It’s official: ‘Same Heart’ for Israel!

So, I’m only home from German lessons and about to finish off the NF previews of this week when I see the news that ‘Same Heart is going to represent Israel at Eurovision…like, what!? That was a bit of a surprise! So what do we think of the choice and how well it’ll do at Eurovision? Well..keep reading to find out!

Mei Finegold isn't beating from the 'Same Heart' as us, it seems!
Mei Finegold isn’t beating from the ‘Same Heart’ as us, it seems!

Mei Finegold was originally selected to represent Israel back in January (in which we did a ‘Rumour Has It‘ article just hours before she was officially selected to represent Israel), and as the NF preview article states, there were three songs in the running to be her track for Denmark. Well after all the voting and anticipation, the Israeli public decided that it would be ‘Same Heart’ that would be the song for Denmark..I can just tell you now, both James and I are very happy right now.

The song:

Wow, there’s one thing I can definitely say about ‘Same Heart’ – that song is deep! Like seriously, those lyrics are really personal.

Written by Rami Talmid, the song just shows defiance – in all its powerful glory. Out of the three, it probably is the best structured out of the three songs, although the song wasn’t my personal favourite, but it was a very close 2nd place! From hearing it over and over again, it’s basically a song about breaking free from the chains of a broken relationship and…well, I’m guessing from the music video, that she’s doing that by swinging a samurai sword around.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me, the key in which the song is fairly important in telling the story of the song (I did also mention this in our NF review of Hungary). I have no idea of the actual key of the song, but still I think that the way she sings the song, with her raw, rock-chick voice of hers actually really works well for ‘Same Heart’. However, like I mentioned in the preview article, it does sound like she’s trying to cram all the syllables into a few bars (where have I heard that before?), so I just hope when she sings that in Denmark, she isn’t going to run out of breath! Another factor of the song is that amazing key change in the last chorus. That is probably the best way she could have ended the song, it’s fabulous…and that dance routine too..*tries to mimic it*…..*fails*..still, it’s a fantastic song!

I would normally go to the music video here, but I’ll summarise the video in here: there’s a lot of dancing in a bodysuit; fooling around with a samurai sword; dance routine; Mei looking like she just cut open her foot avec sword…oh and look at the video and watch between 2:02 and 2:08 – like, what the hell is she doing with her eyes?!


I compiled a Possible Artists article for Israel back in September of last year, in which I picked Chen and Rona Kernan to be the best the country had to offer. Of course, when I wrote that article, I was unaware of Mei’s existence, so now, I believe that Mei was the best possible choice for Israel so thank you very much IBA! If Chen or Rona did represent Israel, I’d have no hesitance whatsoever, but for now – TEAM MEI ALL THE WAY!

Mei is competing in the second semi-final, so she’s going to find it very hard to qualify, due to the amount of strong songs in that particular semi-final. However, from the positive feedback I’ve seen of ‘Same Heart’, if the fans pick up the phone and vote for her, there is a very high chance she’ll qualify for the final and do well..Israel hasn’t been seen in the final since Oslo in 2010, so could Mei bring Israel’s three-year streak of non-qualification to an end? Let’s hope so!

Your views:

Do you like 'Same Heart'?
Do you like ‘Same Heart’?

Jade Hill from the United Kingdom: I preferred one of the others but I like this. Mei beats Tjana, Molly’s and Emma’s butt in the singing stakes.

Igor Plavšic from Croatia:  A very good entry, a double language song which has been succesful for Israel in the past( 2005 song as the most recent).This should qualify with ease…

Robbert Landegent from the Netherlands: I like this song. So, at least a song added to the bunch that is worth listening to. The only thing I dislike is the changes from Hebrew to English and vv. I don’t see the extra value of that.

Christian Schaffrath from Germany: The best won! I love it!

So it’s almost an entire round of approval for ‘Same Heart’ and Mei, so I think that backs up my point in the Context part of this article – if the fans pick up the phone and vote for her, she’ll qualify and we’ll see Israel back in the competition. So what do you think of ‘Same Heart’? Do you think it was the best song of the three or should ‘We Share A Titty’ ‘Nisheret Iti’ or ‘Be Proud’ have won? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!!

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