Song Presentation: “Moj Svijet” finally released!

When Sergej Ćetković was selected to represent Montenegro back in November of last year, we were getting ready for something very special from Montenegro, and today, no less than four months after he was revealed to represent Montenegro, his song ‘Moj Svijet’ was finally released! So what do we think of the song and how well it’ll do at Eurovision? Keep reading to find out!

Finally, we got to hear the Montenegrin song!
Finally, we got to hear the Montenegrin song! Is it any good though?

Like I said at the top of the article, we have been waiting for four months to hear Sergej’s song for Eurovision and after a half-hour of some of his other songs, we finally got to hear and see his song for Copenhagen and it’s fair to say that we’re pretty happy of the song. If you haven’t seen the video for the song yet, you can have a look below, as the video was uploaded to the Contest’s official Youtube channel:

The song:

James would probably do a fabulous review of the song, analysing it to a T, but this time I thought I should give it a go! ‘Moj Svijet’ is definitely – to quote James – “proper spine tingling Balkan-ness”, as’s the typical Balkan ballad that would go to the Contest. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever – in fact, James and I really do enjoy it!

The song is very much a love story which (judging by the video, seeming as I have NO knowledge of Montenegrin other than the one or two words uttered by the most random person in the world: Rambo Amadeus) talks about how he’s trying to find his lost love and how he’ll go to the ends of the earth to find her again, but correct me if I’m wrong!

Now, I’m not as much of a fan of Balkan music as James, but I can still appreciate how good that song actually is. In the actual song, there is an amazing key change around halfway through the song and to be honest, for me, everything from there is just pure wow. Everything beforehand is still amazing, but when combined…and I don’t know if this just because I’m inexperienced in Balkan pop or just because I’m not as into that musical genre as I should be, but as a whole…I’ll probably need a bit more time to completely ‘get’ the entire song. But from what I’m hearing now, I really think Montenegro has a great song this year! Congratulations!


Sadly, due to the fact that the Montenegrin music scene is really small, we couldn’t get around to compiling a Possible Artists article for Montenegro. However, this hasn’t stopped us from putting our hopes and dreams into Sergej and ‘Moj Svijet’ for this year’s Contest. In terms of how the song should do at Eurovision, even though it’s a really good song, it’s going to be isolated in the first semi-final, as Montenegro is the only ex-Yugoslav country in that semi-final. Sure, it may get a few votes from Albania, but other than that, I can’t see it doing really well, which may lead to them failing to qualify for yet another year..especially when they need this qualification. If you’re a fan of Sergej, and your country is voting in the first semi-final, please vote for Montenegro..who wouldn’t want to see them in the final? Let’s find out!

Your views:

What do you think of 'Moj Svijet'?
What do you think of ‘Moj Svijet’?

Ingeborg Nakkeid from Norway:  It is not often I like the songs from Montenegro, but this is the best!

Conor Somers from Ireland:  I love it, has a kind of Hari Mata Hari traditional balkanesque feel to it. My favourite so far.

Elvir Peleševic from Bosnia and Herzegovina: The best entry from Montenegro ever. I like the first part of the song, but it gets more messy toward the end. I mean the chorus is too much repetitive, and the songs ends very sudden. It should be enough for the final though.

Myriam Boelhouwer from the Netherlands: Good song, especially for a country that always sends crap to Eurovision…

Well the fans are definitely loving ‘Moj Svijet’, which means Montenegro may have a chance to qualify if the public pick up the phone and vote for him..whether the juries will like him, well we’ll just have to see, but at least we can see that Sergej has a bit of a fanbase! So what do you think of the song? Do you think Montenegro will qualify this year or will it flop and come last? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!


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