Song Presentation: Azerbaijan’s going to “Start A Fire”!

Two weeks after Dilara Kazimova won Böyük Səhnə and earned the chance to represent Azerjibban Azerbaijan, we finally got to hear her Eurovision effort – entitled “Start A Fire”! So what do we think of the song and how well it’ll do at Eurovision? Keep reading to find out!

Dilara - you better not 'Start A Fire' or there'll be trouble!
Dilara – you better not ‘Start A Fire’ or there’ll be trouble!

Now, with the deadline for songs to be presented to the EBU only a few hours away (although Austria has been given an exemption in terms of presenting it to the public, while Russia…may not have a song yet, we don’t know), Azerbaijan has definitely left it to the last minute to reveal their entry. If you haven’t heard it yet, have a little listen below:

The song:

Another year, another ballad from Azerbaijan. Will we ever get another actual pop song from them? Because I don’t think we will – whatever happened to the days of ‘Always’? Oh well, we just gotta listen to this song instead.

‘Start A Fire’ is almost a typical Eurovision ballad and to be honest, it sounds a bit like that sort of music you hear playing on the television during the middle of the night, when there’s nothing on. As well as that, as soon as I hear it, I’m thinking “This is a lot like ‘Read All About It – Part III‘!”, which is kind of true, because it’s in the same key, but Dilara’s too much of a Lorde/Kat Dennings look-alike to be the Azerbaijani embodiment of Emeli Sandé.

Next, that accent of hers. Now, in the numerous Eurovision groups I’m in on Facebook, in nearly every case, some was complaining about her accent and how they can’t understand a single word she’s saying. This is half-true, as in the first part of the song [approximately 0:10 – 0:31 in the video], I could swear she’s singing:

Someone’s sent a gun rose is down the square. People gathering by to breathe the morning air. But no one sees the beer call end here in empty hair.

Do you get what I mean? Like, what does that even mean?! WORK ON YOUR ACCENT WOMAN!!

Finally, I’ll just tackle the video. First of all, I’m surprised Dilara didn’t fall off the roof when she was sat on top of it with the wind blowing all over the place, making her hair look a piece of seaweed! Next, the fact she’s bowing down to some instrument thing is pretty Dilara a pagan of some sort? Bowing down to music as if it is a GOD. Finally, I just want to say that that turqouise/mint-green dress: BIG thumbs up! Love it! Right, that’s about as much as I can say about the song. It’s a good song! Good luck!


Due to the very small music scene in Azerbaijan (from an international point of view anyway), we were unable to make a Possible Artists article for Azerbaijan. This , however, hasn’t stopped us from putting our faith in Dilara in delivering another good placing for Azerbaijan. Although I’d say that’s almost guaranteed!

I’ll be intrigued to see how they’ll stage the song in Copenhagen, as the visuals of the performance can also affect how the song comes across – the backdrop in particular. Because the song is a very powerful ballad and Dilara has a very moving voice, I can see that Azerbaijan have qualification already in the bag. Due to their track record too, one would even bet that Azerbaijan will get a top 10 placing in Copenhagen…let’s hope no rigging takes place this year! Good luck Azerbaijan!

Your views:

What's your opinion of 'Start A Fire'?
What’s your opinion of ‘Start A Fire’?

Seth Wezendonk from the Netherlands: A strong ballad with a girl with an amazing voice… Azerbaijan is my number one for the 6th year in a row!!

Billie Taylor from the United Kingdom: It’s ok. Top 15 if it was any other country but probably top 5 cos it’s Azerbaijan..

Tobias Weigold from Germany: That girl can sing very well but it doesn’t touch me at all. But they’ll be top 5 for always.

Robin Karlsson from Sweden: Azerbaijan is so overrated every year. That girl has a beautiful voice, but she kills the song with her bad English. She could’ve sing the song in Chinese instead.

So, surprisingly, it’s looking like the fans aren’t as highly praising of the song as I would have expected! This will probably change though in the run up to the Contest, but for the moment it seems that they believe it’s overrated! These are only a few of the fans though, so what do you think of ‘Start A Fire’? Is it your favourite or is your worst song? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!


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