Friday News: 14th February 2014

It’s been another week in the Eurovision world, but what has happened over the past seven days? Well, as always, we here at ESC Views are here to summarise the entire week into one article, just to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything! So let’s have a look at what’s gone on in the past week in this little Eurovision bubble.

So what's happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?
So what’s happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?

As dedicated readers of the blog, you all should know that here, we at ESC Views like to gather a week’s worth of stories and cram it all into one article! Obviously a lot happens in a week and we can sometimes miss a story, so if we missed something, do tell us! Also, we do wait until Friday to publish this series so if you wish to read some Eurovision websites that publish news as it happens, feel free to click any of these links! Right, let’s have a look at the week’s happenings:

1: Greece reveals its hopefuls

On Tuesday, Greece revealed the four acts that are going to take part in the NF for Copenhagen. The lucky hopefuls are:

  • Freaky Fortune
  • Josephine
  • Crystallia
  • Kostas Martakis

The songs that the acts will compete in the NF with are due to be release by the end of the month, with the actual competition taking place sometime in early March. Good luck to them!

2: Spanish NF date announced

We learned on Monday that the Spanish NF will take place in Barcelona (way to shake things up Spain!) on the 22nd of February. As well as that, it was disclosed that a special jury would also be helping decide who would win the Spanish ticket to Copenhagen. These jurors are Monica Naranjo, David Bustamente and Merche. So it seems that the 22nd of February will be Super Saturday #3, as Spain, Latvia and Hungary will decide who will go to Eurovision, while Tijana’s song “Pobeda” will also be released that day – stay tuned to ESC Views on that day so!

3: “Cheesecake” gets some work done

As we ALL expected, TEO from Belarus has had to change the lyrics for ‘Cheesecake’. The “Google Maps” reference has violated the infamous Eurovision rule 1.2.2.g, which forbids songs from promoting businesses – déja vu, anyone? The lyrics have been changed from “I look over Google Maps trying to escape” to “I look over all the maps trying to escape”. To be honest, I don’t really see a difference, but I can definitely say that people will be screaming the original lyrics at Euroclub. Prove me wrong!

4: Portugal’s participants revealed

Thanks to Jack and his blog, which you can click to go to here, Portugal revealed the participants that will battle it out at Festival de Canção. From looking at the artists that have been revealed, I can tell it’s going to be a really hard national final, so to the Portuguese public, I say good luck! Wow, everyone is kicking it up a gear this year!

5: Eurovision 2014 – the year of the marriages

Well, this is interesting…it seems that Denmark really connected with our babe Krista’s message of both equality and impatience by kissing one of her backing dancers and wearing a wedding screaming at her boyfriend to marry her. Copenhagen City (yes, the actual entire city)  has offered tourists, Eurovision fans and even ordinary Danish couples the chance to get married on the 7th, 9th or 10th of May. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, you can get married during Eurovision with the city of Copenhagen playing the role of the witness – it’s well cute! Is it just me though or is it like the whole Grammy performance? Either way, we’d love to offer our hopes to the couples – you’re roped into Eurovision forever now!

6: Turkey’s returning to Eurovision… sort of

Today, Eurovision fans were shocked at the news that Turkey will most likely return to Eurovision in 2015, thanks to a report from CADDE. This is a change to the opinion last year, when Eurovision’s biggest competitor – Türkvizyon – was established in retaliation to Eurovision’s Big 5 and jury/televoting system – the reason why Turkey withdrew in the first place. Well I guess it means we have one confirmed country for 2015 already…is it a little too early to publish an article? Let’s have a look at Can Bonomo, Turkey’s latest Eurovision entrant, and thankfully not the last!

And that is where we leave it for this week! If we’ve missed anything, be sure to tell us and we’ll add it in ASAP! Have a fantastic weekend guys and stay tuned for our NF Review of Iceland tomorrow!


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