Song Presentation: Georgia has “Three Minutes to Earth”!

This has definitely turned out to be like the busiest Friday since Ireland picked ‘Heartbeat’ for Copenhagen – this is Fantastic Friday #2 and while both San Marino and Armenia were busy revealing their songs for Eurovision, we had yet another country to show Europe what it was sending to Denmark – Georgia. Today, we finally got to hear a month’s worth of work from Mariko Ebralidze and the Shin when “Three Minutes to Earth” was released. So what do we think of it and how it will do at Eurovision? Keep reading to find out!

Mariko and The Shin will be the Georgian representatives in May!
Mariko and The Shin will be the Georgian representatives in May!

Georgia was surely forgotten about after they selected Mariko and the Shin back in early February (conveniently on my birthday!), but after going to Germany to record their Eurovision effort, we finally heard the song for Copenhagen today. If you still haven’t heard the song, here’s the song below:

The song:

When I first heard that Mariko and the Shin back in February, it’s fair to say that my expectations for the song were set very low.

How wrong was I?

Okay, I am probably going to sound so different for saying this, but I actually really like this song (I would like to point out that James has said of the song – “It’s trippy as fuck”). This song is the first song I have liked from Georgia since We Don’t Wanna Put In Visionary Dream, so it shows that they’re doing something right! I constantly say that my taste in music is messed up and this is probably proven, as I’m probably one of the very, very small group of people who actually enjoy listening to the song. First of all, that opening of the song is pretty confusing, I’ll give you that, switching between time signatures and keys until Mariko starts to sing [around 0:51 in the above video]. From thereon in, I am actually in love with it.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think that the group actually delivered on what they promised and then some. I’m normally not the biggest fan of traditional music, but with this song, I actually enjoy the relaxed atmosphere the Georgian traditional-ish music provides and their accents are just adorable, in my opinion. Seriously: “Skydiwers” instead of “Skydivers” – I just pulled a serious :3 face.

The video, although looking like it was shot in the warehouse of a garden centre (Dobbies springs to mind), I actually get the message that they’re trying to convey – that in a world full of buildings, there’s always a spot of greenness there for you to relax at. A couple of points that I want to make out in the video – first, I am loving what Mariko’s done with her hair – she’s the Georgian Lorde on hair terms! Next, those dance moves that both Mariko and the drummer make, they’re really weird to watch, but really funny to watch too. Finally, that slow-mo camera though. Love it! Right, I think that’s enough on the song for now..


Even though Georgia’s music scene is virtually non-existant (from the international point of view, anyway), I actually managed to make a Possible Artists article for Georgia, where I figured that Lela Tsurtsumia and Mariam Kakhelishvili should be representing Georgia at Eurovision. Sadly, this year neither artist was considered for the Contest but we can always hope that they’ll represent Georgia in 2015!

As for how it would do at Eurovision…well, it pains me to say this, but even though it’s a really stand-out song in the second semi-final (and maybe if it’s on early in the night, they may have a chance), I have a feeling it won’t qualify. This sort of thing never does well at Eurovision with maybe a very few exceptions, so I’m sadly expecting it fall down like Ryan Dolan last year. Boo! Can someone please vote for Georgia…please?! So what do you think of the song?

Your views:

What do you think of 'Three Minutes To Earth'?
What do you think of ‘Three Minutes To Earth’?

Nadine Glöck from Germany: Sorry, even after listening to more times I can´t find anything I like in this song – and I was really looking forward to.

Janne Bruzelius from Sweden:  First when I saw Georgia’s video, I was thinking what the hell is this and now I listen to it and it’s not a bad song, but will not be in my top 15.

Willem van Altena from the Netherlands: Living proof that sometimes different is BAD.

Pat Conway from Ireland: It’s certainly different! I kinda like it though.

So, as I expected, there are a lot of mixed views of ‘Three Minutes to Earth’. This could change in the next few week for the better or the worse, but I really hope it’s for the better, as I think it’s a nice relaxing song to listen something to hear while you do stuff around the house, but that might be just me. So what do you think of the song? Where has ‘Three Minutes To Earth’ fallen into in your rankings? Feel free to tell us what you think about the song by commenting below!

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