NF Review: Denmark’s sending another “Cliché Love Song”

So while James is covering MelFest and the Slovenian EMA, I shall guide you through the Danish national final and the fact that Denmark will send Basim and “Cliché Love Song” to…itself! So what was the show like, and what are the songs chances at Eurovision as the home country prepares to defend the title? Keep reading to find out!

Basim - the best Bruno Mars impersonator in the world!
Basim – the best Bruno Mars impersonator in the world!

As Denmark is the host country this year, they had to make sure that the song they sent to the Contest was decent, catchy and memorable..well, they’ve managed to get a catchy song, but with the other two points – well, that’s subject to opinion. If you haven’t heard Basim’s song yet (which is highly likely, due to the amount of MelFest posts you’re likely to have seen dominate your Facebook page), here it is..and it really is a “Cliché Love Song”:

The song:

Okay, I have to be blatantly honest in this review..the song..well, I think it’s fair to say that Denmark could have done better in the song that they’ve selected. The song, although trying to be a decent pop song, just ends up sounding a lot like Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure‘ (especially in the chorus).

I’m trying to think of good things that I can say about the song and to be honest, I can’t really say that much about it that’s positive. One thing’s for sure – it’s catchy. If people are a fan of retro disco music, they’ll be in heaven, for sure! Plus the staging of the song was pretty good too, although it’s going to be a completely different stage in Copenhagen, so it might get better or get a lot worse. For that performance, it was a good show to! But other than those, I can’t really find anything else that’s really noticeable about it! Good luck to him though..he’s a good singer too!

The show:

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was probably the second most watched show of the three possible selections, behind the main show of MelFest. Due to certain circumstances I had to attend to last night, I couldn’t properly see DMGP. However, thanks to a very quick scan through of the show and some points from James, I can give you a good review of the show..hallelujah!

  • The show started off with a really cute opening, detailing Emmelie’s journey from winning Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to winning Eurovision, leading onto a performance of ‘Only Teardrops’ – in which SHE SANG LIVE!! Wow, who knew!?
  • Bryan Rice’s stage performance was a cross between Ani Lorak and Josh Dubovie.. as in there were backing singers in boxes, and he got up on the top of the boxes too. Rather fab..even if the people inside were temporarily unable to escape!
  • Danni Elmo and his song were really mismatched during the performance. He did that awkward “dance song performed with a rock band in the background” thing.. serious ‘no baby, no’ moment!
  • It was nice to hear the Danish language being sung – “Vi Finder Hjem”. But what’s so awesome about the performance was that she had a giant Fox’s mint Christina Metaxa box on stage. Except it was glittery, much wow. She even had some rather epic slow motion robot dancers, was a really good stage performance..even if it didn’t ENTIRELY make sense!
  • GlamboyP looked like the irrelevant elf out of Lord of the Rings, you know that one who lives with Galadriel? The one who does absolutely NOTHING? Yeah. Kinda mirrors how pointless GlamboyP was tonight really.
  • Anna David’s outfit was like a bejewelled nappy. Hideous. She was the swan dress of the contest..although in this case, the swan dress was a bad thing.
  • It seems that Danes aren’t that good at making TV shows and this was made pretty evident early on in the show. There were loads of irrelevant sketches and things which dragged on for AGES, and kind of detracted from the songs themselves.
  • Emmelie came out again and sang Rainmaker as the interval act, as per usual.. but seriously, WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO HER EYEBROWS!?! To be honest, they looked like a pair of rats had sat on her forehead. Also, it was amusing to see the varying levels of enthusiasm from the participants who came out to sing the “way-oh-way-oh-way-ah”s. You could tell some of them REALLY didn’t want to be there doing that! Will be amusing to see if something similar happens at Eurovision!
  • DR had a little celebration of past Danish entrants, which was really nice to see. We got to see the fabulous Birthe Kjaer and Hot Eyes again..thank god she didn’t have her kid with her on stage, like she did back in 1985!
  • Speaking of children, they also had children in the interval act.. What is it with all these countries putting kids in their NFs? Estonia did it, Malta did it, Sweden did it, now Denmark too. CHILD LABOUR INFRINGEMENTS!!

This finally led us onto the revealing of the three acts who would go through to the ‘super-final’. No surprise, here; it was Basim, Rebekkah and Michael Rune ft. Ashley Tisdale Natasha Bessez (Omg, she looked exactly like Ashley Tisdale!! Can anyone see a resemblance?) who made it to the superfinal. After they performed again, the jury had their turn to give out their points, in which Basim completely walked it, leaving Michael and Natasha in last place, and Rebekka not too far in front. Then, when the public vote came in, it became apparent that Basim had won, as both Rebekkah and Michael/Natasha tied for second place. Congratulations Basim!

