Sebalter speaks to ESC Views!

Time for the third interview our little blog has had in our mere eight months on the Internet and this time, we’re going to Switzerland! Sebalter took time out of his really busy schedule to talk to ESC Views and here, you can have a look at what the really nice Swiss folk singer had to say! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

It's SEBalter for he worth it?
What did Sebalter have to say to ESC Views?

Sebalter became the Swiss representative back on the 1st of February, when he triumphed against five other artists in Die Große Entscheidungsshow and since then, his Eurovision effort “Hunter Of Stars” has been re-mastered and the music video for the song have been produced. Below you can listen to the revamped version of “Hunter of Stars” avec a pretty eye-catching video. And below THAT, you can have a look at what Sebalter had to say to ESC Views. An R or J designates one of our own questions and an S designates Sebalter’s answer. Got it? Great!

R: It’s been over two months since you won Die Große Entscheidungsshow. Now that you’ve had some time to settle down from winning, how do you feel about representing Switzerland?

S: I feel positively overwhelmed and satisfied by a musical achievement I have been longing for long time. Still, there is a feeling of responsibility and serious commitment that is present: I am going to represent my country, and that is very important. I personally appreciate the glamour and the good vibe the Eurovision Song Contest transmits and, above all, it is a show where a songwriter like me has the possibility to show his work. It is a very important stage.

J: Can you tell us a little bit about the message of the song?

S: „Hunter Of Stars“ took shape last summer during a trip in the USA. The song has basically a main key of interpretation: There is always a clash between confidence and non-confidence in myself when it comes to flirtation and love.

J: Have you thought about how you’d like to stage the song in Copenhagen?

S: There will be some changes on the performance – I will add some choreographic elements to the show.

J: We know you’re planning to release an album, will the songs be a similar style to “Hunter of Stars”?

S: The CD will be basically a folk pop record. I tried to find a balance between happy and dynamic songs just as „Hunter of Stars“ and ballads, which I’m really fond of writing. Up to now, I am quite happy with the outcome.

R: Who are your idols? Is there anyone you look up to musically?

S: For sure folk rock singers such as Bob Dylan, Donovan, Bruce Springsteen. But also pop folk singers like Simon and Garfunkel or James Blunt. A big influence comes also from the Italian songwriters’ tradition.

J: Which are your favourite Swiss Eurovision entries other than your own?

S: I really liked Peter Sue & Mark with “Io senza te”. Though I was not born yet (it was in ESC 1981) I remember my parents listening to that song when I was a child.

R: Have you listened to the other songs that have already been selected for the Contest? If so, have you picked a favourite yet (other than your own song)?

S: I haven’t checked them all, yet. From what I saw, I really like the band that won in Malta’s final.

R: What are you most looking forward to when you’re in Copenhagen?

S: Just playing, playing, playing!

R/J: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of ESC Views?

S: Thank you very much for your support. I am happy to be part of the ESC this year!

Well from reading that interview, I can say that Switzerland’s definitely preparing to put on a show for Copenhagen! Hopefully, we’re going to see something amazing on stage, but who knows? So what did you think of the interview? Is Sebalter high on your rankings? And how well do you think Switzerland will do in Denmark? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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