NF Review: Lithuania wants “Attention”!

Well hello there! For once, Saturday’s national finals have actually finished before midnight and whilst James is in charge of both Romania and Estonia (expect some fabulous reviews there!), I was left in charge of Lithuania and after 12 weeks of finding the artist, we finally know who will represent them! Lithuania will be represented by Vilija Matačiūnaitė who will sing “Attention” in Copenhagen! So what do we think of the show and the song? Keep reading to find out!

Vilija will represent Lithuania at Eurovision..will she grab our 'Attention'?
Vilija will represent Lithuania at Eurovision..will she grab our ‘Attention’?

Lithuania had  one of THE longest Eurovision selection of all time; originally a ten-week show, but then stretched out to twelve weeks, it’s the longest Eurovision show I’ve ever witnessed. The song, ‘Attention’, was already selected last week, which meant it was up to the Lithuanian public to pick the singer who would have the honour of singing it. By the end of the night, we knew – the co-author herself; Vilija! Here’s her performance of the song last week when the song was decided on:

The song:

‘Attention’ is a dubstep/pop song, penned by Vilija herself along with Viktoras Vaupšas. The song isn’t exactly a song that jumps out at you when you first hear it, when it’s up against songs like ‘My Słowianie’ and ‘Heartbeat’, very ethnic tracks. In the show, both Mia and Vilija performed the Eurovision version of the song, whilst Vaidas performed a swing/jazz version of the song which would definitely make it stand out were it to to Copenhagen. Alas, it’s Vilija who shall sing, so she shall do the dubstep version. It’s not the best, but then, it’s also not the worst. We’ll see how it fares on the 8th of May.

The show:

The show itself was a whirlwind, with it’s full name being “Eurovizijos” dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka”. First of all, why would you name a NF with such a long name! I would advise the Lithuanians to take notes from their neighbours in Latvia who shortened it down to ‘Dziesma’. As always, I was doing a running commentary of the show on our Twitter page, so if you want to have a look at what I said during the course of the show, feel free! Here’s a summary of what happened in the show if you’re too lazy to click the link:

  • The show was broadcaster ten minutes later than billed on’s livestream, due to a show apparently talking about the situation in Ukraine. Emm, quit hogging the screen, debate show. It’s supposed to be a NATIONAL FINAL!
  • The opening act was Mia, Vaidas and Vilija performing ‘Only Teardrops’…however, with multiple trip-ups during the performance, I think I can say that someone didn’t know the wooooooords!!
  • The main show was split into two parts. The first part consisted of songs they preferred covering (although I’m not entirely sure..I need to brush up on my Lithuanian) – Mia sang ‘Take a Look At Me Now’, Vilija sang ‘I Was Here’ and Vaidas..well seeming as he was dressed like Jesus, I have no clue if he was singing a Eurovision song or a hymn or something!
  • As a breather between the two parts, Monika Linkytė sang one of the potential Eurovision songs – ‘It’s All About The Boy’. It wasn’t that bad a song, but she just reminded me of Aisha back in seriously, it looked like they had the same outfit!
  • The second part of the show concerned the different versions of ‘Attention’. Whilst Mia and Vilija had dubstep versions (with some very interesting fashion choices), Vaidas gave us a swing/jazz version..I found it absolutely steamy as fuck. Loved it. A lot.
  • SeBalter came to Lithuania and gave us a very energetic performance of ‘Hunter of Stars’. He definitely killed it…maybe it’s a sneak-peek of something we’ll be seeing at Eurovision? Hope so! We also were treated to a group of women who sang ‘Edge of Glory’ by Lady Gaga a capella. Like seriously, where is the logic? Lady Gaga at Eurovision – that’s a sight to see…

We then came to the voting. The juries presented their votes first. Vilija emerged on top with the juries, but only with a two point margin from Mia.When it came to the public votes – Vilija came out on top again, earning 12 points and therefore, earning her the right to represent Lithuania. Congratulations Vilija!

At Eurovision:

Okay, well ‘Attention’ is a dubstep song, so instantly it will hope to connect with viewers of a younger age. However, because it is in the semi-final with such ethnic hits as ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘My Słowianie’, like I mentioned above, I have a feeling it will get bypassed in the semi-final meaning that it probably won’t qualify. It’s sad to say that, but genuinely, if you’re a modern song up against a mass of traditional songs, one would have a feeling the odds would be against them. However, I may be wrong and they’ll qualify, but for now, I just can’t see the song doing well. Good luck all the same Lithuania!

Your views:

Did Lithuania make the right choice?
Did Lithuania make the right choice?

Simone Missaglia from Italy: So many bad songs this year! What happened to Eurovision?

Peter van der Laan from the Netherlands: I like this song! But it seems I’m the only one..Finally a song different from the others.

Anders Bach-Vilhelmsen from Denmark: If this is the end result of 3 months of heats and quarterfinals and what not, I can understand why some broadcasters just opt for an internal selection..

Richard West-Soley from the United Kingdom: Gosh. My last place by miles. 1/10

So it seems that the fans aren’t happy with Vilija representing Lithuania, but who knows? Maybe she will gather a fan following in the lead up to May..she’ll need it for sure! So what do you think? Did Lithuania pick the right singer or should Mia or Vaidas have won? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!


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