NF Review: Azerbaijan sends Dilara Kazimova!

Well hello there! Today’s NF Review is a little different from the others, but coming from the “Land of Fire”, Böyük Səhnə has just finished and now we (properly) know who will represent Azerjibban Azerbaijan in Copenhagen! Dilara Kazimova will sing in Denmark on behalf of the Caucasian country. Although she was selected to represent Azerbaijan (and this is what makes this review different from the others), she has yet to actually release the song she will sing in Denmark. So for this review, I will guide you through tonight’s show and have a quick look back at Dilara’s participation in the NF. WHY WE NO HAVE SONG?!

Dilara Kazimova will represent's the closest thing to Lorde we could find it seems.
Dilara Kazimova will represent Azerbaijan..she’s the closest thing to Lorde we could find it seems.

The situation in Azerbaijan is very confusing and due to the fact that some people are saying it will be released some time in March, I will refrain from saying that this song is going to represent Azerbaijan. What we do know is that Dilara will represent her country in Denmark and so, I’ll take you back through her time on the soon as I’m finished reviewing the actual show, that is. Here’s the last song she sang on the national final. Very rustic indeed!

The show:

Due to commitments I had at home, I actually missed a good deal of the show (I know, SHOCK HORROR), but I was around to see the juiciest parts of the show take place. I was doing a running commentary on our Twitter page, so if you want to have a look on the page, feel free to click the link. If however, you’re not up for clicking highlighted words, here’s a summary of what I saw on the show:

  • I came into the livestream seeing Rustam Karimov performing ‘Me and My Guitar’. As much as I enjoyed the little kid performing (who strangely looks like my nephew), I did notice that he was lip-syncing. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but when Sabina Babayeva sang ‘If I Were A Boy’ (who, in my opinion, had a complete hair travesty – seriously woman, what happened to your luscious mane?!) and Eldar Gasimov – a.k.a. Ell – sang his song ‘The One’, it sounded like they were lip-syncing too. Maybe they’re just great singers live, or maybe that’s how it was, still they were met with some very stiff applause. What’s wrong with the audience?! If they clap too much, they’ll get kicked out of the studio? Sounds like Belarus all over again..
  • Azerbaijani is an incredibly incomprehensible language, which meant that, like James when he covered the Romanian NF last night, I couldn’t understand a single word that Hüsniye or Tural were saying. For all we know, they would have been dissing people, but we had no clue..SPEAK ENGLISH!! And while we’re on the subject of the hosts, what was up with Hüsniye’s hair? It looked like she was going for a Mohawk, but then it fell down before the show started! And Tural’s green jacket..he should go visit Gok Wan for some style tips.
  • When we got to see Xana, Dilara and Erkin (the first time for me!), we saw some very interesting performances. Xana had the trademark projector dress (that’s Sabina and Aliona’s thing), while she sang her own song. Dilara (who you saw above) had a very interesting stage – it did look like the stage was a leaf and that she was wearing the dress Zlata wears in the ‘Gravity’ video. Erkin sang on top of what looked to be the weakest papier-maché mountain ever with some songsheet stands crammed in it..very interesting indeed.

This eventually led to the voting. The juries had kept their votes a secret until the end of the show, so we managed to see how the jury voted for during each of the rounds, plus showing Dilara’s face when she won the show and was chosen to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision. As much as it felt very cold, the show wasn’t that bad and someone actually came first without any questions! Congratulations Dilara!

A look back at Dilara at BS

Dilara was one of the favourites at Böyük Səhnə and as she was vying to represent Azerbaijan before (in 2008 and 2010), we knew what was to be expected. She started off on the show singing ‘Mercy’ by Duffy, easily qualifying to the next heat. In the second round of the show, she sang Propellerheads’ song ‘History Repeating’ where she also made it through. In the final heat of the show, she sang ‘Hometown Glory’ by Adele. It;s obvious she got through to the final, as she is now representing the country in Denmark, but she just about scraped through. If I was to pick a favourite performance of hers throughout the show, it would be ‘Mercy’, as it shows her soulful voice and how far her vocal range can go. Good luck Dilara! Can’t wait to hear the song…whenever it’s revealed.

Your views:

Was Dilara the right choice?
Was Dilara the right choice?

Daniel Garcia from Spain: Dilara must send something good, and no comedy, please!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I think she’s a good choice from Azerbaijan! Maybe she will do well..I just hope the song isn’t shit.

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: I like Dilara’s voice but I think Xana would have been a better choice, she has more charisma on the stage. Good luck anyway to Dilara!

So it seems that people like the fact that Dilara won in Azerbaijan, but expectations are high for her to carry on the country’s top-ten streak. Maybe she’ll do it with her song that has yet to be heard! So what do you think about Azerbaijan’s choice? Did they pick the right singer or should Xana or Erkin have won instead? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!


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