NF Review: “Wild Soul” for Moldova!

*Please note that while I’m writing this, ‘Your Recovery‘ is being blared into my ears as I felt Curly was the real winner of tonight.*

So…’O Melodi Pentru Europa’ has just finished in Moldova and we have a winner! Moldova will be represented by Cristina Scarlat and she will sing her song “Wild Soul” on the 6th of May in Copenhagen! So what do we think of the song  and how well it will do in Denmark? Well keep reading to find out!

Christina will represent Moldova at Eurovision - with her "Wild Soul".
Cristina will represent Moldova at Eurovision – with her “Wild Soul”.

As Moldova decided to start their NF at 6pm GMT (don’t even bother asking why), it gave Eurofans around an hour or so to check out the songs that were in competition to represent Moldova before Norway took over and stole everyone’s attention. However, three hours after the show started , we finally have a winner – Cristina Scarlat and her song “Wild Soul”. Have a listen to it at the National Final!

The song:

Okay, so you can probably guess from the opening sentence that I feel that Cristina’s song was not the best song of the night. In fact, I feel that Moldova could have picked a lot better from what was there – Curly, Felicia Dunaf Doinita Gherman to name but a few. But they had to pick this. THIS. Ugh….I’m not angry at Moldova..just very disappointed.

*breathe, Rory. Breathe.*

Okay, to actually review the song..well, first of all, that outfit she wore when she sang. Is she a human or is she a robot?! Make your mind up , like!! Then, the opening few seconds…and in that video, it sounds like Cristina cannot sing. She sounded like she was off-key for a good deal of the opening, but then she finally manages to get on track.

Next, the lyrics. Now I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t properly understand what Cristina was saying for nearly the majority of the song, but in the chorus, you could hear it as clear as day – “I have no feelings of mercy”. First of all, that confirms that she is a robot, but then it shows that she is like some sort of killer robot, like the Terminator. Seriously, that’s the first thing that came into my head when I heard the line. Finally, the show in general. What is up with her dancers’ outfits? They look like backing dancers for Dschingis Khan, seriously! Next, the fact they just have a piece of what looks like some cling film rolled onto a piece of cardboard makes no sense..what’s more stupid is that they only use it for a few all that work gone to pot..where have I heard that before?!  Oh, and that key change is pretty good, but to be honest, that’s the only credible thing I say about the song. Hmm. Okay, that’s enough on the song. Just move on, Rory. Move on…

The show:

Moldova’s national final, ‘O Melodie Pentru Europa’, was probably the second-longest show of this year’s Eurovision NF season, but obviously not as long as Malta, like seriously four hours is MURDER! I was doing a running commentary on our Twitter page, so if you want to go through the entire show through my tweets, go for it! However, if not, here’s a summary of what happened:

  • The show was opened by a group of ballet dancers, both male and female. Obviously, you’d think this was pretty dull (which it was), but they all had tissue paper attached to them. Only in Moldova! This was then followed by Aliona Moon singing ‘O mie’ minus her trademark hairstyle! What happened, girl?!
  • The audience in Moldova was very much like the audience in Belarus – they looked so bored that they couldn’t give a fuck. However, after Aliona performed and there was one of the longest awkward silences of all time, there was a big woo for the presenters. Proves my point exactly.
  • Getting to the actual performances now, Doinita had an absolutely amazing performance, although it did remind me of Horehronie due to the costume choices and the nature of the song. Also, the dancers carried huge flashlights around. Much fab.
  • Tatiana Heghea had some mediocre vocals for her performance of ‘I’m Yours’, however due to her resemblance to Shilpa Shetty and the fact she had four hunks of backing dancers, that made up for it.
  • Moldova had ads like most of the other countries did, but like Malta and ROCS group, Orange (the telephone company) dominates a good lot of the ad airplay. Deja-vu.
  • Moving on a good bit, Mikaella looks suspiciously like a witch. Plus, she uttered the line “Ready to die to follow your dreams.” Someone has to explain to her that in order to follow your dreams, you need to be living.
  • After all the songs were performed and the lines were closed, we were forced (or treated, depending how you found it) to listen a FORTY minute set piece from a Moldovan band called Cuibul. The lead singer was conveniently Cristina’s relative, so she could have influenced votes! AAAAAHHH!!

This then led to the public results being revealed and at the end of the that, Boris was in the lead by a couple of points, but Cristina was on his tail and when Cristina won the jury votes, she was declared the winner. Congratulations (partially) Cristina!

At Eurovision:

Moldova’s competing in the first semi-final, in the second half – which may be either their wind to a good placing in the final, or their downfall. This is because it’s in a half where some really big songs are – ‘Tick Tock’, ‘Calm After the Storm’ and ‘Running’ just to name a few. When it’s in a strong semi-final like that, this would have to be seriously considered for the end of the show. I have a feeling thought that she’ll get put mid-way through the half, ending up getting forgotten and leaving qualification as a dream, but that might just be me. So what do you think of the song?

Your views:

What do you think of 'Wild Soul'?
What do you think of ‘Wild Soul’?

John Abrams from the United Kingdom:  It just sounds very ‘Moldovan’ –  they are stuck in a rut!

Chris Darkheart from the United States: Mediocre song overall, vocals are really pompous and old school ESC, the dubstep backing just seems silly and pasted on, the “fart” sounds in the end are especially ridiculous! Too much of a mess to make the finals i bet…

Dimitris Ampertos from Greece: The song is not good but not bad also.

Kevin Helmes from Germany: The opening verse starts so horribly below her natural range it sounds painful. The electronica doesn’t fit the mood of the song either. Down to the bottom with ye, Moldova! Still better than Ukraine, Latvia and Georgia though.

So it seems that Moldova isn’t favoured a lot by the fans, but who knows? Maybe this will change in the next few weeks? We’ll just have to wait and see. So what do you think of ‘Wild Soul’? Do you love it or loathe it? And what did you think of ‘O Melodie Pentru Europa’? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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