NF Review: Germany sends Elaiza!

So after probably one of the most complicated shows of the NF season, Germany has finally picked who it will send to Copenhagen, completing the Big 6 line up. Germany will send Elaiza with their song “Is It Right?” to Denmark! So what do we think of the song and how well it’ll do at Eurovision? Well keep reading on to find out!

"Is It Right?" - that's the question Germany's asking!
“Is It Right?” – that’s the question Germany’s asking!

Germany’s national final was probably one of the most confusing of the entire season, with eight acts taking part. From there, four acts would be selected for Round 2, where they’d sing another song. Then, two acts would be selected, along with their song for Eurovision. Finally, the German public would once again decide which of the two acts should go to Copenhagen, and today, that honour fell to Elaiza, a virtual newcomer who won the wildcard round and was allowed to fill the last spot in the show. Here’s their song “Is It Right?” at the wildcard round:

The song:

Well.. what can I say about this? “Is It Right?” is definitely the most traditional-ish song Germany has sent in a very long time, with the accordion featuring  quite heavily, but that’s predictable, seeming ad the band is part accordion, part double-bass. Normally, when you see it on paper, it seems like it’s an absolute mess, but when you hear the song and the vocals that are provided, it’s definitely something that strangely works. Now I don’t know about you, but to me and James, the amount of accordion you have in a song can be good…sometimes..and due to the fact that it is almost an entire accordion song, I have feeling it might go either way. In terms of the vocal..if they want to do well, they’d be better off to sing it like they do in the studio version, rather than the way they sang live tonight. But if they sing it like the version tonight, she should try and keep the microphone as close to her mouth as possible. That aside, I think they sing it very good! Whether it’ll do well at Eurovision or not remains to be seen.

The show:

The show – Unser Song für Dänemark – lasted over two hours and was definitely one show to watch, as Germany was definitely trying to pull out all the stops in terms of putting on a show and showcasing the songs. I was doing a running commentary on Twitter during the show, so if you want to find out what I thought of the show as it happened, feel free to check it out! If not, here’s a summary of what happened. Also, this was the first show since Ireland’s NF that I could actually understand (I’m learning German, so i actually had an idea of what was going on!):

  • Emmelie de Forest opened the show with a LIVE performance (she still does them?!) of ‘Only Teardrops’..she had a really weird outfit – like she had wrapped a towel around herself..serious ‘No, baby, no!’ moment. This was then followed by the introduction of Barbara Schöneberger, the host, who began to scream at the audience for some reason..what did they do, Barbara?
  • Das Gezeichnete Ich could not sing. I’m sorry, but when I was listening to it, I was just like “Umm, what dafuq is this?”. Seriously, they were like the Ben Ivory of the German selection this year.
  • During the performance of The Baseballs, the entire setting of the show caught fire, but apparently no one did anything. Health and Safety risks- pff, who needs them? They’re just obstacles!
  • Madeline Juno, although only 18, looked sooooo much younger than 18. As well as that, she has such a really interesting voice, but what’s even weirder is that my friend Maria Kelly sings a lot like her, so for a while, I was thinking that she was actually Madeline! Well..awkward!
  • Emmelie came out again to sing ‘Rainmaker’ as an interval act between Round 1 and Round 2. She still hadn’t changed from that towel jumpsuit outfit, but she had hot dancer boys with her, so that made up for the horrible outfit choice.
  • After the performance we found out which four acts would go through to the next round: MarieMarie, Unheilig, Santiano and Elaiza got through to the next round, so  hooray for them!
  • MarieMarie played the harp both times in her performances, but I think she should get seen for her addiction to candy. Seriously: ‘Cotton Candy Hurricane’ and ‘Candy Jar’, go to a doctor! No one can have that sweet of a tooth!
  • I don’t know about you guys but to me, the lead singer of Unheilig looked a lot like a mixture of Donatan, Howie Mandel and Jan Delay..and that’s in both performances. Speaking of, for me, they definitely had the most ‘out there’ songs of the lot – or is that just me?
  • After the two performances, we had a great chat with Jon Ola Sand, Barbara, Christer Björkman (James should be very pissed off now) and the Head of Delegation for Italy. It was the funniest thing I saw out of the entire show. Why? When the HoD asked Barbara to come to Italy and represent Italy at Eurovision, Barbara replied:

I’ll lose some weight and then I’ll go to Italy..and wear some shorter skirts!

Love it.

  • Ich + Ich performed as an interval act between both the second and third rounds…why can’t they just represent Germany? They’re *AMAYZIN* to quote Lynda!
  • Elaiza and Unheilig were left in the running after the second round of results – and that was greeted with a huge boooooo from the audience. No surprise! Elaiza was left with “Is It Right?”, while Unheilig was to sing “Wir sind alles wie eins”.
  • After they performed again, we were treated to Emma Marrone singing “La Mia Città”…very interesting choice of outfit there Emma!

This then led us FINALLY to the final result, which involved Elaiza and Unheilig coming onto the stage and pretend to be the best of friends and after a lot of tension, Elaiza was declared the winner! Congratulations Elaiza!!

At Eurovision:

Because Germany is automatically qualified for the Grand Final on the 10th of May, Elaiza have no need to worry about qualifying..however, doing well in the final is their main concern. Now that we have all six entries that are guaranteed to go into the final, I can say that Germany will stick out like a sore thumb on that Saturday. This is because they have that accordion. Now, “My Slowianie” has a good deal of accordion, but it doesn’t come across as much as it does in “Is It Right?”. If I was to predict where it should place on the 10th of May, I have a feeling it may fall mid-table, as it may be considered “too out there” for Eurovision, but I seriously hope that they do well, because I find this song strangely addictive, like Poland. Good luck Germany!!

Your views:

Should 'Is It Right?' have won in your opinion?
Should ‘Is It Right?’ have won in your opinion?

Honza Sak from the Czech Republic: Amazing entry!! Great job, Germany!!

Daniel García from Spain: Germany chose the worst they had. It’s like a trend this year, isn’t it?

Jürgen Schiffer from Germany:  Sorry but this song is better than UK,Romania,Hungay and Greece. I am so proud of my country!

Mark Steen from the Netherlands: Madeline was also a good choice, but I’m happy with this!

So there is a mixed feeling to Elaiza representing Germany at Eurovision, but maybe this will change come May…for the better or for the worse..we’ll just have to see come the 10th of May. So what do you think? Should Elaiza have won in Germany or should another artist have won? And what did you think of the show? Did you think Germany put out all the stops? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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