Top 50: Best songs from National Finals [Part 3]

Hello there guys! So, today we’re going to continue our massive top 50 and after we both managed to make it down from 50 to 31, today sees the countdown take place from 30 down to 21! So who’s managed to make it into the halfway stage of our top? Keeping to find out!

Where will MarieMarie end up in tonight's top?
Where will MarieMarie end up in tonight’s top?

For this list, we’ve selected our fifty favourite national final entries which did not manage to win the ticket to Eurovision. As both of us have only been following NFs in great detail for the last few years, we apologise that most of the songs in the countdown are fairly recent, and there are legions of pre-2000 gems which we haven’t included, simply because we have no idea they exist! This is hopefully where you come in, for we’d love to be introduced to those awesome songs we’re missing, and as always, we’re on a quest to discover whether your views are synonymous with our own! To that end, we would LOVE to know which national final entries are your personal favourites and why. There are, after all, so very many to choose from, and we only have space in our list for 50. So *sorry* if your favourite isn’t included!

Right, let’s continue with this top, shall we?

30 – Pastora Soler – “Tu Vida Es Tu Vida” (Spain 2012)

Kicking off this part of the top is the simply amazing Pastora Soler, who obviously represented Spain at Eurovision in Baku. At her selection show for Eurovision, she sang three songs and obviously, we know which song managed to get the ticket for Azerjibban. ‘Tu Vida Es Tu Vida’ came in second place at the show, but in comparison to ‘Quedate Conmigo’, it definitely wasn’t on the same scale. The song is very much an attempt to mix Spanish flamenco elements with normal pop music and the result bears the resemblance of ‘No More Tears’ – Ruth Lorenzo style. Well, in my opinion anyway. Getting back to the point, Pastora really does give it a bit of leg and it definitely pays off as it comes across as being a really fun, yet sensual song..definitely would have been great to see at Eurovision, as well as ‘Quedaté Conmigo’.

29 – Aleksandra Pileva – “Sonce i Mesečina” (FYR Macedonia 2005)

Essentially Balkan with disco influences, ‘Sonce i Mesečina’ is basically ‘Slavic Girls’ circa 2005. Aleksandra gives the song a great vocal performance, although her actual charisma on the stage in the video above MAY need a bit of improving. The song is a good mixture of Balkan music and pop and they compliment each other a lot here. I’m unsure as to why Macedonia decided to pick ‘Ti Si Son’ instead of this, because this song would partly show off the culture of Macedonia as well as provide a song that’s fun to dance to. Macedonia, you must have had a lapse of judgement when you picked Martin Vučic. Eesh. And dayum girl, Aleksandra can reach the high notes, can’t she? Typical Balkan singers manage to do that, and that’s why – along with the pop/traditional song – she’s managed to make it onto #29 in our top!

28 – Helene Bøksle – “Vardlokk” (Norway 2011)

“Vardlokk” is a personal favourite of James, and one of the things I’d normally put in the ‘this is so out-there’ pile, but this actually comes across as something that I’d like to listen to. I know, weird right?! Helene looks a little bit like a photoshopped baby, which I guess is a good thing as it means she looks cute, but that hair though….meh. *insert ‘meh’ smiley here please!*Is it just me or does this remind you of ‘Alvedansen’ that Norway themselves had sent five years previously? Seems like it to me. Anyway, it seems weird why this didn’t win the ticket to Düsseldorf, because a song with this dark aura and epic-sounding key change is something that should be heard at Eurovision, but hey, Haba Haba was still a great choice and sure if it wasn’t picked, you wouldn’t have seen this, would you? If only both songs could go to Eurovision!

27 – Ásdís Maria Viðarsdóttir – “Amor” (Iceland 2014)

Dark and sensual performed by someone with an absolutely fantastic voice, ‘Amor’ was the fan favourite to win Söngvakeppni this year and be Iceland’s representative in Denmark this year. Yeah, look how that turned out. If you read our preview section for Iceland, then you’ll know that I myself was a huge fan of this and I still am to this day. Ásdis sings the song with such emotion and sass that you can tell that she’s put her heart and soul into that song just by listening to her voice. The staging of the song on the night managed to create an ever darker atmosphere for the song, and although her dress could be a little bit of a step into the unknown, Ásdis (who, for some reason, decided to scrap ‘Viðarsdóttir’ – that’s the catchiest part of the name!) still manages to make it seem like a great fashion choice. So why get rid of such a great song in favour of…well, Pollapönk? Well, you’re better off to ask the Icelanders who voted. I know that if I was there, I’d be voting a billion times at least for ‘Amor’. Why Iceland, why?!

26 – Adelén – “Bombo” (Norway 2013)

Oh dear, Bombo’s at #26 – prepare for the influx of hate! But before you start throwing your ‘OMG ADELÉN WAS AMAZING, SHE SHOULD BE THE NUMBER 1!’ comments, you have to remember that although she did perform really good, there were just twenty-five other people who were just better than her! We already compiled an article about what if Bombo was to go to Eurovision instead of Margaret, but in this case, it’s solely just because of the song. The song is just oozing sass, with Adelén – if I was to quote Cleo – “shaking what her momma gave her” on stage with her ultra relevant song in both Spanish and English. It would be interesting to see Norway sending a song in Spanish, it would remind me so much of  ‘La Voix’ in 2009, when Sweden sent something in French. If she DID go to Eurovision – god woman, you’d have to work on your voice! Asses don’t win votes, voices do. Eesh.

