NF Review: “Running” for Hungary!

Well hello there! I had decided to hold off from publishing this review until Spain’s NF was finished and now that it is, I can bring the news to you that András Kallay-Saunders will represent Hungary at Eurovision in Copenhagen with his track “Running”! So what do we make of the decision and how it will do at Eurovision? Keep reading to find out!

Kallay-Saunders will go to Eurovision..he'll probably run there.
Kallay-Saunders will go to Eurovision..he’ll probably run there.

A Dal was the show that had the most viewers until Spain cut in with their first NF in two years. Luckily, the show was almost over by the time Spain took over people’s attention. After a heated show and a lot of waiting, we finally found out who would represent Hungary at Eurovision – this is András Kállay-Saunders with “Running”:

The song:

“Running” is actually the most modern song we have at the moment, and this may work to their advantage, seeming as Eurovision is having to adapt to suit a younger audience. The beats in the song make the song incredibly catchy from the word go and when the dubstep-ish thing gets added in (I’m not sure how you would describe it), it puts the image in one’s head that the characters are indeed running.
Plus, (now I don’t know if other people feel the same way or something, but it always happens to me) the key of the song creates a very dark aura to the song and should the song be kept the same, I think Hungary are looking to do very well in Copenhagen. Very well.

The show:

A Dal was two hours and twenty minutes long and in that time, we had a LOT of banter every so often. There were no ad breaks (em, that’s a first!) and thank God we emerged from the show with a winner! Here’s a summary of what happened:

  • The show started a few minutes later than billed and when it did start, it took absolutely ages before we finally heard the first song. This is because the presenters had a seemingly endless amount of pointless chat with the jury. Eva Novodomszky rehosted the show, but it’s amazing how they managed to get her away from the bridge at which she hangs out at every May.
  • Bogi gave a fantabulous performance of ‘We All’, but I was partly distracted by a few strands of her hair that were looking like they were about to say “I’m done, I want out of this shit” and try to run away. Brush your hair, woman!!
  • Dénes Pál had a very interesting performance. While he was singing with his incredibly low voice, he was doing some very weird hand movements. Like seriously, sort yourself out man!
  • Was it just me or did Fool Moon’s song remind you of the Vocal Group Cosmos’ “I Hear Your Heart”? Still haunts me to this day..luckily, this song was wayyyyyy better.
  • When we finally got to the voting, it was revealed that Kallay-Saunders, Bogi, Fool Moon and Viktor Király (who looked like a sexier Cezar) were in the super-final. This was followed with a very ‘larger-than-life’ performance of Kedvesem, with ByeAlex singing with a fifty strong orchestra. Way to break the rule of people on stage!!

This led to the public vote where Kállay-Saunders was announced the winner. Congratulations András!

At Eurovision:

Due to the fact that ‘Running’ is a very modern song, it will instantly connect with younger viewers and will hopefully be able to pick up a few votes. However, because it’s a modern song, it might not do so well, seeming as modern songs tend to fare badly on the night (a subject in which James went into depth with). Were I to put a placing as to where it would go, I would say it would qualify for sure, and then end either on the bottom of the left-hand side of the scoreboard or the top of the right-hand side, but who knows, I challenge to be proven wrong!

Your views:

Did Hungary make the right choice?
Did Hungary make the right choice?

Ian Mack from the United Kingdom:  For me this was love at first listen. Superb choice Hungary!

Mette Stenersen from Norway: NOOOO! It’s way too depressive, and it seems like it’s two songs mashed together. Not good, Hungary, sorry!

Jose Mora from Spain:  Marvelous 9/10, much better than the boredom of ByeAlex.

Christian Schaffrath from Germany:  I am listening to it 2nd time now…. I have to admit its good! but cant rate it so far.

Well most fans are in favour of Kallay-Saunders going to Eurovision on behalf of Hungary, so good choice Hungarian public! So what do you think of ‘Running’? Should another song have won or was Kállay-Saunders the best of the lot? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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