NF Review: “Mother” for Belgium!

Can you believe that after FOUR months of National Finals, this year’s National Final Season has very sadly come to an end! But wow, what an ending to finish on! Eurosong 2014 (not the Irish one, the Beglian one..the Irish one finished three weeks ago!) has just finished and Alex Hirsoux will represent Belgium with his power-ballad “Mother”..and what a power-ballad it is! So what do we think of the song and how it’ll do at Eurovision? Keep reading to find out!

Axel will represent Belgium..with his "Mother" or not, we don't know!
Axel will represent Belgium..with his “Mother” or not, we don’t know!

Completing this year’s NF season, Belgium had to pull out an absolute choon after fans weren’t very happy with the other four entries that were premiered this weekend. And well, now that the song is selected, a whole load of people (bar a few..including James) are in love with “Mother”. If you haven’t heard the song yet, have a listen below!

The song:

Okay, I am in shock with the song getting selected. Sure, it’s a ballad, but listen to the voice that’s behind it! I actually really like this song, because the song tells a story of how he loves his mother. Okay, he didn’t exactly write the song, but he delivers such emotion in the song that you would actually believe that he did write the song. Plus, the song reduced Ruslana to tears. Ruslana. She’s like the hardest person to get to cry and he did it. That shows that the song is absolutely mentally amazing. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it does well in Copenhagen, but we’ll save that for later on. For the minute, much happy with the song. Good choice Belgium!

The show:

Eurosong 2014 was definitely one of the most modern NFs of the entire season, with the graphics being absolutely amazing, so I’d just like to compliment the Belgians for the graphics! I was doing a running commentary on our Twitter page over the course of the show, feel free to click that fabulous link! If not, however, here’s a summary of what happened tonight:

  • The livestream opened with the weather forecast for the next few days. For any Belgian readers, just to let you know, it’s going to be rainy so take an umbrella wherever you go!
  • When the show actually got underway, it was opened by the finalists singing ‘J’aime la vie’ who were then CONVENIENTLY joined by Sandra Kim..and by God, hasn’t she aged?!
  • Getting to the actual performances now, Yass had some nice backing dancers, but they looked like they were homeless bums. Later on in the performance, they TOTALLY copied Anri Jokhadze’s barrel banging. THAT’S HIS THING!!!
  • Sil delivered an amazing vocal in her performance, but she was so adamant to know what time it was in Tokyo..what’s with her, has she got a concert there soon that she’s got to fly off for? Eesh.
  • Next up; Udo. There isn’t really much I can say about this, other than it was very pro-peace and that Ruslana loved it to pieces – no prizes for guessing why.
  • The Bandits was basically Belgium’s version of One Direction, but woah the lead guitarist..whoo! Look at this face!

    Whoo…whoo indeed. No wonder the fandom of girls was screaming their little heads off!

  • After Eva Jacobs performance, Ruslana and Eva started singing a really amazing version of “I Will Always Love You”. Seriously, it was amazing!! Ruslana should represent EVERY country at Eurovision!
  • Axel’s performance was a standout performance, with everyone sticking their phones in the air..including Ruslana! It definitely looked like Sweden 2010 – with lights being waved all over the place.
    Phone power for the win!
    Phone power for the win!

    After his performance, they came to Ruslana in terms of what she thought of the performance. She immediately burst into tears, saying: “If you pick this song to go to Copengagen this will win!”
    Who can’t love Ruslana for that?! She is utterly ADORABLE!

  • After a few moments, the international juries started to announce their points. But for God’s sake, where did they get those spokespeople?! Look at the Spanish spokesperson:

    And if you think THAT’S bad, look at who they got to give out the votes in Azerbaijan


    Not gonna lie, it wasn’t very nice to watch…for a while.

  • As an interval act between the international juries and the public vote, Ruslana performed “This Is Euphoria” and “Wild Dances”. As energetic as it was, it was a little tampered with when Ruslana gave a tiny little speech about everything going on in Crimea and Ukraine. NO POLITICS AT EUROVISION!

This led us onto the blatant MelFest copy of the public voting, where after a lot of tension, Axel was declared the winner! Congratulations Axel!

At Eurovision:

It’s almost bound to be true that to those first-time-listeners, Belgium will come across as the one who will stand out the most in the semi-final, regardless of its position. Because it’s a power-ballad, people are going to instantly connect to it and because he’s singing it to such a close relative, he’s going to get all emotional and cry on stage and that’ll get him a lot of sympathy votes. So for Belgium, I’m most definitely predicting that Belgium will qualify in the semi-final and if they don’t get a good placing in the final, it’s an injustice! I’m expecting at LEAST a top 10 position…possibly even a shot at the title? We’ll have to see! So what do you think of it?

Your views:

What's your opinion of 'Mother'?
What’s your opinion of ‘Mother’?

Phillip Fortes from Portugal: Eva Jacobs should have gone to Copenhagen!

Robert Valentin from Romania: Nice and sensitive song, but we don’t want to cry. We want to be happy!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdótttir from Iceland: I’m happy with this choice. Axel is an amazing singer and I love his song. Brussels 2015?

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: It is a very powerful song with a strong message, I just don’t think he is the right singer for it, sorry Belgium. And Norway is doing this style a lot better.

So it seems that there are mixed opinions for ‘Mother’, so maybe Brussels 2015 isn’t as close as one may think? We’ll have to see, seeming as there are a few weeks left until Copenhagen. So what do you think of the song? Where is it on rankings? Is it your favourite or is it your least favourite? And what did you think of the show? Did you love Ruslana as much as I did? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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