At Eurovision:

Because Denmark is the host country, it’s automatically in the Final on the 10th of May. Judging from the other four songs already picked for Eurovision from the Big 6, many people would consider this to be the weakest of them (of course, Germany could change that, but for the moment, that’s how it is). If Denmark was in the semi-finals, I would be a bit concerned if they would qualify for the final, because although it’s a catchy song, it’s a little forgettable and if it’s put in a position where it’s following a huge fan favourite like ‘La Mia Città’, it might be a little bit of a letdown. To be honest, I think this might be a whole 2002 situation – where Denmark THINK they’ve got it spot on, but when it comes to pass, it’ll do really badly, ending up near the bottom of the leaderboard. Of course, this may be entirely different, but for the moment, this is how I think it’ll turn out. Good luck to Denmark though! You better put on a heck of a Song Contest!

Your views:

Do you think Basim should have won?
Do you think Basim should have won?

Alain Muriel from the United Kingdom: I see a Craig David sound-alike has won in Denmark. I’m not too keen on all the shabbili dabbili doo dah bits in it though.

Metter Stenersen from Norway:  Ugh, no thanks, Denmark! Don’t like it, and that scupperupperrupp nonsense…sounds a bit like Scatman!

Jan Wehner from Germany:  I am very happy with the winning song though my favourite was Bryan Rice…

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: What has Denmark done?! Too much like Bruno Mars..and I hate Bruno Mars too!! They’re definitely not getting any points from me this year!

As you can see, a good few of the fans aren’t too keen on Denmark’s song this year – a fact that mirrors our opinion. Of course, this may change  over the course of two months, but who knows? Maybe it’ll be another addition to the fanwank club of 2014? Maybe not, we’ll have to what do you think? Should Basim have won or should another competitor have won instead? Plus, what did you make of the show? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!


5 thoughts on “NF Review: Denmark’s sending another “Cliché Love Song””

  1. We obviously did not watch the same show. I have a suspicion you might be automatically negative towards shows you don’t understand a word of… as the show was pretty much fantastic from start to end. The intro was really nice with Emmelie de Forest. The overall standard of the songs was amazing, much better than the overall standard of the Swedish selection – which pretty much consisted of 9 great songs, 1 ok song and 22 pure crap songs which is unbearable to listen to… also – almost every artist in the Danish final pretty much nailed ever song both performance wise and vocally – which cannot be said for the Swedish selection where they as well include pre-recorded backing vocals. In other words the overall standard of the Swedish selection this year only reaches a 35 % approval for me – while the overall impression of the 10 songs in Denmark reaches a full 90% approval for me. Even though most of the songs that qualified for the Swedish national final reached a 80% approval for me I still think that quality is more important than quantity – so Denmark WIN that battle for 2014.

    The presenters in the Danish final were really nice – and did a great job. I also liked the “Landeplagen”-inputs between the songs, which is pretty much about how to produce a big hit which everyone remembers. Though, if you don’t understand Danish then its pretty much pointless for you – but who are you to judge a show in a negative matter because of this? DMGP is produced for the Danish audiences and not for the British, the Germans or the Azeris …or whomever else. Also the kids were used as to promote the children’s version of Melodi Grand Prix which will be held next weekend – but as you don’t understand the language how could you possible understand that? – therefore you feel the need to criticize once again.

    So as to the winning song: “Cliche Love Song” is a very typical Danish happy-go-lucky song – just as their songs from 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2012. Only Denmark could ever come up with this type of song for Eurovision – that said: It is by far the best of the whole lot of these previous entries. It is extremely well performed with a nailing vocal. this is NOT an easy song to perform live and at the same time execute a catchy dancing routine. The stomping of their feet made me super cheery and made the performance super memorable – and this might actually help the song reach another top10 result for Denmark for sure. I actually think this song is way better than their song from 2010 and 2011 as well and they both reached 5th place in the contest. As of the studioversion it is by far one of the best songs of the year as it works very very well on the stereo – this song has way bigger potential of becoming a pan-European hit than Swedens “Undo” – eventhough I still think “Undo” has more potential of actually winning the contest.

    As of the rest of the songs in the Danish final – well it was pretty much the girl who sang in Danish who didn’t hit the notes right. The variaty of songs were really good – and thankfully once again Denmark had not included some silly rock song just as to actually have ONE song of all genres. The country song of Rebekka was really nice and best I’ve heard in Eurovision terms. Michael Rune’s song is pretty muck like all other “contemporary” Eastern European pop music nowadays and was catchy as hell – way better than any other dance-pop effort made for ESC14 this year. My only problem with some of the Danish performers are that some of them seem a bit robotic on stage – lacking that genuine charisma – which pretty much was the major problem with Denmark’s 2010 effort as well (Chanee and Evergreen) – a song highly regarded by many fans.