25 – Ana Nikolić – “Romale Romali” (Serbia and Montenegro 2006)

Men in graduation cap and gowns, stroking a woman who’s supposed to look like the Oracle for some reason…only in the former country of Serbia and Montenegro! I’m just going to put it out there right now that I have never liked Ana Nikolić, but this song is the only song that I can just about put up with. ‘Romale Romali’ would have definitely been a standout song if it had gone to Athens, but you know how the whole country was…well broken up, so that obviously didn’t happen. As well as that, her vocals are actually kinda good, so that would have been a plus. Other than that, however, I wouldn’t have seen it doing too well in Greece, but that may just be me. Tell us below if you think Serbia and Montenegro would have done well if they stayed as a country and they sent Ana!

24 – MarieMarie – “Cotton Candy Hurricane” (Germany 2014)

Okay, prepare for utter fanboy Rory, because I am MarieMarie’s biggest fan – at least at USFD anyway. You know when you listen to a song and it sorta speaks to you and touches you on an emotional level? That’s the effect ‘Cotton Candy Hurricane’ has on me. When I listen to the song, I just sorta feel a range of emotions, ranging from euphoria to utter sadness. However, I don’t want to bore you with how it works for me, so I’ll just get on with my job here. Right, so the harp is pretty involved in this and it actually works really well, sorta giving you a bit a folky sorta sound to it while at the same time, the electronica elements create a bit of a dreamlike world. To be honest, the version they used in USFD isn’t as organised as full studio version, but it would still be amazing to see in Denmark. Of course, MarieMarie’s outfit wasn’t the best choice for the evening, but who am I to judge? And dayum girl, that hair is just amazing…just, much love to MarieMarie. Sorry James, but I just can’t keep it in!

23 – Ellen Benediktson – “Songbird” (Sweden 2014)

‘Songbird’ is very delicate and fragile that when you listen to it, you feel that you’re holding a very precious glass vase and if you put too much force on it (or in this case, try to force a connection with the song), you’re going to break it. Ellen has a really beautiful voice and she sings the song so delicately that you can’t help but fall in love with the song. As well as that, the lack of staging of the song just adds to the aura that the song gives out. I think if this had gone to Eurovision, well; number one, Sweden wouldn’t be getting fanwanked as much and number two, it would still be in the top ten, but most countries may not get the whole thing, so they wouldn’t get AS many votes. Those who really do appreciate music will love the simplicity of ‘Songbird’ and it just goes to show that even though there are songs that can be completely all sequins and pyros, there are songs that just perfect with no special effects.

22 – Nina Zilli – “Per Sempre” (Italy 2012)

Okay, so ‘Per Sempre’ isn’t exactly a song from a National Final, seeming as it was due to be the song destined for Baku and then Nina ditched it and went for ‘L’amore e femmina’. So because the song didn’t actually go to Eurovision, we’re going to include it anyway, if that’s okay! Right, ‘Per Sempre’ is just a song that is very clean-cut and very…indescribable to be honest. It stands out because it just does, if you get what I mean. Nina sings it so like it sounds a bit like a James Bond song (obviously not as much as Conchita Wurst, but Nina does it with a lot more class). and the live orchestra emphasises that point. It’s almost like she’s luring us all in, like she’s a Bond girl. If this actually did go to Eurovision, definitely would be a ballad year..sorta like how it is this year! Oh, and Nina, what dafuq is going on with your dress?! It looks like a rolled up carpet!

21 – Unnur Eggertsdóttir – “Ég Syng!” (Iceland 2013)

When Eyþór Ingi won Söngvakeppni last year got to represent Iceland in Sweden, there was outrage across the entire Eurovision community as everyone felt that Unnur Eggertsdóttir should have gone to Malmö instead of “Egg and Leaf” “Ég á líf”. I was watching the show when it was broadcast and I wanted both of the songs to go to Eurovision. Anyway, ‘Ég Syng!’ is very much a happy-go-lucky sounding song which just reminds me of the morning time – don’t even ask why. I’m guessing that Unnur is singing about being happy because the amount of times she’s smiling is unsettling. The song was definitely fun to watch and for sure she had a great outfit, so I partly get why the fans were outraged at the decision, but you have to admit, Eyþór was just as good, so people no hate on Thor, he’s gonna hammer your face in if you do!

So that’s the next part of our top covered for this week! What’s your favourite NF entry is the question now!

Your views:

Which was your favourite NF entry and why?
What was your favourite NF entry and why?

Eduard Atanasescu from Sweden/Romania: Más. Because…just, Más.

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I have loads of songs from National Finals that I like, but if I was to pick a favourite – it would have to be either “Love Makes You Beautiful” from Ukraine or “Amor” from my native Iceland!

Frederik Ulriksson from Sweden: My most favourite national final songs come from 2014 – Sandra in Estonia, Curly in Moldova, Jorge in Spain and Bogi in Hungary.

So it seems that everyone in the Eurovision community has different opinions in who had the best National Final song, and that’s not a surprise as everyone’s different in musical taste and such, so no hate anyone! So what’s your favourite song from a National final that didn’t actually make it to Eurovision? And what do you think of the top so far? Have they come up over the course of the countdown? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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