Friday News: 28th February 2014

In a few short hours, we will know our fourteenth song for Copenhagen, in the form of whoever wins tonight’s Irish national final. Rory will have a NF review up once the result has been announced, but until then, why not catch up on our round up of this week’s other news in brief?

So what's happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?
So what’s happened this week in the lead up to Copenhagen?

As dedicated readers of the blog, you all should know that here, we at ESC Views like to gather a week’s worth of stories and cram it all into one article! Obviously a lot happens in a week and we can sometimes miss a story, so if we missed something, do tell us! Also, we do wait until Friday to publish this series so if you wish to read some Eurovision websites that publish news as it happens, feel free to click any of these links! So shall we see what happened this week? I think we shall…

1: Israel reveals Mei Finegold’s three prospective entries

It feels like quite a while ago now that IBA announced that Mei Finegold would be their 2014 entrant, and with the national final to choose her entry only days away now, they finally presented her three prospective entries earlier this week: namely “Same Heart”,  “Nisheret Iti” and “Be Proud”. All three are available to listen to in this handy YouTube playlist here, and she’s gone and made full-on music videos for each one, bless her. We’ll save opinions on all three until next week’s NF preview article, but suffice it to say that we’re encouraged by what we’ve heard from Mei so far!

2: Emmelie de Forest releases “Rainmaker”

It had previously been announced by DR that the interval act would feature Emmelie de Forest performing her new single with all 26 participating finalists taking part in the backing chorus. After premiering the concept live at the Maltese national final, Emmelie de Forest (who, coincidentally turns 21 today, happy birthday Em) released the single version of “Rainmaker” this Monday. Having downloaded it straight away, I’ve been playing it a lot over the last few days and it’s safe to say I’m loving it – even with the *SUBTLE* reference to this year’s motto in the second verse… well, there had to be SOME justification in making it the official anthem of this year’s contest, right?

3: We have a song title for Georgia

It will be called “Three Minutes To Earth”. Um.. yeah, nothing much else to say on that one, if I’m honest.

4: FINALLY, an end to the UK rumours?

Off the top of my head, we have had around 576,411,965,809 names mentioned in connection with the UK’s entry for Eurovision 2014, everyone from Sarah Dawn Finer to Geri Halliwell to Nina Nesbitt to Aiden Grimshaw to Trisha Penrose to Paloma Faith to Rylan Clark to Belinda Carlisle… you get the picture. It’s been bloody annoying, as I’m sure you’ll agree. However, this week, the BBC finally broke their silence and gave us a date. March 3rd. Monday. A “special show” hosted by Scott Mills on the BBC Red Button service (oh wow, THE DEDICATION) will reveal both the selected artist and the selected song. escXtra goes into further detail on the BBC’s plans here, well worth a read if you’d like some hints with actual substance behind them!

As a British national, I should be more excited about this than I actually am… in all honesty, I couldn’t care less who is singing for us right now, I just want some respite from this endless gossip. Just give us an artist and shut them all up, please?

5: German wildcard entrant chosen

Unser Song für Danemark will be the format used to select the German entry to Eurovision 2014, and although it is loosely based on the blueprint of previous years’ selection methods, this year’s contest will see the eight artists each singing two prospective entries in a bid to become Germany’s latest representative. One of these eight, the female group Elaiza, were chosen in a club concert round this week to complete the line-up, with the other seven being pre-invited, more established acts. We’ll have more on this, of course, when we preview the national final for Germany in a couple of weeks’ time!

6: Greek national final date altered once more

Having previously confirmed their intention to use a national final format to select their 2014 entry, and then going as far as to provisionally confirm a date (March 4th), NERIT this week announced that this has been pushed back a week. Thus, we will learn the identity of Greece’s winner on March 11th, with the same four participants as previously announced taking part.

And that is where we leave it for this week! If we’ve missed any stories, feel free to tell us and we’ll add them as soon as. In the meantime, hope you enjoy tonight’s Irish national final, and the other five selections set to take place this weekend. Friday News will be back as usual next week!

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