but what exactly has happened in the past seven days? Well, this is where you’re in luck! Let’s do the usual routine on a Friday and have a Eurovision flashback over the week!

So what's happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?
So what’s happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?

As you all should know by know, every Friday, we here at ESC Views publish a weekly look back at the week’s happenings and so, there’s no need to feel out of the loop anymore! Of course, we pick the biggest Eurovision stories of the week, so if you want to visit a website with a constant news feed, feel free to click any of the relevant links. Right, let’s get down to business!

1: Moldova’s 24 songs are picked

Last week, we discussed about Moldova’s 40 songs being put forward to perform in front of a special jury and the best 24 would be picked to take part in O Melodi Pentru Europa. Well, on Sunday the names of the artists and songs that had qualified to face the Moldovan public. It’s fair to say that both James and I were very happy about the selected songs; James is a big fan of Diana Staver’s “One and All” (which was partly written by Hannah Mancini apparently!) and I’m a massive fan of Curly’s “Your Recovery“. Moldova may have a really hard choice to make this year!

2: Georgia’s artists are revealed

More about this on our announcement article, but from what we’ve been hearing, it seems that Georgia aren’t exactly the talk of the Eurovision world. Let’s hope they pull a fantastic song out of the bag and blow us all away! Can that happen? We’ll have to see..

3: Eurovision 2014 has some hosts!

On Tuesday, we found out which three people will host the whole show in May. The people are Lise Rønne, Pilou Asbæk and Nikolaj Koppel! Nikolaj and Lise are popular television hosts in Denmark, while Pilou starred in one of Denmark’s biggest soaps. Lise is also no stranger to Eurovision, hosting Dansk Melodi Grand Prix last year and presenting the Danish votes in 2011 (possibly giving the world the funniest mishearing ever!). Let’s hope no unexpected innuendos – or “Ulrikas” – occur live on stage in Copenhagen!

4: EBU tighten the voting rules

After the official investigations concluded into voting irregularities in last year’s Contest, it was announced by the EBU that if a country is caught trying to fix the voting, the broadcaster will be banned from entering on the country’s behalf for up to three years. This comes after the situation involving Azerjibani Azerbaijani representatives bribing students in Lithuania into voting for Farid in the 2013 Contest in Malmö. Here, we’re really happy about the news and hopefully, this year’s Contest won’t be a fix in any way!

5: Ireland’s songs are revealed

RTÉ officially revealed the artist who are vying to represent Ireland in Copenhagen earlier this week and yesterday, the songs were broadcast on RTÉ 2fm (for any Irish Eurovision fans, that’s pretty major, as they were nearly always revealed on RTÉ Radio 1, so yay for breaking traditions!). Definitely from what I hear, I think it’s going to be a tough year for the Irish public (including me!), but this year I think we’re going to have an even tougher year! I’m definitely loving “Heartbeat”, so I think it’ll do well, but X Factor heartthrob (apparently) Eoghan Quigg will probably do pretty well too. But we’ll get to that when we come to the NF preview.

6: Spain’s songs are revealed..finally!

After a lot of hype of the choices RTVE made for the Spanish NF, we finally found out the songs that will compete to represent Spain in Eurovision! My god, this year Spain might actually have a chance to do well and maybe be in the top 10, like how Pastora Soler managed to do in 2012. Plus, if Ruth Lorenzo (the main talk of Spain in the Eurovision world at least) or Brequette (the underdog of the NF in my eyes) win the ticket to Eurovision, Spain will actually have a song with a good deal of English in it – they obviously must have seen our article about singing in English! Good luck to the Spanish trying to pick their favourite!

7: Ryan Dolan’s out – hooray!

On Wednesday, we finally heard the long-awaited news that Ryan Dolan is on team LGBT, and I think that deserves a universal round of applause! It was very obvious to many Eurovision fans (including James and I) that Ryan was gay, especially in his little interview with Moje 3 [skip to around 1:01 in the video], but now he’s out and proud, we can all enjoy his performance with no suspicions whatsoever..he must have enjoyed performing on stage with those drummers of his! Let’s all celebrate his coming out by watching his performance in Malmö:

And that is where we leave it for this week! Be sure to tune into ESC Views over the course of the weekend, as we’ll be posting an NF review for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend guys!

Is there anything we might have missed? If so, be sure to comment below, and we’ll be sure to put it in afterwards! Enjoy the weekend!

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