    I do think the right song won. It will be a fun fun fun performance to watch in May – and it will give Denmark another good result for sure:) Congrats to my neighbors:)

    1. Thank you for your incredibly detailed comment Stian, we really appreciate it! 🙂

      I’ll write you a reply since I was the one who watched the show and gave Rory my notes to write up the review, hope you don’t mind.

      We’re not automatically negative when we don’t understand the language of a show – the points we brought up about DMGP are based on our observations of it as foreigners. The language barrier impedes our understanding of proceedings, but this is our own shortcoming, not DR’s. I never expected them to present it in English, and I’m glad they didn’t: the Danish language was really interesting to listen to, it was just impossible to derive any meaning from. But that’s just because it’s not a language I speak, unfortunately. I was actually comparing the show to Slovenia’s EMA when I pointed out the abundance of sketches – Denmark’s focus didn’t seem to be on the songs as much as Slovenia, and both shows, at the end of the day, are there to choose a Eurovision entry.

      I completely agree with you on the overall standard of the songs in Denmark – there were only two songs in the field which I didn’t like, but unfortunately these two were Rebekka’s “Your Lies” (I really don’t like the lyrics, they’re rather cringey) and Basim’s “Cliché Love Song” (I’m disappointed it won over the other amazing songs in the final, because his performance and his presence on stage just comes across as very contrived and irritating to me. Again, the lyrics are quite weak too, if I’m honest). I absolutely loved the songs from Bryan Rice, Michael Rune, Emilie Moldow and Danni Elmo, and I agree that DR definitely selected their songs with quality in mind, which is what all broadcasters should ideally try to do! 🙂

      Excuse me, but I didn’t judge the show in a negative manner. We’re not here to judge in our reviews, we are here to observe and pass comment on what we see. It goes without saying that the entire show will have made perfect sense and will have been extremely enjoyable to any able to understand Danish. Unfortunately, it is a skill that neither of us possess. One can still form an opinion of a host if you don’t understand what they’re saying however, and for this I return to Slovenia: I found Ula Furlan’s presenting manner to be a lot more enthusiastic and genuine than the hosts of Melodifestivalen and DMGP. This is just my opinion, though, and you are entirely entitled to take the opposite view. I fully understand that this is a Danish show produced for a Danish audience, and I discussed this in our review of “Selectia Nationala” for Romania. It can all seem extremely odd to audiences outside of the native country, but what we outsiders think of it is irrelevant, as we are not the target audience.Finland’s UMK, for example, still came across as an exciting show regardless of the fact that I don’t speak Finnish. Latvia’s Dziesma, too, was really enjoyable despite the language barrier. DMGP felt a little flat to me, just as a TV show.

      I’m glad that you really enjoy the Danish entry; everyone’s music taste is different, but I want nothing more than for every Eurovision fan to find a selection of the entries that they really love. If Denmark is one of those songs for you, then I’m sure you’re pleased with the outcome of DMGP! I personally don’t find it genuine enough to be classed as “happy-go-lucky” in the organic sense of the term, but I can see how it could come across in this way to others. Basim as a performer just grates on me to be perfectly honest, so I’m not inclined to join in with his childish refrain as I spend the entirety of the song wishing I was listening to “Wanna Be Loved” instead. That said, I do think it may do fairly well in the Eurovision final – perhaps similar to the results obtained by Simon Mathew and Brinck? I don’t see it being strong enough for top 10 unless it gets a killer draw.

      As above, I totally agree with you about the brilliant selection of quality songs on offer. DMGP 2014 was, musically anyway, an extremely strong final.Agree with how robotic Chanee and N’evergreen were – however I see Basim as equally lacking in genuine charisma unfortunately 😦 However, he has two months to work on the stage show, and I’m sure the host nation won’t be embarrassed by his efforts come May. Could have been so much better though.

  2. Good review, as usual! I must admit I ignored Basim’s song at first, being all keen on Michael Rune till I decided that Natasha made it a bit trashy, though maybe that was just the lyrics. I was surprised when it won, but I keep listening to it now. I had no clue what GlamboyP was doing either, it was somewhat amusing though, And yes, all the children this year! Didn’t we used to get performances by more NF winners wanting to showcase their songs? I miss that. And I think the countries which allow international viewing want everyone to hear their song choice as soon as possible, so I don’t agree that it was supposed to be “only for Danish audiences”, as the poster above (below?) suggested.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Susan! 🙂

      Aw well first of all thank you! 😀 Yeah, so was I, but unlike you I’m still not a huge fan of the song – each to their own, eh? I found GlamboyP’s performance hilarious – like, what was he even doing there? And for sure, I’m sure there are numerous child labour laws being broken, but they get an exemption, seeming as they’re majorly just cute..well, not the really angry looking kid at MelFest! But most of the time they are!

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