NF Review: Spain is “Dancing In the Rain”

Well this review will probably be more controversial than Hungary’s, but ¡Mira quién va a Eurovisión! has just finished and Ruth Lorenzo will represent Spain on the 10th of May in Copenhagen with her song “Dancing in the Rain”! So what did we make of the national final and indeed the result? Well keep reading to find out!

Ruth Lorenzo will fly the Spanish flag in Denmark!
Ruth Lorenzo will be dancing in the rain in Denmark!

Spain’s national final had the most attention of this evening’s events (well, alongside Tijana’s presentation), and it’s fair to say that now that the show is over, it’s clogged up a good deal of Eurovision groups. The show lasted just under two hours and this is the outcome of the entire show: Ruth Lorenzo singing “Dancing In the Rain”.

The song:

When was the last time that Spain sent a good ballad? Oh yeah, ‘Quedaté Conmigo’.. well ‘Dancing in the Rain’ isn’t like Pastora Soler’s awesome choon (‘Más‘ had that task..), but it still is a decent ballad. It has a nice feel to it and adding to that, the fact that Ruth has decided to sing the song in both English and Spanish, shows that Spain are willing to try and give it another go after the injustice with Soraya in Moscow. Fair play to them! They must have seen our ‘Would It Work…‘ article!

The show:

¡Mira quién va a Eurovisión! lasted just under two hours and to be honest, it’s actually the first time that Spain actually had a national final that was taken quite seriously! Whilst James was covering both Dziesma and the Macedonian presentation, I was doing a running commentary on Twitter on both A Dal and the Spanish national final. If you’re too lazy to watch the show, here’s a summary of what happened:

  • The show was opened by the presenter taking Eurovision greats such as ‘Ding-a-dong’ and ‘Waterloo’ and sang them in Spanish. It was an interesting opening to the show, which was quickly followed by the artists singing 30-second snippets of their if they weren’t going to hear them again.
  • The main body of the show was run like this: Song – Jury reaction – Present. No, I’m not kidding, they were actually given presents. Let me tell you, Spain is an emotional wreck and we know this because every singer (with the exception of Raúl) balled their eyes out when they opened their presents. Yes, even Jorge cried. Even. Jorge.
  • In terms of interval shows/acts, we had a good few of them. First of all, the presented had a good natter with a girl who was supposed to be the Little Mermaid. She had no bra and only a cloth to hide her…you know…”other” area. Another way that Spain passed the time was to show a debate amongst Spanish Eurofans. Finally, we had a performance of a couple of Eurofans singing songs like ‘Satellite’ and ‘Only Teardrops’…you can tell Spain hadn’t hosted an NF in a while.
  • This is where we came to the voting. Basically, the voting patterns were the entire same, up until the very end of the voting. Brequette had the maximum possible score on behalf of the juries, so if she was to get all 36 points of the public vote, she’d be home and dry. However, Ruth was only six points behind Brequette and the difference between the top two points in the public vote was six points. Ruth was the public’s favourite, which meant she got 36 points, which therefore equaled the total score between Brequette and Ruth – 66 points. This led a draw and since Ruth had the audience’s twelve points, she was declared the winner.

Wow, so Spain had a bit of a 1991 moment so! Luckily, it was all sorted and now we know that Ruth will go to Eurovision! Congratultions!

At Eurovision:

As Spain is automatically qualified for the final, this works in her favour, ruling out a heart-wrenching failure to qualify. Since Ruth has a typical Eurovision ballad, I’m unsure whether the whole audience will remember her when it comes to her performance. However, the fact that she is singing in both Spanish and English may work in her favour, making her more memorable with both the languages and the incredible voice she possesses. If I were to judge where she’d place, I would probably say she’d be likely to finish somewhere on the top of the right-hand side of the scoreboard. Sure, it’s nothing like Pastora’s placing, but way better than ESDM!

Your views:

Did Spain make the right choice?
Did Spain make the right choice?

Mustafa Nikšic from Bosnia & Herzegovina: As usual Spain made a wrong choice and I cannot say why. Ruth just screams a lot by keep repeating “daaaaaaancing iiiiiiiin the rain…” It would be ok if there was no Brequette!

Shaun AB from Malta: I do believe Spain will do well though :’) I mean, if Run was not in the running to represent Spain, I doubt people would be this pissed off tbh.

Matteo Favini from Italy: That song will be the best result in years for Spain!

Carlos Texe from Portugal: It’s the most bad song you could choose Spain! .. the best was Brequette.

Well it seems that Ruth hasn’t got many fans when it comes to representing Spain, but seeming as she has many fans in the UK due to her participation in the X Factor a few years ago, people will remember her. But what do you think of ‘Dancing in the Rain’? Should it have won or should another song have triumphed? Feel free to let us know by commenting below!

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