Friday News: 21st February 2014

This week’s Friday News is being brought to you a little earlier than normal weeks, but seeming as both James and I have been on mid-term break, I figure it’s a good thing that we’re bringing the news to you, the fans, a bit earlier than the normal. Anyway, another week has gone by in this little Eurovision world of ours, but what has happened in these past seven days? Well scroll down to find out!

So what's happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?
So what’s happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?

As dedicated readers of the blog, you all should know that here, we at ESC Views like to gather a week’s worth of stories and cram it all into one article! Obviously a lot happens in a week and we can sometimes miss a story, so if we missed something, do tell us! Also, we do wait until Friday to publish this series so if you wish to read some Eurovision websites that publish news as it happens, feel free to click any of these links! So shall we see what happened this week? I think we shall…

1: Denmark’s songs are revealed..well a little bit anyway

Danish broadcaster DR held a press conference on Monday with the DMGP artists and there, we got to hear 30 second snippets of each of the competing songs. You can have a listen to them here thanks to DMGP’s official Youtube channel. For me, there are a couple of stand-out songs and if things go to plan, I have a feeling that an underdog will take it (I’ll leave it that, as I won’t have much to write about Denmark come the National Final preview otherwise!!). Good luck Denmark!

2: Romania shows us the finalists

The amount of videos that have surfaced in Eurovision groups with the tagline “This is a possible song for Romania” shows that not only have Romania managed to pick twelve songs out of 159 possible choices, they’ve also grabbed a good chunk of the fans’ attention. Here are the lucky twelve finalists of the selection:

  • Ştefan Stan feat. Teddy K – Breathe
  • Naomy – Daca tu iubeşti
  • Bere Gratis – Despre mine şi ea
  • Silvia Dumitrescu – Fiorul iubirii
  • Marcel Crăciunescu – Hardjock
  • Anca Florescu – Hearts Collide
  • Vizi Imre – Kind of Girl
  • Renée Santana & Mike Diamondz – Letting Go
  • Paula Seiling & Ovi – Miracle
  • Mirela Vaida Boureanu – One More Time
  • The dAdA – Unpredictable
  • The Zuralia Orchestra – You Know

It’s also fair to say that Paula and Ovi have had a huge portion of the fans’ adoring love, mostly because of the fact that “Miracle” is getting fanwanked even before it’s possibly picked. Whether it will be sent to Eurovision, we’ll have to wait until March 1st, so stay tuned to ESC Views to find out what we think of the artists!

3: The endless rumour of Paloma Faith

This week has been dominated with the rumour that Paloma Faith will represent the UK in Copenhagen. The whole thing started when Paloma and the official BBC Eurovision account followed each other on Twitter. Since then, the whole UK part of the Eurovision fanbase has been thrown into turmoil. Paloma was quick to dismiss the rumour that she was going to Eurovision, tweeting:

Now if she isn’t a liar, this basically rules her out of doing Eurovision, but she could be deceiving us all. My bet is that she isn’t doing Eurovision, but I shall have to wait to be proven wrong. Will the UK please just reveal the artist and just let us get on with the road to Copenhagen? Thank you.

4: Spain releases final versions of the songs

On Monday, Spain officially revealed the remastered versions of the five songs that will compete in the Spanish NF tomorrow evening. You can have a listen to them here. To be honest, they all sound really good, but will they be able to hold their vocals tomorrow night? We’ll have to see. But in the meantime, good luck to the artists in Spain!

5: Donatan and Cleo to represent Poland?

It seems that Poland have been talking with an artist in regard to them representing Poland in Denmark – or should we say artists. According to Donatan, who posted a photo to his Facebook page (like if you wish) on Wednesday, saying that they were invited to a “mysterious meeting” held by TVP, where they were shown a huge amount of e-mails and letters begging them to represent Poland at Eurovision. Now, if that happens, I have a feeling some people won’t be too happy, as the song they would most likely sing would be ‘Slavic Girls’ – a song that’s not exactly well received by a good few Eurovision fans (we all saw it when this all started). Have a listen to the song and tell us what you think below.

And that is where we leave it for this week! If we’ve missed any stories, feel free to tell us and we’ll add them as soon as. In the meantime, have a fantabulous weekend guys and get ready for Super Saturday – #2 tomorrow!

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