NF Review: Suzy for Portugal!

Sorry for the delay in this review of Festival da Canção, but now that it’s over I’m happy to say that Suzy will fly the Portuguese flag in Denmark and she’ll do so with her song “Quero Ser Tua”, or “I Want To Be Yours” in English. So what do we think of the song and how it’ll do at Eurovision? Well keep reading to find out!

Suzy wants to be ours in Copenhagen!
Suzy wants to be ours in Copenhagen!

Festival da Canção ran over the course of a week, running from one Saturday to the other and after some stiff competition in the semi-final, the five finalists were chosen. Last night, those five songs locked horns again and after a really good show and some tough decisions, Suzy was selected to represent Portugal with “Quero Ser Tua”. If you haven’t heard the song yet, well have a listen to it below:

The song:

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard “Quero Ser Tua”, I could just see it being one of those music jams they play while those really extravagant dancers do the samba at Carnival in Rio de Janiero. This song just reminds me of a large party, which may be what they were aiming for, but if not – well, they’ve definitely got the thing wrong.

Next, I would just like to say that in the “wambaway” bits of the song, it sounds the pop/fado (pado) version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight“, but I think that works in their favour.

Okay, I might be straying off the point, so getting back to the actual song. The song is actually quite catchy and easy to dance along to. Now, the last time Portugal tried this was “Dança Conmigo” back in 2007 and it didn’t really work out for them, but it’s my belief that this is at least ten times better than “Dança Conmigo”, although if they don’t get another dancer with really tight silky trousers like the one back in Helsinki, Portugal will seriously go down in the rankings.

Moving on, the drums feature quite heavily here, and with those huge ones in the background, I’m getting memories of Ryan Dolan’s devil drummer in Malmö with the illuminating drums. Are we looking at another drummy year? I hope not, we had more than our fill of drums last year! One things for sure though, it will stand out in the first semi-final, because the pado is definitely one of a kind out of the 37 entries. Best of luck!

The show:

Festival da Cançao ran over two hours and although my livestream cut out halfway through the performances, I was able to get the information from a friend who was watching the show at the same time, so I didn’t miss that much! Here’s a summary of what happened in Portugal:

  • The show was opened with a satirical look back (put to music) at Portugal’s participation in the Contest. Now, you’d normally expect to see something like this on MelFest, but because it was in Portugal, that makes it so much more weirdly..great!
  • During the course of the show, we had random little conversations between the two presenters of the show – is anyone else thinking of Festival i Këngës? Also, because they were talking so much, I couldn’t understand Portuguese at all, because of that bloody accent that they have! Could anyone else understand what they were saying?
  • Getting to the performances now, and Rui, in his postcard, looked very scary and like he was the male Portuguese version of the Overly Attached Girlfriend. Another point – his teeth were as white as Rylan’s and then during the performance, his eventual backing vocalists just randomly walked onstage halfway through, just really weird…
  • Catarina Pereira had a very energetic performance of “Mea Culpa” and she had some really hot backing dancers, but I just couldn’t get over the fact that it reminded me a lot of ‘Die For You’..that might just be me though.
  •  The show randomly included an ‘In Memoriam’ for all the people in the Portuguese music industry that had died over the course of the last year. Not random at all!
  • Moving on a bit, post livestream cut-out, there was apparently a Eurovision medley as an interval act…that must have been nice to watch..too bad I couldn’t

This then led us on to the results and as it was solely the public choice’s as to who would represent Portugal, there was no jury (thank God..), and this eventually led us to know that Suzy had won, with Catarina taking a close second. Congratulations!

At Eurovision:

Like I said above, the genre of pado is definitely on its own this year, and as Portugal are the only ones doing it, they will stick out like a sore thumb in Copenhagen. However, this may not work in their favour. Like Moldova, Portugal has been drawn into the second half of the first semi-final with some real stiff competition from Ukraine, Hungary and The Netherlands. I’m thinking that Portugal is borderline qualification, with some people loving it and some people hating it. However, if they qualify I doubt it will be by much and if they qualify, I’d probably say that they’d pretty bad..sadly, maybe finishing in or around 20th – 26th place. But that just might be me..what do you think?

Your views:

What do you think of Portugal's choice?
What do you think of Portugal’s choice?

Tobias Weigold from Germany: I love it. It’s catchy, latino, bailamos!! Plus it reminds me of one of my favourite songs ever: Lambada 

Joel Molina Alcaide from Spain: Worst Portuguese entry ever!

Duje Sinovcic from Croatia: Very bad song! No final for Portugal this year!!

Fiona McCarthy from Ireland: So that’s where Ireland’s Ryan Dolan’s drummers went after last year eh?

So it seems that fans aren’t really happy to see Suzy go to Eurovision for Portugal, but who knows? Maybe it will change for the better or the worse over the course of the next few weeks, I don’t know! So what do you think of ‘Quero Ser Tua’? Is it your favourite or do you hate it? Where is it on your ranking? And what did you think of Festival da Canção? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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