NF Review (of sorts): Tijana’s song finally presented!

Tonight, more than six months after we learnt that Tijana Dapcevic would fly the Macedonian flag in Copenhagen, she finally revealed her competing song to the world… and my god, it’s brilliant. Read on to find out the details about the show, and to hear this year’s Macedonian entry for yourself!

Tijana's song was presented to us all tonight... thoughts?
Tijana’s song was presented to us all tonight… thoughts?

I’ll be honest, I’m still not entirely sure how to spell the Macedonian title (I *think* it’s “Tamu Kaj Shto Pripagjam” but I am probably slightly off), and I don’t even know which language will be performed in Denmark (probably the English one…), but none of that really matters because THE SONG IS ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY AMAZING, PEOPLE.

Have a listen to the English version “To The Sky”, which Tijana has uploaded to YouTube as the official version here:

The song:

Well. Ever since MKRTV announced that Tijana was their singer, I was quietly confident that she would come up with something I would absolutely love. A Balkan nation sending a massive domestic female star, tick. And it just got better, as we were drip-fed information that the song would be uptempo, and that Elena Risteska would be involved in its composition. I was hoping and praying that it would be as brilliant as I anticipated.

And then, tonight, in a special edition of the music show “Hit Na Mesecot”, we got “Tamu Kaj Shto Pripagjam”, and it was everything I was hoping for and more. Her trademark alto vocals are on point, and she has a melody she can really play with, showcasing both extremes of her range in all their glory. The backing is energetic, and it’s got enough guitary bits to distance it from the more generic dance sound that is a staple of most turbofolk music. The key here though is that PHENOMENAL synth riff after each chorus… I mean, wow. That melody just works with the chorus so well, and it gets stuck in your head as soon as you hear it, and THAT is what you’ll be humming long after the performance has finished.

As for how this song stands up as a Macedonian Eurovision entry, I would describe it as EXACTLY what the country needs in the contest. Last year’s contribution from Esma & Lozano was one of my personal favourites, but as we discussed, there was plenty wrong with it. In contrast, “To The Sky” this year has everything it takes to not only reach the final but potentially match or even exceed the fantastic results of Elena Risteska and Kaliopi, both of whom just missed the top ten in their respective contests. It’s uptempo – something which the contest seems to be slightly lacking so far – it’s catchy, it’s modern and it’s relevant.

I don’t see this as a potential winner in Copenhagen, but it’s certainly shot straight to the top of my personal ranking so far! TEAM TIIJANA! ❤

The show:

As Tijana’s song was presented as part of a pre-existing television show – as opposed to a designated selection show – there isn’t really much show analysis we can realistically do, as we’re not exactly here to pass judgement on Macedonian evening television are we!

That being said, the whole show did have the air of being something of a Eurovision special (perhaps it was, I don’t speak Macedonian well enough to understand) All the live performances, for example, were past Macedonian contestants; with Tamara Todevska, Elena Risteska, Gjoko Taneski and Karolina Gocheva (who somehow looked even taller than she did back in 2007) all making appearances.

The presenters were incredibly charming, trying the odd bit in English as a nod to us folks watching along online – much appreciated MRT! They also included a little interview with Russell Davis conducted all in English, where they discussed the most important aspects of a Eurovision entry, with Macedonian subtitles provided for the locals.

If you missed our twitter commentary, and can be bothered to sift through our tweets from the three other shows, then our thoughts on the rest of the Macedonian show are readily available there!

At Eurovision:

And so we return to the perpetual question: how will this song do at Eurovision?

As I mentioned above, this song really does have everything going for it as it currently stands, but we need to remember… it’s coming from Macedonia. And with the best will in the world, that might be more of a hindrance than a help in 2014. The only stumbling block I can see is the lack of potential voting allies. With Tijana’s fame across the entire Balkan region, in a normal ESC year, that would pretty much guarantee her a good 40 points or so before she even opened her mouth. Unfortunately, with the amount of Balkan withdrawals in 2014, that’s not going to happen for her, so the strength of the song becomes yet more important to the bid.

I personally would LOVE to see Macedonia finally break into the Eurovision top ten, as they’ve sent so many amazing songs in the past, and “To The Sky” is just as good if not better. Could this be the song to do it? I don’t know. I seriously hope so.

Your Views:

What do you think of the 2014 Ukrainian entry?
What do you think of the 2014 Macedonian entry?

Jose Mora from Mexico: Considering the horrendous selections of Malta, Iceland and Latvia this sounds like a real piece of art 6/10

Aleksandar Argilovski from Macedonia: Macedonian version is really really really really AMAZING! :3

Jethro Offemaria from the United Kingdom: Great song!!!

Mette Sternersen from Denmark: Horrible song!!!

Obviously I am biased when approaching this one, since I already love it so much, so the views of the fans here are perhaps more useful than my own in trying to ascertain the chances of “To The Sky” in Copenhagen. So far, it seems to have had a mixed response, some people clearly loving it like I do, and others being less than impressed. Only to be expected I guess, you can’t please everybody.

What do YOU think of Macedonia’s 2014 song? Feel free to let us know below!

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