Song Presentation: Armenia’s “Not Alone”

Seventy three days after Aram Mp3 (Aram Sarsyan) was selected to represent Armenia, we finally got to hear his Eurovision song for Copenhagen – took him long enough! Aram will sing “Not Alone” when he takes the stage in Denmark on the 6th of May! So what do we think of the song and how it’ll do at Eurovision? Well keep reading to find out!

Aram Mp3 will be flying the flag for Armenia!
Aram Mp3 will be flying the flag for Armenia!

With only four days left until the deadline for the songs to be in, Armenia and the other countries were definitely leaving it to the last minute to reveal the song for Eurovision. However, Armenia finally revealed “Not Alone” to the world today and if you haven’t heard it yet, have a listen here!

The song:

I’m not exactly sure what to make of “Not Alone”, to be absolutely honest. First of all, is this a ballad or a dubstep song? It seems like it’s Crisalide – Part II, seriously Armenia, PICK A GENRE, MAN! Eesh.

Then, we go to his voice. Yeah, it’s very sweet and such in the ballad-y part of the song, but just before the song turns into a dubstep pallet, he changes the way the sings and then he sounds like he’s overworked his voice and he’s gone a little hoarse. It compliments the song greatly, but if he wants to do that on stage, he’d probably want to work on the whole register change thing.

The video next…well, what can I say about it? It basically show Aram looking solemn in front of a countless number of lights while there are several shots of a couple that’s fighting. It also shows the odd instrument getting played, such as the violin and the piano. Yeah, you can probably tell I can’t find a lot to say about this..maybe the whole message of the video is what’s meant to be portrayed in the song, that everyone has someone to rely on. If so, that’s a very weird concept, but if I was to be honest, it may work. For me though, it’s very much a ‘middle-of-the-road song’, but what you guys think of the song – we’ll find out later on.


Armenia’s song was presented through an hour-long Eurovision show where they basically had past participants sing and do a bit on interview with people. Sadly, I was away during this bit but thanks to James, I now know that Emmy has gone blonde (REALLY EMMY? I DON’T THINK THAT WORKS FOR YOU!) and that Eva Rivas both sang and talked in Russian, so she ditched any Armenian language possibilities and decided to go with what she felt was right (although she may be given the exemption, as she was born in Moscow and she currently lives there at this present moment).

Back in December, I compiled a Possible Artists article for Armenia, in which we recommended Lilit Hovhannisyan and Sofi Mkheyan should fly the Armenian flag in Copenhagen. Sadly, neither of our hopes were met when Aram was selected to represent Armenia, but maybe with a bit of support and he performs it well on the night, we’ll end up loving it? If I was to predict how it would do at Eurovision, I would say that due to the songs nature and how well Aram performs it, I would definitely say that qualification is guaranteed. When in the final though, I would probably predict that it would finish relatively mid-table – possible 13th or 14th. But maybe that won’t be the case? What do you think?

Your views:

What do you think of 'Not Alone'?
What do you think of ‘Not Alone’?

Wim Vermeulen from the Netherlands: Dorians was so much better but this is great too!

Alex Andrei from Romania:  Is better than last year. Maybe top 10. Is not a winner though..

George Vlasceanu from Romania: It’s not bad at all. I don’t usually enjoy Armenian entries (last year they were awful) but I guess Aram has just earned a place in the bottom of my top 10

Soula Thrylos from Greece: omg Amazing song, Gives me goosebumps!! I’m voting for Armenia and Germany this year, because I can’t vote for my own country, Greece!

So it seems that fans are all for Aram and his song for Eurovision! However this may change in the next few months now that we’re nearing the end of the NF season. Who knows? So what do you think of ‘Not Alone’? Is it your favourite or do you hate it with a passion? Where is it on your rankings? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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