Pre-Contest Vote 2014: Albania

Welcome along to the latest summary article in ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2014! If you haven’t heard about it and how this entire system will work, feel free to click this fabulous link to take you to the ‘Launch Page’ of the competition. As we manage to compile more and more of these articles, they will be added to the Launch Page, so you can freely hop between all competing 37 entries! Right, shall we get onto the next country?

Albania is the next country in our series
Albania is the next country in our series

This is how we’re running this series of articles in which we’re going to cover all 37 entries for this year:

  • We’re going to take on these articles in the running order for 2014 (Armenia is first, Latvia is second etc). We’ll do two articles a day.
  • We’ll refer back to the Song Presentation or NF Review of the song. We’ll provide you with the video so you can have a listen (if you haven’t managed to listen to it yet…which is highly unlikely!)
  • We’ll also give you a few words from both of us while giving the song a score out of 12.
  • Finally, there’ll be a poll below for you guys to vote and give us your points on the song!

Got it? 🙂

Back on the launch page, you can find links to the five countries we’ve done so far, but right now, it’s time for us to take a whistle stop tour of Albania. As always, RTSH selected their Eurovision entrant through the long-standing national institution that is Festivali I Këngës. In what was an extremely interesting show, it was Hersi Matmuja who emerged victorious, with her dramatic ballad “Zemerimi I Nje Nate” – which has since been updated and translated into English for the contest as “One Night’s Anger”.

Our opinions:

Rory – I was a little saddened that the big rock bit got scrapped at the start, but I actually really like ‘One Night’s Anger’… and please people: stop with the hate, Hersi’s still a good singer!! Score: 8 points out of 12.

James – Hersi’s Shakira-esque voice is PERFECTLY suited to this song, and the melody is truly stunning. I love it from start to finish; another masterpiece from Albania. Score: 10 points out of 12.

So now that you know what we think of the Albanian song, what do you think of it? Tell us by voting in the poll!


Did you vote? Well by the end of this series, we’ll know how many of you fans love/like/hate Albania’s song! In the meantime, though, stay tuned to ESC Views, for tomorrow we will be moving on to Russia and Azerbaijan!

If you’d like to share your opinions on Albania’s song, please feel free to comment below or vote in the poll!


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