NF Review: “Heartbeat” for Ireland!

My country….thank you. Much love.

So ‘Eurosong’ – not the Belgian one, the Irish one – has just finished and I’m so pleased to announce that Can-linn and Kasey Smith will represent Ireland at Eurovision in Copenhagen with their song ‘Heartbeat’! So what did we think of the song and the show itself? Keep reading to find out!

We'll be feeling Can-linn and Kasey's heartbeats in Copenhagen.
We’ll be feeling Can-linn and Kasey’s heartbeats in Copenhagen.

Ireland, being my home country, had to find a song which would, to quote the continuity announcer, “save Ireland’s reputation at Eurovision” and my god, didn’t we find the best possible song we could have sent. Ireland will send ‘Heartbeat’, performed by Can-linn and Kasey Smith. To be honest…just, wow. Here have a look at the song being performed at Eurosong:

The song:

‘Heartbeat’ is a very uptempo song with both contemporary beats and the traditional elements of the Irish culture fused together into this utterly fabulous song. When down on paper, it looks like a complete mess and it could have ended up like ‘Narodnozabavni rock’, but it actually sounded and looked really good on the stage. Kasey is a fantastic singer (how could we possibly not like her last year?!) and with the Irish culture added into the show, it’s possibly one of the best songs we’ve sent in a long time. It’s fair to say that Ireland has immediately jumped into our top 5 – James’ #4 and my #3, which is unprecedented, because I normally never like any Irish entry (Jedward…ugh). So thank you so much Ireland. You’ve actually picked the best song and as a result, I won’t relinquish my Irish citizenship like I pledged in the preview article. Much love, Ireland. Much love.

The show:

As is every year since 2008, Eurosong (or another way to put it – an extended version of the Late Late Show) was the way that Ireland decided who would represent them in Denmark and to be honest, it was a very eventful show! For the most part, I did feel like the whole show was facepalm-worthy, but when the song was picked, I forgave RTÉ – thank god. As always, I was doing a running commentary on our Twitter page, so if you want to have a look, feel free! If not, here’s a summary of what happened over the course of the two hours:

  • The show was opened by ABBA tributes, which got the audience in the spirit, but still managed a facepalm from me. Too cheesy!
  • The panel consisted of Louis Walsh, Linda Martin, Eoghan McDermott and Maya Dunphy which, later on, would prove to be a deadly panel (I should have been on the panel myself, but they didn’t contact me in time).
  • When it came to the songs, there were a few memorable moments. Patricia Roe’s performance, for example, was very beautiful, but it included a sax solo..if it was to go, would we be seeing Epic Sax Guy #2?
  • Andrew Mann looked strangely like Zak Dingle from Emmerdale. Just putting it out there.
  • Can-linn and Kasey were amazing, and they had some very nice backing dancers…but they didn’t exactly have space to move around, did they? If they tag along to Denmark, I might JUST have a feeling they’ll have a little more space!
  • During the show, little games were played as a light-hearted way to ease tension. We had a chance to test our Eurovision knowledge with a game of MasterEurovisionMind, while we also got to play Eurovision Charades – disguised as “Mime that Tune”. It pleased the audience, but it didn’t look so good on-screen!
  • The most tense moment of the entire show was when Billy McGuinness, Laura O’Neill’s mentor attacked Louis Walsh for being involved on the panel and apparently getting Niall Horan from One Direction to tweet “Vote for Eoghan”. This led to a bit of a row between both Louis and Billy, which may have killed any chances Laura had (which didn’t, as she did get a lot of votes, good choice Ireland!). Once she had finished performing, Linda Martin was asked what she thought. Screw Laura, she went straight for Billy, which almost led to a punch-up between the two… is it just me or should those two have their own sitcom?

We later had interval acts such as Johnny Logan and Paul & Charlie performing their respective Eurovision winners, with Johnny even singing ‘Why Me’. The we got to the voting. There were five juries around the country, who gave their points out and after this was done, Can-linn/Kasey was in the lead by two points with Eoghan on their tail. It then came to the public jury and after a technical glitch that apparently saw Eoghan and Kasey tie for first place with 99 points, Kasey and Can-linn we declared the winner outright. Congratulations guys!!

At Eurovision:

‘Heartbeat’ is the sing that was destined for Eurovision. It has the pop, it has the traditional elements, it has the beautiful woman and it has the dancers – what can possibly go wrong? The song is very diverse, so it will definitely stand out in the crowd. Ireland was drawn into the 15-strong second semi-final, leaving them with only a 1 in 3 chance of not qualifying. However, because the song would appeal to both Western and Eastern Europe, I have a feeling this will easily qualify. How well it does in the final, however…maybe the left-hand side of the scoreboard? I’d love to see that! Good luck Ireland!!

Your views:

Did Ireland make the right choice?
Did Ireland make the right choice?

John Williams from Ireland:  They will be talking about this for years to come!!! LOL.

Tom Grant from the United Kingdom: You did it again Ireland. Wrong song.

Nick van Lith from the Netherlands: Sounds like a dead certain qualifier to me…

Jesper Díaz Nissen from Denmark:  I like the song.. even if I only heard half of it…

Well it seems that the majority of people will be rooting for Ireland come the 8th of May, but whether they’ll get the phone out and vote…that remains to be seen. So what do you think of the show? Did the right act win or should another song have won? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!!

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